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Institute FUR RUNDFUNKTECHNIK GMBH | Date: 2012-07-17

Recent production methods for 3D video as a general rule generate stereo images in a same phase of movement. The left and right images of a stereo pair thus image the recorded (or rendered) scene at a same point of time. Correct reproduction consequently requires the two images to be shown concurrently. This is, however, not true for all apparatuses such as, for example, 3D television sets including the so-called shutter technology, which show the left and right images in temporal succession. This temporally offset reproduction of the two stereo images results in clearly perceivable image errors. The invention describes a method for compensating such image errors. This is achieved by interpolating the images of one of the channels.

A commentator or simultaneous translator system is provided with an audio mixing console, a command intercom and an operating unit. The operating unit is provided with a circuitry. The operating unit is implemented in such a way that a simplified operation of the commentator or simultaneous translator system is provided.

An information-signal (e.g., video-stream of certain quality) (SB1.1, SB1.2, SB1.3, . . . ) is split into two or more (Multicast-) sub-data-streams and transmitted via different channels (CH1,CH2). Thereby, on switching over of two information-signals, seamlessly switch over to another information-signal (e.g., from SD to HD quality) is enabled (in particular at the GOP-boundary in case of video).

Institute FUR RUNDFUNKTECHNIK GMBH | Date: 2013-06-18

A dynamic range compressor of the subband type for carrying out a dynamic compression on a broadband input signal includes a subband splitting device (

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