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Miami, FL, United States

InnFocus Inc | Date: 2014-06-09

An inserter is provided for inserting a tubular medical implant device into tissue. The inserter includes a rigid rod extending along a longitudinal axis. The rod has a distal portion that defines an open slot. The open slot extends diametrically through the rod along the longitudinal axis to a base. The open slot is configured to receive and release the tubular medical implant device.

InnFocus Inc | Date: 2015-06-01

A system is provided including an elongate needle body and an aqueous humor drainage device. The drainage device includes an elongated tube that is operatively coupled to a proximal end of the needle body. Methods for the implantation of the aqueous humor drainage device in the eye are provided. A system including an elongate needle body and drainage device is also provided for draining other body cavities.

InnFocus Inc and Innfocus Llc | Date: 2013-02-19

Ophthalmic Medical Devices, namely, glaucoma tube shunts.

InnFocus Inc | Date: 2015-07-31

A surgical kit includes at least one instrument and at least one implant device. The instrument has a needle body used to form a surgical passage through ocular tissue. The device includes a flexible tube that defines a duct for diverting aqueous humor with an outer surface having a maximal cross-sectional dimension that is less than the maximal cross-sectional dimension of the needle body. The device incorporates a seal that defines a maximal cross-sectional dimension that is greater that the maximal cross-sectional dimension of the needle body and is operably disposed within the surgical passage and forms a seal between the surrounding ocular tissue. The kit (and devices thereof) can be used as part of a surgical method to divert aqueous humor to a space formed in ocular tissue.

InnFocus Inc | Date: 2014-07-30

Ophthalmic medical devices, namely, glaucoma tube shunts.

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