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Paris, France

Etienne-Manneville S.,Institute Pasteur Paris
Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology | Year: 2013

Migration is a polarized cellular process that opposes a protrusive front edge to a retracting trailing edge. From the front to the rear, actin-mediated forces sequentially promote cell protrusion, adhesion, contraction, and retraction. Over the past decade, microtubules have revealed their pivotal role in cell migration. Through their roles in cell mechanics, intracellular trafficking, and signaling, microtubules participate in all essential events leading to cell migration. The front-rear polarization of microtubule functions relies on the asymmetric regulation of microtubule dynamics and stability; the asymmetric distribution of microtubule-associated protein complexes; and finally, the orientation of the microtubule network along the axis of migration. Microtubule network polarity controls the establishment and maintenance of the spatial and temporal coordination of migration events and is therefore the key to persistent directed migration. This review summarizes our current understanding of the functions of microtubules in persistent cell migration and of the migration-associated signals that promote microtubule network polarization. © 2013 by Annual Reviews. All rights reserved. Source

French National Center for Scientific Research and Institute Pasteur Paris | Date: 2015-03-24

The invention relates to a cDNA molecule which encodes the nucleotide sequence of the full length antigenomic (+)RNA strand of a measles virus (MV) originating from an approved vaccine strain. It also concerns the preparation of immunogenic compositions using said cDNA.

French National Center for Scientific Research and Institute Pasteur Paris | Date: 2015-03-24

The invention relates to a recombinant measles virus expressing a heterologous amino acid sequence derived from an antigen of a determined RNA virus, said recombinant measles virus being capable of eliciting a humoral and/or cellular immune response against measles virus or against said RNA virus or against both measles virus and against said RNA virus. It also relates to the use of said recombinant measles virus for the preparation of immunogenic composition.

Institute Pasteur Paris | Date: 2015-09-11

The invention relates to in vitro method for quantitating the antibodies specific for High mobility group box I (HMGB1) contained in a sample, in particular a serum sample or a cerebrospinal fluid sample obtained from a patient, and the use of this method in the prognostic and/or diagnosis of neurological disorders. These methods are in particular applicable to the monitoring of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection of a subject who is known to be infected with HIV and in the prognostic and/or diagnostic of the state of progression of Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) or the state of progression toward AIDS, in particular the state of progression or the state of progression toward neurological disorders associated with AIDS. Finally, the invention is also about method to determine the immune deficiency or level of immune activation of a patient, in particular a HIV-infected patient.

Institute Pasteur Paris and French National Center for Scientific Research | Date: 2015-08-11

The present invention pertains to the field of protein engineering, and provides means for obtaining stable molecules that specifically bind to a target selected amongst a large variety of ligands families. In particular, the present invention provides methods for obtaining a molecule specifically binding to a target of interest, through a combinatorial mutation/selection approach with an OB-fold protein as a starting molecule. In particular, the target of interest can be of a different chemical nature form that of the native target of the OB-fold protein used as the starting molecule.

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