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Luniakov Y.V.,Institute of Automation and Control Processes
Surface Science | Year: 2011

The intriguing but yet still unexplained experimental results of Hibino and Ogino [Phys. Rev. B 54, 5763 (1996); Surf. Sci. 328, L547 (1995)], who have observed single defect movement on an Me induced Si(111)3×3 surface, have been revived and theoretically analysed. Using Nudged Elastic Band (NEB) optimization, the minimal energy path for an Si adatom moving on the ideal and vacancy defected surfaces has been obtained and the most probable mechanism of the vacancy mediated single defect diffusion has been established. This mechanism is shown to be responsible for the experimentally observed Si adatom movement and predicts a far easier movement of the Me adatom on vacancy defected Me induced Si(111)3×3 surfaces. © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Source

Pudovkin A.I.,Institute of Marine Biology | Zhdanova O.L.,Institute of Automation and Control Processes | Hedgecock D.,University of Southern California
Conservation Genetics | Year: 2010

The effective number of breeders (Nb) for a cohort of progeny can be estimated from an excess of heterozygotes that arises in progeny produced by finite numbers of parents. In principle, Nb is a simple function of the standardized deviation (D) of the proportion of heterozygous progeny from its expectation under random mating. We explored the sampling properties of this D-estimator of Nb through computer simulation. The accuracy of the D-estimator is remarkably robust to variation in numbers of alleles and loci and the presence of rare alleles, though precision can be low if, relative to a given Nb, the sample of progeny or the cumulative number of independent alleles (nci) sampled is too small. For Nb up to 30 parents, acceptable accuracy is achieved with sample sizes of 200 or more progeny and 80 or more independent alleles; for Nb of 50-100, a sample of 500-1,000 progeny and 450-900 independent alleles are required for similar accuracy and precision. Though the estimator is most applicable for the situation of random union of gametes (as may occur in some marine invertebrates or fish, for example), it works for other mating systems (monogamous or polygamous pairings, polygyny), when the effective number of breeders is small (Nb ≤ 20). Simulations reveal small overestimation biases with smaller sample sizes, rare alleles, or highly polymorphic loci (≥10 alleles). Despite this bias, multiallelic loci are preferable to many loci with few alleles, which have larger sampling errors. © 2009 Springer Science+Business Media B.V. Source

Lebedev A.V.,Institute of Automation and Control Processes
RPC 2010 - 1st Russia and Pacific Conference on Computer Technology and Applications | Year: 2010

The new method of the synthesis of multi-dimensional adaptive control system with reference model self-adjustment for the centralized control of the spatial motion of autonomous underwater vehicles is developed in this paper. The conditions of the self-adjustment process stability with the presence of essential dynamic reciprocal effect between all control channels are obtained and strictly proved. Application of synthesized control laws provides high control quality at any variations of the object parameters within the given ranges. The efficiency of synthesized control system is confirmed by numerical simulation results. Source

Melman S.V.,Far Eastern Federal University | Bobkov V.A.,Institute of Automation and Control Processes
Scientific Visualization | Year: 2015

Technology of visualization system development for huge synoptic data amounts with the use of distributed and heterogeneous (parallel/hybrid) computing is represented. Source

Olyanich D.A.,Far Eastern Federal University | Kotlyar V.G.,Far Eastern Federal University | Utas T.V.,Institute of Automation and Control Processes | Zotov A.V.,Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service | Saranin A.A.,Far Eastern Federal University
Nanotechnology | Year: 2013

The ability of scanning tunneling microscopy to manipulate selected C 60 molecules within close packed C60 arrays on a (Au,In)/Si(111) surface has been examined for mild conditions below the decomposition threshold. It has been found that knockout of the chosen C 60 molecule (i.e., vacancy formation) and shifting of the C 60 molecule to the neighboring vacant site (if available) can be conducted for wide ranges of bias voltages (from -1.5 to +0.5 V), characteristic manipulation currents (from 0.02 to 100 nA) and powers (from 2 × 10 -8 to 0.1 μW). This result implies that the manipulation is not associated with the electrical effects but rather has a purely mechanical origin. The main requirement for successful C60 knockout has been found to be to ensure a proper 'impact parameter' (deviation from central impact on the C60 sphere by the tip apex), which should be less than ∼1.5. A certain difference has been detected for the manipulation of C 60 in extended molecular arrays and molecular islands of a limited size. While it is possible to manipulate a single C60 molecule in an array, in the case of a C60 island it appears difficult to manipulate a given fullerene without affecting the other ones constituting the island. © 2013 IOP Publishing Ltd. Source

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