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São Paulo, Brazil

Kihara A.H.,Federal University of ABC | Kihara A.H.,University of Sao Paulo | Santos T.O.,University of Sao Paulo | Osuna-Melo E.J.,University of Sao Paulo | And 9 more authors.
International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience | Year: 2010

Connexin (Cx) channels and hemichannels are involved in essential processes during nervous system development such as apoptosis, propagation of spontaneous activity and interkinetic nuclear movement. In the first part of this study, we extensively characterized Cx gene and protein expression during retinal histogenesis. We observed distinct spatio-temporal patterns among studied Cx and an overriding, ubiquitous presence of Cx45 in progenitor cells. The role of Cx-mediated communication was assessed by using broad-spectrum (carbenoxolone, CBX) and Cx36/Cx50 channel-specific (quinine) blockers. In vivo application of CBX, but not quinine, caused remarkable reduction in retinal thickness, suggesting changes in cell proliferation/apoptosis ratio. Indeed, we observed a decreased number of mitotic cells in CBX-injected retinas, with no significant changes in the expression of PCNA, a marker for cells in proliferative state. Taken together, our results pointed a pivotal role of Cx45 in the developing retina. Moreover, this study revealed that Cx-mediated communication is essential in retinal histogenesis, particularly in the control of cell proliferation. © 2009 ISDN.

Santos R.S.,Boston University | Santos R.S.,Institute Ensino | Gupta A.,Boston University | Ebright M.I.,Boston University | And 5 more authors.
Annals of Thoracic Surgery | Year: 2010

Purpose: We evaluated an electromagnetic (EM) navigation system (Veran Medical Technologies Inc, St. Louis, MO) to determine its potential to reduce the number of skin punctures and instrument adjustments during computed tomographic-guided percutaneous ablation and biopsy of lung nodules. Description: Ten patients undergoing lung percutaneous ablation were prospectively enrolled. The mean age was 70 years. Positioning of the needle device was verified with computed tomographic fluoroscopy prior to the execution of any biopsy or ablation. Each EM navigation-guided procedure was defined as an EM-intervention. Evaluation: Nineteen EM interventions were performed. When an EM-guided biopsy was performed, the intervention was done immediately prior to ablation. For all 19 EM interventions, only one skin-puncture was required. The mean number of instrument adjustments required was 1.2 (range, 0 to 2). The mean time for each EM intervention was 5.2 minutes (range, 1 to 20 minutes). Pneumothorax occurred in 5 patients (50%). Only the number of instrument adjustments was significantly related to the pneumothorax rate (p = 0.005). Conclusions: The EM navigation is feasible and seems to be a useful aid for image-guided procedures. Early experience suggests a low number of skin-puncture and instrument adjustments using the EM navigation system. Instrument adjustments were a key factor in pneumothorax development. © 2010 The Society of Thoracic Surgeons.

Junior L.S.,Institute Ensino
Algorithmic Finance | Year: 2013

Using data from world stock exchange indices prior to and during periods of global financial crises, clusters and networks of indices are built for asset graphs based on distance thresholds and diverse periods of time, so that it is then possible to analyze how clusters are formed according to correlations among indices and how they evolve in time, particularly during times of financial crises. Further analysis is made on the eigenvectors corresponding to the second highest eigenvalues of the correlation matrices, revealing a structure peculiar to markets that operate in different time zones. We also study the survivability of connections and of clusters through time and the influence of noise in centrality measures applied to the networks of financial indices. The results show how the world's main stock market indices evolved in the last few decades with respect to their clustering structure, how their connections survive in time, and which indices are more central, according to different criteria. In particular, we witness the early formation and evolution of two main clusters, an American and an European one, the formation of a Pacific Asian cluster, and later on, of an Arab cluster. This analysis complements previous studies of the interdependencies of stock markets worldwide. © 2013 - IOS Press and the authors.

Fabreti-Oliveira R.A.,Federal University of Minas Gerais | Fabreti-Oliveira R.A.,Imunolab Laboratorio Of Histocompatibilidade | Santos M.A.,Federal University of Minas Gerais | Oliveira C.K.F.,Imunolab Laboratorio Of Histocompatibilidade | And 4 more authors.
International Journal of Immunogenetics | Year: 2014

Summary: Five novel HLA-B alleles were identified by HLA-SBT typing in seven unrelated Brazilian individuals. The new alleles discovered include HLA-B*07:184, B*41:27, B*42:19, B*50:32 and B*57:63 and were officially named by the World Health Organization (WHO) Nomenclature Committee. All new HLA-B alleles had nonsynonymous nucleotide substitution polymorphisms when compared to their most closely related HLA-B allele. © 2014 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Fabreti-Oliveira R.A.,Federal University of Minas Gerais | Fabreti-Oliveira R.A.,Imunolab Laboratorio Of Histocompatibilidade | Nascimento E.,Imunolab Laboratorio Of Histocompatibilidade | Nascimento E.,Institute Ensino | Santos M.A.,Federal University of Minas Gerais
Tissue Antigens | Year: 2014

Four novel HLA-B alleles, B*42:20, B*51:151, B*57:64 and B*58:42 were identified in Brazilian individuals. © 2013 John Wiley & Sons A/S.

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