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Djordjevic M.,Institute of Physics Belgrade
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Year: 2016

High momentum suppression of light and heavy flavor observables is considered to be an excellent probe of jet-medium interactions in QCD matter created at RHIC and LHC. Utilizing this tool requires accurate suppression predictions for different experiments, probes and experimental conditions, and their unbiased comparison with experimental data. We developed the dynamical energy loss formalism which takes into account both radiative and collision energy loss computed within the same theoretical framework, dynamical (as opposed to static) scattering centers, finite magnetic mass, running coupling and uses no free parameters in comparison with experimental data. Within this formalism, we provide predictions, and a systematic comparison with the experimental data, for a diverse set of probes, various centrality ranges and various collision energies at RHIC and LHC. We also provide clear qualitative and quantitative predictions for the upcoming LHC experiments. A comprehensive agreement between our predictions and experimental results suggests that our dynamical energy loss formalism can well explain the jet-medium interactions in QGP, which will be further tested by the obtained predictions for the upcoming data. Source

Jovanovic R.,Institute of Physics Belgrade | Tuba M.,Megatrend University
Applied Soft Computing Journal | Year: 2011

The minimum weight vertex cover problem is an interesting and applicable NP-hard problem that has been investigated from many different aspects. The ant colony optimization metaheuristic is a relatively new technique that was successfully adjusted and applied to many hard combinatorial optimization problems, including the minimum weight vertex cover problem. Some kind of hybridization or exploitation of the knowledge about specific problem often greatly improves the performance of standard evolutionary algorithms. In this article we propose a pheromone correction heuristic strategy that uses information about the best-found solution to exclude suspicious elements from it. Elements are suspicious if they have some undesirable properties that make them unlikely members of the optimal solution. This hybridization improves pure ant colony optimization algorithm by avoiding early trapping in local convergence. We tested our algorithm on numerous test-cases that were used in the previous research of the same problem and our algorithm uniformly performed better, giving slightly better results in significantly shorter time. © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Source

Ali Sekh G.,Institute of Physics Belgrade
Pramana - Journal of Physics | Year: 2013

Matter-wave bright solitons in bichromatic lattice potentials are considered and their dynamics for different lattice environments are studied. Bichromatic potentials are created from superpositions of (i) two linear optical lattices and (ii) a linear and a nonlinear optical lattice. Effective potentials are found for the solitons in both bichromatic lattices and a comparative study is done on the dynamics of solitons with respect to the effective potentials. The effects of dispersion on solitons in bichromatic lattices are studied and it is found that the dispersive spreading can be minimized by appropriate combinations of lattice and interaction parameters. Stability of nondispersive matter-wave solitons is checked from phase portrait analysis. © Indian Academy of Sciences. Source

Kono M.,Chuo University | Vranjes J.,Institute of Physics Belgrade
Physical Review Letters | Year: 2014

Complicated wave behavior observed in the cylindrical pair-ion (fullerene) experiments by Oohara and co-workers are now identified to be low harmonic ion cyclotron waves combined with ion plasma oscillations inherent to kinetic theory. The electrostatic dispersion equation derived is based on an approximation for the current from the exact solutions of the characteristic cylindrical geometry form of the Vlasov plasma equation in a uniform magnetized plasma cylinder surrounded by a larger metal boundary outside a vacuum gap, which thus differs from that in unbounded plasmas. Positive and negative ions, differing only in the sign of their charge, respond to a potential in the same time scale and cooperate to reflect the enhanced kinetic orbital behaviors to the macroscopic propagation characteristics. In addition, the experimental value of the Larmor radius (comparable to the discharge radius but small enough to make the analytic approximation useful) makes higher harmonic ion cyclotron effects both observable and calculable with the appropriate approximation for the kinetic theory. © 2014 American Physical Society. Source

Toback D.,Texas A&M University | Zivkovic L.,Institute of Physics Belgrade
International Journal of Modern Physics A | Year: 2015

We present a summary of results for searches for new particles and interactions at the Fermilab Tevatron collider by the CDF and the D0 experiments. These include results from Run I as well as Run II for the time period up to July 2014. We focus on searches for supersymmetry, as well as other models of new physics such as new fermions and bosons, various models of excited fermions, leptoquarks, technicolor, hidden-valley model particles, long-lived particles, extra dimensions, dark matter particles and signature-based searches. © 2015 World Scientific Publishing Company. Source

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