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Fresno, FL, United States

Deleault N.R.,Vail Building | Kascsak R.,Institute for Basic Research | Geoghegan J.C.,Vail Building | Supattapone S.,Vail Building
Biochemistry | Year: 2010

The cofactor preferences for in vitro propagation of the protease-resistant isoforms of the prion protein (PrPSc) from various rodent species were investigated using the serial protein misfolding cyclic amplification (sPMCA) technique. Whereas RNA molecules facilitate hamster PrPSc propagation, RNA and several other polyanions do not promote the propagation of mouse and vole PrPSc molecules. Pretreatment of crude Prnp 0/0 (PrP knockout) brain homogenate with RNase A or micrococcal nuclease inhibited hamster but not mouse PrPSc propagation in a reconstituted system. Mouse PrPSc propagation could be reconstituted by mixing PrPC substrate with homogenates prepared from either brain or liver, but not from several other tissues that were tested. These results reveal species-specific differences in cofactor utilization for PrPSc propagation in vitro and also demonstrate the existence of an endogenous cofactor present in brain tissue not composed of nucleic acids. © 2010 American Chemical Society.

R. M. Santilli has proposed the innovative isodual theory of antimatter for the classical representation of neutral or charged antimatter bodies in a way compatible with available classical experimental evidence on antimatter. Since Earth appears to have been hit in the past by antimatter asteroids (as it seems to be the case for the 1908 Tunguska explosion in Siberia), the author presents in this paper, apparently for the first time, a study of possible trajectories that would lead an antimatter asteroid to collide with our planet under the assumption of the repulsive gravitational interaction between Earth and the antimatter asteroid. Moreover, an estimate of the minimum approach speed required for an antimatter asteroid to impact with Earth is theoretically and numerically identified at different distances from our planet, along with other considerations about the trajectories. © 2015 AIP Publishing LLC.

Santilli R.M.,Institute for Basic Research
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2012

In this note, we indicate that the problem of detecting antimatter asteroids, stars and galaxies is fundamentally open at this writing; we identify the basic issues to be resolved for said detection; and we propose novel experiments. © 2012 American Institute of Physics.

Cheng B.,General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command | Liu H.-W.,Jinan University | Fu X.-B.,Institute for Basic Research
Journal of Burn Care and Research | Year: 2011

Although itching (or pruritus) in a scar is a very common and distressing symptom and is increasingly being recognized as a significant obstacle in burn rehabilitation, the exact mechanisms underlying this symptom have not been elucidated; hence, a reliable therapy has not been established. Recent findings have suggested that itching caused by inflammatory dermatosis can be reduced by antihistamines, but histamine antagonists cannot block all types of pruritus (eg, neuropathic itch). This indicates the presence of a histamine-independent pathway for itch. Itch or pruritus may also be evoked by direct activation of opioid receptors, which have recently been identified in the skin. This article aims to assess the current state of knowledge regarding the role of opioids in the generation of itch in hypertrophic scars in postburn patients. To this end, the authors have reviewed the relevant literature and present some clinical data. The authors hope that this review will form the basis for future research to elucidate the mechanism and treatment of itch. Copyright © 2011 by the American Burn Association.

Driscoll R.B.,Institute for Basic Research
Physics Essays | Year: 2010

The theories of general relativity and neo-Ritzian theory are equivalently adequate in explaining the cosmological redshift (after deduction of the effect of local velocities and gravitational potentials by neo-Ritzian theory or general relativity). The velocity-quantizing force (neo-Ritzian theory) of the intergalactic ionized plasma, the latter having mass currents due to several causes, exerts a mean retarding force on each photon that is proportional to its frequency. Thus the ratio nobserver / nsource is exp (-K x); x is the distance from source to observer. The neo-Ritzian universe is infinite and large-scale uniform. Detonating hypermassive black holes may be potential subuniverses to which canonical theory, including "many universes," may be relevant. © 2010 Physics Essays Publication.

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