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Cech J.,Technical University of Denmark | Pranov H.,InMold Biosystems | Kofod G.,InMold Biosystems | Matschuk M.,InMold Biosystems | And 2 more authors.
Technical Proceedings of the 2013 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Expo, NSTI-Nanotech 2013 | Year: 2013

Nanostructured surfaces offer advanced functionality, such as stunning structural colors, antireflective, self-cleaning or antifogging effect. Polymer injection molding provides a cost effective method to fabricate plastic objects with complex shapes and is known to replicate nanosized details of the mold surface. It is however difficult to pattern the mold, in particular if non-planar surface is needed. We show a novel method using nanopatterned nickel foils for a room temperature nanoimprinting into hydrogen silsesquioxane (HSQ) spray-coated films deposited on freeform surfaces. Due to the high viscosity of HSQ, pressures up to 800 bar need to be used. We have been able to imprint the 426 ran period nanopattern onto conical and spherical substrates with a radius of curvature as low as 500 urn, using a specially developed high pressure hydrostatic imprinting device. Pattern distortions, resulting from a contact between the intrinsically planar foil and double-curved substrate have been found and measured as a function of a radial distance to the apex of spherical protrusion. This way, a feasible method to create freeform molds with nanopatterned surface is demonstrated. This facilitates new options for production of affordable polymer articles with novel surface functionalities.

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "The Nanocoatings Global Opportunity Report" report to their offering. 'The Nanocoatings Global Opportunity Report' examines a market that is already providing significant economic, hygiene and environmental benefit for sectors such as consumer electronics, construction, medicine & healthcare, textiles, oil & gas, infrastructure and aviation. Research and development in nanotechnology and nanomaterials is now translating into tangible consumer products, providing new functionalities and opportunities in industries such as electronics, sporting goods, wearable electronics, textiles, construction etc. A recent example is quantum dot TVs, a multi-billion dollar boon for the High-definition TV market. Countless other opportunities exist for exploiting the exceptional properties of nanomaterials and these will increase as costs come down and production technologies improve. The incorporation of nanomaterials into thin films, coatings and surfaces leads to new functionalities, completely innovative characteristics and the possibility to achieve multi-functional coatings and smart coatings. The use of nanomaterials also results in performance enhancements in wear, corrosion-wear, fatigue and corrosion resistant coatings. Nanocoatings demonstrate significant enhancement in outdoor durability and vastly improved hardness and flexibility compared to traditional coatings. - Oil and gas - - Corrosion and scaling chemical inhibitors. - - Self-healing coatings. - - Smart coatings. - - Coatings for hydraulic fracturing. - Aerospace & aviation - - Shape memory coatings. - - Corrosion resistant coatings for aircraft parts. - - Thermal protection. - - Novel functional coatings for prevention of ice-accretion and insect-contamination. - Renewable energy - - Anti-fouling protective coatings for offshore marine structures. - - Anti-reflective solar module coatings. - - Ice-phobic wind turbines. - - Coatings for solar heating and cooling. - Automotive - - Anti-fogging nanocoatings and surface treatments. - - Improved mar and scratch resistance. - - Flexible glass. - - Corrosion prevention. - - Multi-functional glazing. - - Smart surfaces. - - Surface texturing technologies with enhanced gloss. - - New decorative and optical films. - - Self-healing. - Textiles & Apparel - - Sustainable coatings. - - High UV protection. - - Smart textiles. - - Electrically conductive textiles. - - Enhanced durability and protection. - - Anti-bacterial and self-cleaning. - - Water repellent while maintaining breathability.. - Medical - - Hydrophilic lubricious, hemocompatible, and drug delivery coatings. - - Anti-bacterial coatings to prevent bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation. - - Hydrophobic and super-hydrophobic coatings. - - Lubricant coatings. - - Protective implant coatings. - - High hardness coatings for medical implants. - - Infection control. - - Antimicrobial protection or biocidic activity. - Marine - - Anti-fouling and corrosion control coatings systems. - - Reduced friction coatings. - - Underwater hull coatings. - Buildings - - Thermochromic smart windows. - - Anti-reflection glazing. - - Self-cleaning surfaces. - - Passive cooling surfaces. - - Air-purifying. - Consumer electronics - - Waterproof electronic devices. - - Anti-fingerprint touchscreens. - Global market size for target markets - Addressable markets for nanocoatings, by nanocoatings type and industry - Estimated market revenues for nanocoatings to 2025 - 300 company profiles including products and target markets 1 Executive Summary 1.1 High performance coatings 1.2 Nanocoatings 1.3 Market drivers and trends 1.4 Market size and opportunity 1.5 Market and technical challenges 2 Introduction 2.1 Properties of nanomaterials 2.2 Categorization 2.3 Nanocoatings 2.4 Hydrophobic coatings and surfaces 2.5 Superhydrophobic coatings and surfaces 2.6 Oleophobic and omniphobic coatings and surfaces 6 Market Segment Analysis, By Coatings Type 6.1 Anti-Fingerprint Nanocoatings 6.2 Anti-Microbial Nanocoatings 6.3 Anti-Corrosion Nanocoatings 6.4 Abrasion & Wear-Resistant Nanocoatings 6.5 Barrier Nanocoatings 6.6 Anti-Fouling And Easy-To-Clean Nanocoatings 6.7 Self-Cleaning (Bionic) Nanocoatings 6.8 Self-Cleaning (Photocatalytic) Nanocoatings 6.9 Uv-Resistant Nanocoatings 6.10 Thermal Barrier And Flame Retardant Nanocoatings 6.11 Anti-Icing And De-Icing 6.12 Anti-Reflective Nanocoatings 6.13 Other Nanocoatings Types 7 Market Segment Analysis, By End User Market 7.1 Aerospace 7.2 Automotive 7.3 Construction, Architecture And Exterior Protection 7.4 Electronics 7.5 Household Care, Sanitary And Indoor Air Quality 7.6 Marine 7.7 Medical & Healthcare 7.8 Military And Defence 7.9 Packaging 7.10 Textiles And Apparel 7.11 Renewable Energy 7.12 Oil And Gas Exploration 7.13 Tools And Manufacturing 7.14 Anti-Counterfeiting - 3M - Abrisa Technologies - Accucoat, inc - Aculon, Inc - Acreo Engineering - ACTNano, inc - Advanced Materials-JTJ S.R.O - Advanced Silicon Group - Advenira Enterprises, Inc - Aeonclad Coatings - agPolymer S.r.l - Agienic Antimicrobials - Agion Technologies, Inc - AkzoNobel - Albert Rechtenbacher GmbH - ALD Nanosolutions, Inc - Alexium, Inc - AM Coatings - Analytical Services & Materials, Inc - Ancatt - Applied Nanocoatings, Inc - Applied Nano Surfaces - Applied Sciences, Inc - Applied Thin Films, Inc - ARA-Authentic GmbH - Asahi Glass Co., Ltd - Autonomic Materials - Aurolab - Avaluxe International GmbH - Bactiguard AB - BASF Corporation - Battelle - Beijing ChamGo Nano-Tech Co., Ltd., - Beneq OY - BigSky Technologies LLC - Biocote Ltd - Bio-Gate AG - Bioni CS GmbH - Bionic Technology Holding BV - Boral Limited - Buhler Partec - BYK-Chemie GmbH - California Nanotechnologies Corporation - Cambridge Nanotherm Limited - Cambrios Technologies Corporation - Canatu Oy - Carbodeon Ltd. Oy - Ceko Co., Ltd - Cellutech AB - CeNano GmbH & Co. KG - Cellmat Technologies S.L - Centrosolar Glas GmbH Co. KG - Cetelon Nanotechhnik GmbH - CG2 Nanocoatings, Inc - Cima Nanotech - Clarcor Industrial Air - Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH - Cleancorp Nanocoatings - Clearbridge Technologies Pte. Ltd - Clearjet Ltd - Clou - CMR Coatings GmbH - CNM Technologies GmbH - Coating Suisse GmbH - Corning, Incorporated - Cotec GmbH - Coval Molecular Coatings - Crossroads Coatings - CSD Nano, Inc - CTC Nanotechnology GmbH - C3 Nano - Cytonix CLLC - Daicel FineChem Limited - Daikin Industries, ltd - Diamon-Fusion International, Inc - Diarc-Technology Oy - DFE Chemie GmbH - Dow Corning - Dropwise Technologies Corporation - DryWired - Dry Surface Technologies LLC - DSP Co., Ltd - Duralar Technologies - Duraseal Coatings - Eeonyx Corporation - Eikos, Inc - Engineered Nanoproducts Germany AG - Enki Technology - Envaerospace, Inc - Eurama Corporation - Europlasma NV - Excel Coatings - Evonik Hanse - Few Chemicals GmbH - FN Nano, Inc - ForgeNano - Formacoat - Fujifilm - Fumin - FutureCarbon GmbH - Future Nanocoatings - General Paints - Green Earth nano Science, Inc - Green Millenium, Inc - Grenoble INP-Pagora - Grupo Repol - GSI Creos - GVD Corporation - GXC Coatings - Hanita Coatings - Hardide Coatings - HeiQ Materials AG - Hemoteq GmbH - Henkel AG & Co. KGaA - Hexis S.A - Hiab Products - Hitachi Chemical - Honeywell International, Inc - Hy-Power Nano, Inc - HzO, Inc - Hygratek, LLC - iFyber, LLC - Imbed Biosciences, Inc - Imerys - Industrial Nanotech, Inc - Inframat Corporation - INM - Leibniz Institute for New Materials - InMat, Inc - InMold Biosystems - Innovcoat Nanocoatings and Surface Technologies Inc - Inno-X - Innventia AB - Inspiraz Technology pte LTd - Instrumental Polymer Technologies LLC - Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd - Integrated Surface Technologies, Inc - Integran Technologies, Inc - Integricote - Interlotus Nanotechnologie GmbH - Intumescents Associates Group - ISTN, Inc - ISurTech - ITN Nanovation AG - Izovac Ltd - JNC Corporation - Joma International AS - Jotun Protective Coatings - Kaneka Corporation - Klockner Pentaplast Europe GmbH & Co. KG - Kon Corporation - Kriya Materials B.V - Laiyang Zixilai Environment Protection Technology Co., Ltd - Life Air Iaq Ltd - Lintec of America, Inc., - Liquiglide, Inc - Liquipel, LLC - Lofec Nanocoatings - Lotus Applied Technology - Lotus Leaf Coatings - Luna Innovtions - Magnolia Solar - MDS Coating Technologies Corporation - Melodea - Merck Performance Materials - Mesocoat, Inc - Metal Estalki - Millidyne Oy - MMT Textiles Limited - Modumetal, Inc - Molecular Rebar - Muschert - N2 Biomedical - Naco Technologies, Inc - Nadico Technologie GmbH - Nagase & Co - Nanohygienix LLC - Namos GmbH - Nanobiomatters S.I - Nano-care AG - NanoCover A/S - Nanocure GmbH - Nanocyl - Nanofilm, Ltd - Nano Frontier Technology - Nanoex Company - Nanogate AG - Nanohmics - Nanohorizons, Inc - Nanokote Pty Ltd - Nanomate Technology - Nano Labs Corporation - NanoLotus Scandanavia Aps - Nanomembrane - NanoPack, Inc - NanoPhos SA - Nanopool GmbH - Nanops - Nanoservices BV - Nanoshell Ltd - Nanosol AG - Nanosonic, Inc - The NanoSteel Company, Inc - Nano Surface Solutions - NanoSys GmbH - Nanotech Security Corporation - Nano-Tex, Inc - NanoTouch Materials, LLC - Nanovere Technologies, LLC - Nanovis Incorporated - Nanoveu Pte. LTD - Nanowave Co., Ltd - Nano-X GmbH - Nanoyo Group Pte Ltd - Nanto Protective Coating - NBD Nano - NEI Corporation - Nelum Sciences LLC - Nelumbo - Neverwet LLC - NGimat - NIL Technology ApS - Nissan Chemical Industries Ltd - NOF Corporation - NTC Nanotech Coatings GmbH - n-tec GmbH - NTT Advanced Technology Corporation - Oceanit - Opticote Inc - Optics Balzers Ag - Optitune International Pte - Organiclick AB - Oxford Advanced SUrfaces - P2i Ltd - Panahome Corporation - Percenta AG - Perpetual Technologies, Inc - Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc - Picosun Oy - Pioneer Medical Devices GmbH - Pneumaticicoat Technologies - PJI Contract Pte Ltd - Polymerplus, LLC - Powdermet, Inc - PPG Industries - Promimic AB - Pureti, Inc - Quantiam Technologies, Inc, - RBNano - Reactive Surfaces, LLP - Resodyn Corporation - Rochling Engineering Plastics - Royal DSM N.V - Saint-Gobain Glass - Sandvik Materials Technology - Sarastro GmbH - Schott AG - Seashell Technology LLC-Hydrobead - Semblant - Shandong Huimin Science & Technology Co., Ltd - Sharklet Technologies, Inc - Shin-Etsu Silicones - SHM - Sioen Industries NV - SiO2 Nanotech, LLC - Sketch Co., Ltd - Slips Technology - Sono-Tek Corporation - Spartan Nano Ltd - Starfire Systems, inc - Sub-One Technology, INc - Sumitomo Electric Hard-Metal Ltd - Suncoat GmbH - SupraPolix BV - SurfaceSolutions GmbH - Surfactis Technologies SAS - Surfatek LLC - Surfix BV - Suzhou Super Nano-Textile Teco Co - Takenake Seisakusho Co., Ltd - Tesla Nanocoatings - Theta Coatings - TNO - TopChim NV - Topasol LLC - Toray Advanced Film Co., Ltd - Toto - TripleO Performance Solution - Ultratech International, Inc - Vadlau GmbH - Valentis Nanotech - Vestagen Protective Technologies, Inc - Viriflex - VTT Technical Research Center - Wacker Chemie AG - Wattglass, LLC - Well Shield LLC - Zschimmer & Schwarz For more information about this report visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/4ktr5t/the_nanocoatings Research and Markets is the world's leading source for international market research reports and market data. We provide you with the latest data on international and regional markets, key industries, the top companies, new products and the latest trends.

Rebeggiani S.,Halmstad University | Dimkovski Z.,Halmstad University | Kofod G.,InMold Biosystems | Rosen B.-G.,Halmstad University
Tribologia | Year: 2014

Dies and moulds with high precision surfaces are being used in various branches, e.g. in the plastic industry where the surface finish are conventionally performed by manual polishers. With ever increasing demands of shorter lead times and reduced costs, efforts have been made to automate this finishing process. This paper presents an empirical study performed to test durability properties of SOG (spin-on-glass)-layers on steel surfaces. The results showed that the thin coating last longer than the thicker ones, and that the harder coatings withstood wear significantly better than the steel reference samples thus motivating further investigations.

Hobaek T.C.,Technical University of Denmark | Matschuk M.,InMold Biosystems | Kafka J.,InMold Biosystems | Pranov H.J.,InMold Biosystems | Larsen N.B.,Technical University of Denmark
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering | Year: 2015

We demonstrate the replication of nanosized pillars in polymer (cyclic olefin copolymer) by injection molding using nanostructured thermally cured hydrogen silsesquioxane (HSQ) ceramic coatings on stainless steel mold inserts with mold nanostructures produced by a simple embossing process. At isothermal mold conditions, the average pillar height increases by up to 100% and a more uniform height distribution is observed compared to a traditional metal mold insert. Thermal heat transfer simulations predict that the HSQ film retards the cooling of the polymer melt during the initial stages of replication, thus allowing more time to fill the nanoscale cavities compared to standard metal molds. A monolayer of a fluorinated silane (heptadecafluorotrichlorosilane) deposited on the mold surface reduces the mold/polymer interfacial energy to support demolding of the polymer replica. The mechanical stability of thermally cured HSQ makes it a promising material for nanopattern replication on an industrial scale without the need for slow and energy intensive variotherm processes. © 2015 IOP Publishing Ltd.

Mohaghegh K.,Technical University of Denmark | Hansen H.N.,Technical University of Denmark | Pranov H.,InMold Biosystems | Kofod G.,InMold Biosystems
Conference Proceedings - 14th International Conference of the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology, EUSPEN 2014 | Year: 2014

The paper discusses a novel application of a thin layer coating on a metallic machined surface with particular attention to roughness of the coating compared to the original surface before coating. The coating is a nominally 1 μm film of Hydrogen Silsesquioxane (HSQ) which is commonly used in the semiconductor industry in the manufacture of integrated circuits. The work piece is a fine peripheral-milled tool steel surface which is widely used in industrial applications. Roughness improvement after the application of HSQ coating is reported.

Mohaghegh K.,Technical University of Denmark | Hansen H.N.,Technical University of Denmark | Pranov H.,InMold Biosystems | Kofod G.,InMold Biosystems
Proceedings of the 13th International Conference of the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology, EUSPEN 2013 | Year: 2013

Thin film coatings are extremely interesting for industries, where there is a need to protect a highly accurate surface which has tight dimensional tolerances. The topic is important both in the production of new metallic tools and repair applications. In both applications it is vital to have a specific knowledge about coating thickness and roughness. In the present paper a novel application of a transparent HSQ coating is presented. Furthermore the thickness and roughness of the transparent coating with nominal thickness of 1 μm is measured in the presence of surface roughness of the substrate. Measurements were done using AFM and a precision 3D mechanical stylus instrument.

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