Bangalore, India
Bangalore, India

Infosys Ltd is an Indian multinational corporation that provides business consulting, information technology, software engineering and outsourcing services. It is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka.Infosys is the third-largest India-based IT services company by 2014 revenues, and the fifth largest employer of H-1B visa professionals in the United States in FY 2013. On 31 March 2014, its market capitalisation was 7px 188,510 crores , making it India's fifth largest publicly traded company. Wikipedia.

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The technique relates to a dynamic input device for providing an input and method thereof A character as an input is received. The input character as a central character of a virtual grid is arranged. Thereafter, a set of one or more characters towards the center of the virtual grid and adjacent to the central input character is arranged in the virtual grid based on a ranking logic. A required character is selected from the arranged set of one or more characters and the selected required character is replaced as the central character in the virtual grid in the virtual grid. Then another set of one or more characters towards the center of the virtual grid is arranged in the virtual grid in response to the replaced central character along with the input character, based on the ranking logic. Repeating the steps till a predefined word is formed.

A method generating a platform-agnostic abstract syntax tree (AST) comprises receiving data in a predefined format, through an input unit; subsequently parsing the data to extract model information corresponding to the predefined format of the data; and transforming, by a processing server, the model information to an abstract syntax tree (AST) structure. The above steps aid in generating, by the processing server, a platform-agnostic AST by combining predefined metadata and the abstract syntax tree (AST) structure.

A method and system of a data join includes capture of metadata information associated with one of semi-structured data and unstructured data. A flattened structure for one of the semi-structured data and the unstructured data is defined, and an entity is extracted from the unstructured data. Further, one of the semi-structured data and an entity extracted unstructured data are flattened based on the flattened structure, and flattened semi-structured data and flattened entity extracted unstructured data with relational data are joined.

A method and system masks sensitive fields on a cheque image based one or more access privileges assigned to a user. The method involves receiving a cheque image at a cheque masking engine. A cheque template from one or more cheque templates is selected based on metadata associated with the cheque image. One or more zones of sensitive information associated with the cheque image are identified based on the one or more access privileges assigned to the user and a comparison with the selected cheque template. One or more characters are extracted from the one or more zones of sensitive information. The extracted one or more characters are aliased based on an aliasing rule. Another cheque image is generated by overlaying the one or more zones of sensitive information with the aliased one or more characters.

In a preferred aspect of the present invention there is disclosed method of authentication and over-the-air (OTA) registration of a new user without a subscriber identity module (SIM) card, comprising the steps of transmitting a set of first time registration parameters to a selected service provider by a user device. In response the user device receives a notification to initiate a captive environment for the new user registration. The service provider is provided with a set of temporary session parameters and a temporary key which then validates a set of registration parameters provided by the user. Subsequently storing, at the user device, a set of permanent user profile parameters in a user profile module.

Methods and systems for template creation for a data extraction tool. A first template is selected from a plurality of documents provided by a user. An OCR engine annotates the first template and at least one data region in the first template corresponding to a set of parameters required in a target template is identified by selecting a geometrical region on the first template. At least one interim template is created based on the identification, and the plurality of documents are analyzed using the interim template to extract data values in the data region. The documents are converted to a format compliant with the target template based on the analysis.

The present invention describes a method of dynamic gamification over a network and comprises of the steps of creating a network of statistical models associated with a real life situation by using a processor, modifying a predefined parameter of a first statistical model by either a player or a moderator which triggers a modification subsequently in the other statistical models related to the first statistical model and deciding an outcome of the gamification in response to the modification of the first and the other statistical models

A method of estimating an employee engagement indicator is described which comprises receiving engagement data and criticality data of an employee as input, through a user interface. This engagement data and criticality data of the employee are analyzed to categorize the employee based on engagement level and criticality level wherein the engagement level and criticality level is determined based on the analyzed engagement data and criticality data respectively Further performing a mapping of the categorized engagement levels onto categorized criticality levels helps to determine a risk level of the employee generating a notification over a computer network to another employee based on the mapping.

A method a system, and/or apparatus for omni-channel multi-hub order and inventory management system. The method involves receiving a request through an order capture channel an inventory stock. An availability of the inventory stock is checked in a computer database associated with a primary hub. When the inventory stock is available in the primary database, the received request is fulfilled. When the inventory stock is not available, the availability is checked in a stock cache associated with the one or more secondary hubs. One of the one or more secondary hubs is chosen based on one or more proximity to a delivery location and a priority. The received request is sent to the identified secondary hub to fulfill the received request. The request may be backordered at the primary hub when the inventory stock is not available at the stock cache associated with the one or more secondary hubs.

A system and method for detection of duplicate bug reports. A receiver is configured to receive a first bug report and a word matrix. An extractor extracts keywords from the first bug report for creating a first search string. A comparator compares each of the keywords from the first search string with the word matrix for identifying dissimilar duplicate words. The duplicate bug detector further includes an expander to expand the first search string by including the dissimilar duplicate words for creating the second search string and a searcher to search a bug repository with the first search string and the second search string for identifying similar duplicate bug reports and dissimilar duplicate bug reports.

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