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A double-layer anode structure on a pretreated porous metal substrate and a method for fabricating the same, for improving the redox stability and decreasing the anode polarization resistance of a SOFC. The anode structure includes: a porous metal substrate of high gas permeability; a first porous anode functional layer, formed on the porous metal substrate by a high-voltage high-enthalpy ArHeH

Institute of Nuclear Energy Research of Taiwan | Date: 2015-03-11

The present invention relates to a microcrystalline silicon thin film solar cell and the manufacturing method thereof, using which not only the crystallinity of a microcrystalline silicon thin film that is to be formed by the manufacturing method can be controlled and adjusted at will and the defects in the microcrystalline silicon thin film can be fixed, but also the device characteristic degradation due to chamber contamination happening in the manufacturing process, such as plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), can be eliminated effectively.

Institute of Nuclear Energy Research of Taiwan | Date: 2015-04-27

Pipelines are used for charging and discharging power in a redox flow battery (RFB). Inner tube made of ion-exchange material is inserted into each of the pipelines. Conductive sleeves are put on inside and outside the inner tube. Anode and cathode electrolytes flow into corresponding ones of the pipelines of the inner tube. Thereby, wires connected with the conductive sleeves are extended out to be used as electrodes. On charging power, the solutions flow forwardly; yet, on discharging power, backwardly. Thus, the present invention uses pipelines to add or supplement function of charging/discharging power. Even when the RFB is damaged or failed, power is still charged/discharged for effectively improving or ensuring efficiency of the battery.

Institute of Nuclear Energy Research of Taiwan | Date: 2015-02-03

The invention is related to a method for forming dendritic silver with periodic structure as light-trapping layer, includes these steps: form a photoresist layer on a conductive substrate, and at least two coherent light beams is provided in using a laser interference lithography apparatus, to form a plurality of particular patterns respectively on the setting-exposure positions of the conductive substrate in sequence till the particular periods pattern formed. Thereafter, form the dendritic silver nanostructure with period pattern on the conductive substrate via electrochemical process, wherein operating voltage is 2V or higher, and electrochemical reaction time is 10 sec or higher.

Institute of Nuclear Energy Research of Taiwan | Date: 2015-08-07

A vacuum coating apparatus includes at least a chamber, an arc discharge plasma source, a feeding-reeling unit, and a roller set. The first and second openings are connecting with the feeding or reeling unit so as to allow the substrate to enter and leave the chamber therethrough, respectively. The arc discharge plasma source located inside the chamber generates the plasma, which discharges radially from the arc discharge plasma source as its center. The roller set includes a plurality of the first rollers, which are located in the chamber and enclosing the arc discharge plasma source. A first surface of the substrate is facing the plurality of the first rollers and contacts tightly on the periphery of the first rollers so that the first rollers can rotate by the moving of the substrate. The material evaporated and emitted by the plasma is attached onto the first surface of the substrate.

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