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Low-d. polyethylene was reinforced with com. modified nanosize montmorillonite (5% by mass) by extrusion and pressed to test samples studied for structure and dielec. properties. The elec. resistivity of the composites was lower while the loss tangent was higher than those of original polyethylene.

Nowicki J.,Instytut Ciezkiej Syntezy Organicznej Blachownia
Przemysl Chemiczny | Year: 2012

Glycerol was oligomerlzed over Li, K, Cs and Ca modified mol. sieves. The LiX and NaX mol. sieves were found the most advantageous. For the NaX sieves, the optimum parameters were detd. with use of Box-Behnken method.

Krueger A.,Instytut Ciezkiej Syntezy Organicznej Blachownia | Tkacz B.,Instytut Ciezkiej Syntezy Organicznej Blachownia
Przemysl Chemiczny | Year: 2013

Progress In the synthesis of (p-OHC6H4)2 CMe2 now achieved (Improved product yield and purity) was presented.

PhOH, PhOMe and m-MeC6H4OH were condensed with MeOCOCOMe in 1-n-butyl-3-methylimidazolium aluminum chloride optionally in CHCl3 or in presence of AlCl3 to resp. bisphenols. Use of the ionic liq. medium resulted in an increase in the bisphenol yields except for m-MeC6H4OH where no formation of bisphenol was obsd.

C black was added (conc. 0.4-2.8 cg/g) to a blend of low-d. polyethylene and CH2=CH2/AcOCH=CH2 copolymer (70:30 by mass) contg. azodi-carbonamide foaming agent, ZnO and an antioxidant, calendered at 110-120°C for 10 min and cured with (PhCMe2)O2 at 173-185°C under shearing In a reometer to det. the vulcanization parameters. The addn. of C black did not result in any substantial change of the vulcanizate properties except for a decrease in the crosslinking degree and apparent d. of the foam.

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