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Roelke C.E.,University of Texas at Arlington | Greenbaum E.,University of Texas at El Paso | Aristote M.M.,Institute Superieur Decologie Pour La Conservation Of La Nature | Smith E.N.,University of Texas at Arlington
Journal of Herpetology | Year: 2011

We examined the systematics of two frequently confused Albertine Rift endemic treefrogs, Leptopelis karissimbensis and Leptopelis kivuensis. One mitochondrial (16S) and one nuclear (BDNF) gene were sequenced to demonstrate genetic differences between the two species. Although we did not find morphometric differences between the two taxa, several characters can be used to diagnose each species, including coloration (adult male throat), ventral pigmentation, presence/absence of a slight heel spur in large individuals, and male advertisement calls. The geographic distribution of each species is revised based on our new locality records and reconsideration of historical records from the literature. We recommend that L. karissimbensis be downgraded in conservation status to near threatened, because it does not meet the IUCN restricted geographic distribution criteria of an endangered species. © 2011 Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles.

Greenbaum E.,University of Texas at El Paso | Villanueva C.O.,University of Texas at El Paso | Aristote M.M.,Institute Superieur Decologie Pour La Conservation Of La Nature | Branch W.R.,Bayworld | Branch W.R.,Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society | Year: 2011

Currently, four species of the lacertid lizard genus Adolfus are known from Central and East Africa. We sequenced up to 2825 bp of two mitochondrial [16S and cytochrome b (cyt b)] and two nuclear [(c-mos (oocyte maturation factor) and RAG1 (recombination activating gene 1)] genes from 41 samples of Adolfus (representing every species), two species each of Gastropholis and Holaspis, and in separate analyses combined these data with GenBank sequences of all other Eremiadini genera and four Lacertini outgroups. Data from DNA sequences were analysed with maximum parsimony (PAUP), maximum-likelihood (RAxML) and Bayesian inference (MrBayes) criteria. Results demonstrated that Adolfus is not monophyletic: Adolfus africanus (type species), Adolfus alleni, and Adolfus jacksoni are sister taxa, whereas Adolfus vauereselli and a new species from the Itombwe Plateau of Democratic Republic of the Congo are in a separate lineage. Holaspis and Gastropholis were recovered in separate clades. Based on these molecular data, relatively substantial sequence divergence, and multiple morphological differences, we describe a new genus of lacertid for the lineage including A. vauereselli and the new Itombwe species. The recognition of this new, endemic genus underscores the conservation importance of the Albertine Rift, especially the Itombwe Plateau, a unique region that is severely threatened by unchecked deforestation, mining, and poaching. © 2011 The Linnean Society of London.

Gallo F.R.,Instituto Superiore Of Sanita | Palazzino G.,Instituto Superiore Of Sanita | Federici E.,Instituto Superiore Of Sanita | Iurilli R.,Instituto Superiore Of Sanita | And 3 more authors.
Natural Product Research | Year: 2010

Four new polyketides, (R)-4-hydroxyeleutherin, eleuthone, eleutherinol-8-O - D-glucoside and isoeleuthoside C (dihydroisoeleutherin-5-O -β- D-gentiobioside) were isolated from the bulbs of Eleutherine bulbosa, to join eleutherin, isoeleutherin, eleutherinol, eleutherol, eleuthoside B (eleutherol-4-O -β- D-gentiobioside), eleuthoside C (dihydroeleutherin-5-O -β- D-gentiobioside), hongconin (4-oxodihydroisoeleutherin) and elecanacin, which have already been isolated from the same plant. The structures of the new polyketides, based on oxydated cyclic systems, have been elucidated by chemical and spectroscopic methods. © 2010 Taylor & Francis.

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