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Hiraiwa M.,Information and Telecommunication Systems Company | Masukawa H.,Network-1 | Nishimura S.,Japan Institute of Electrical Engineers
Hitachi Review

OVERVIEW: The adoption of cloud computing in IT systems is driving even greater diversity in network services. The requirements for the networks that support IT systems going cloud include ensuring the level of reliability required to make services available via the network, keeping data as secure as if it were stored in-house even when the siting of data centers has become borderless, and improving the energy efficiency of equipment including that used in data centers and networking facilities. Hitachi is working on the construction of networks that support the use of cloud computing for services that feature a high level of security and reliability and are capable of delivering responsive performance efficiently and with high availability. Source

Yoshikawa Y.,Hitachi Ltd. | Tada K.,Information and Telecommunication Systems Company | Furuya S.,Yokohama Research Laboratory | Koda K.,Information and Control Systems Company | Geerli,Global Business Promotion Center
Hitachi Review

Overview: Successfully combining protection of the global environment with prosperous urban lifestyles that are secure and convenient is an important factor in ensuring the sustainability of cities. The social infrastructure that supports such a city is required not only to establish robust safety and security, it also needs to satisfy criteria such as enhancing urban value by overall optimization and reduction of total cost. To achieve this, parts of the social infrastructure like power, transport, and water which have been optimized independently in the past need to be comprehensively redesigned based on considerations such as environmental performance, customer service level, and operation and maintenance costs. This is one of the prerequisites for achieving what Hitachi calls "next-generation smart cities.". Source

Hitomi S.,Information and Telecommunication Systems Company | Muro K.,Central Research Laboratory
Hitachi Review

OVERVIEW: The analysis and utilization of large amounts of actual operational data collected from equipment and devices have made it practical to realize the possibilities of converging and advancing the control and information systems. An effective approach to analyze and utilize big data efficiently is to determine the events that must be discovered through data analysis to achieve business objectives, and then select the appropriate mathematical analysis algorithms based on available data, thereby building an analysis method. Hitachi has formed a team specializing in data analysis with extensive experience in product manufacturing, maintenance, and operations, while bringing together a tremendous amount of mathematical analysis technology research in order to promote the achievement of social innovation through the utilization of big data. Source

Tanioka K.,Information and Telecommunication Systems Company | Homma A.,Information and Telecommunication Systems Company
Hitachi Review

IT solutions from Hitachi are aimed at resolving issues through the application of IT and providing services such as systems integration, operation, and maintenance. The core strategy for the global operation of the company's IT solutions business is to expand along with the global expansion of its Japanese customers, deploy advanced solutions from Japan in the Chinese market, and strengthen its ability to operate outside Japan by working with local partners or oversees bases. A requirement for IT solutions is the timely provision of IT-based solutions for common global concerns and market needs. The TWX-21 B2B media service is the largest business-related SaaS solution in Japan that provides business applications associated with B2B activities to its corporate members as an Internet-based business SaaS service. Building a logistics network that can ensure short lead times and reduce logistics costs such as the cost of storing and transporting materials, and acquiring the logistics information is also necessary part of It solutions from Hitachi. Source

Sukigara T.,Information and Telecommunication Systems Company | Kumagai N.,Information and Telecommunication Systems Company
Hitachi Review

OVERVIEW: With growing interest in cloud computing driven by major changes in the business environment in recent years, high hopes are being placed on storage virtualization as a technology that can help realize the cloud. Hitachi has led its competitors by releasing a range of different storage virtualization technologies for enterprise use. Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform announced in September 2010 was the first to provide virtualization of tiered storage and features an advanced architecture that allows its configuration to be expanded flexibly. It can be used to configure cloud systems with the high levels of flexibility, reliability, and performance to respond promptly to business changes. Source

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