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Raleigh, NC, United States

Innovative Design | Date: 2010-12-22

A system and method for a motorcycle to automatically variably adjust the wheelbase length including a rear swing arm having a length and a rear wheel attached thereto, a prime mover that generates a motive force for selectably extending or retracting the length of the swing arm to extend or retract the rear wheel, and means for lengthening or retracting a motorcycle driveline providing power to the rear wheels.

Innovative Design | Date: 2010-08-19

A method and apparatus for generating hydrogen gas includes a reactor vessel in which electrolysis takes place in water, an electrical current source coupled to the reactor, and a chemical energy conversion device that converts chemical energy to electrical current by reacting hydrogen gas with oxygen gas. Conduits convey the gases from the reactor to the conversion device, and safety devices and controls maintain safe and efficient operation of the system. A backfire suppression apparatus may be used to prevent a backfire from propagating backward through the system and causing damage, while a buffer tank may ensure that the gases supplied to the chemical energy conversion device are substantially free of liquid water or other contaminants. One or more heat exchangers maintain an optimal temperature range for the water inside the reactor, and a programmable logic controller may be provided to monitor and control the operation of the apparatus.

Innovative Design | Date: 2010-07-13

A mounting assembly for securing a bracket, to which a side skirt may be attached to a frame of a wheeled container chassis semi-trailer. The assembly includes a support and at least one resilient securement member. A proximal end of the support may be mounted in a substantially outwardly transverse horizontal orientation to one side of the semi-trailer; a distal end secures the bracket in a position to maintain the side skirt in a substantially vertical configuration between the frame and a ground surface on which the semi-trailer is situated and substantially in line with the wheels on the one side of the semi-trailer. The securement members mount the support to the frame. The support may move relative to the frame in response to an applied force and is biased to return and maintain the support in the substantially outwardly transverse horizontal orientation when the force is removed.

Innovative Design | Date: 2011-03-17

A centrifugal compressor comprising an impeller having an input drive, the impeller having an impulse turbine positioned around the periphery of the impeller to be driven by the gas exiting the impeller, the output of the turbine being coupled to the drive of the impeller.

Innovative Design | Date: 2010-09-24

A toy for a pet and method for fabricating a toy for a pet having a shaggy thick fleece fabric outer coating and an inner body of an elastically deformable rubber core with the rubber hollow core body molded from at least two rubber core sections to form a rubber seam between the sections, and with the sheep fleece covering formed by adhesively attaching the pieces of thick fleece fabric to the rubber core body with each piece of fabric being of an appropriate size and in a thickness of between about 8 mm to 20 mm and having cut edges for forming the outline of a predetermine pattern corresponding to the desired shape for the pet toy and in an arrangement with the cut edges abetting each other on the rubber core surface so that the entire peripheral surface of the rubber core body is covered and with one or more fabric seams being formed which lie along the mated edges in a pattern having an orientation independent of the orientation of the rubber seams.

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