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Kimhae, South Korea

Inje University is a private university founded in 1932, located in Gimhae, Korea. As of Aug, 2009, it had 874 faculty members, 230 staff members, 14,373 Undergraduate students and 1,458 Graduate students. The University has 6 colleges and 5 graduate schools. The founding mission is to save the world through love and virtue. The educational goals are: to preserve nature; to value human lives and philanthropy. The school precepts are honesty, sincerity, and diligence. Wikipedia.

There is provided a Multi-functional measuring and waveform-generating equipment with a probe. The equipment is capable of measuring element values of electric or electronic devices and electrical quantities such as a voltage, and generating electrical signals with various waveforms. Also, a user can conveniently manipulate and handily carry it. The equipment provides functions of measuring a voltage, a resistance, an inductance, capacitance, a frequency, the number of pulses, and the voltage level of a logic signal; verifying diode polarities, measuring the voltage level of a pulse signal, and modes generating a rectangular pulse train and a PWM signal by the simple combinations of two switches. Additionally, it also offers a much cheaper equipment than other existing expensive apparatuses, and provide better usability at experimental environments because it is small-sized, light, and conveniently portable, compared to conventional equipments that are large-sized, heavy, and not easy to carry.

A composition for deriving the maturation of dendritic cells includes complex cytokines generated by the simulation, the expression of which is induced on EBV-infected B cells. The dendritic cell maturation process, which conventionally takes approximately 7 days, can be shortened to 2 days, thereby producing dendritic cells in a more economically advantageous and effective manner.

Inje University, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials | Date: 2013-11-01

The present invention relates to a method for preparing a recycled low-nickel magnesium alloy using magnesium scraps. More particularly, the recycled magnesium alloy having a reduced nickel content can be prepared by adding Al and misch metal to molten magnesium scraps so as to form an NiAl-misch metal three-phase alloy or cluster thereof; and separating and removing the formed NiAl-misch metal three-phase alloy or the cluster thereof using gravity.

The present invention relates to a method of screening placental proteins responsible for pathophysiology of preeclampsia, and a marker for early diagnosis and prediction of preeclampsia. In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, there is provided a method of screening placental proteins responsible for pathophysiology of preeclampsia by 2D E-proteomics analysis, comprising: isolating placental proteins from a placental tissue; separating the isolated proteins two-dimensionally through 2D electrophoresis; and comparing and analyzing the separated proteins based on scanned gel images and differences in the images between normal placental proteins and preeclamptic placental proteins, wherein the comparison and analysis of the placental proteins based on the scanned gel images and differences in the images are accomplished by selecting proteins with differences of 140% or more between two placentas.

CHONG KUN DANG PHARMACEUTICAL Corporation and Inje University | Date: 2013-08-29

The present invention relates to novel N-acylhydrazone derivatives, and more particularly to novel N-acylhydrazone derivatives having selective T cell inhibitory activity and/or anti-lymphoid malignancy activity, stereoisomers thereof, pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, the use thereof for preparing pharmaceutical compositions, pharmaceutical compositions containing the same, treatment methods using the compositions, and methods for preparing the novel N-acylhydrazone derivatives.

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