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Golden, CO, United States

Infinite Power Solutions and Medtronic | Date: 2012-12-03

A power source for a solid state device includes: a first frame having a first contact portion, a first bonding portion and a first extension portion between the first contact portion and the first bonding portion; a second frame having a second contact portion, a second bonding portion and a second extension portion between the second contact portion and the second bonding portion; and a first pole layer, an electrolyte layer and a second pole layer positioned between the first and second contact portions, wherein a first portion of the electrolyte layer is positioned between the first extension and the first pole and a second portion of the electrolyte layer is positioned between the first extension and the second pole.

Infinite Power Solutions | Date: 2013-11-15

The present invention relates to, for example, printed circuit boards having a thin film battery or other electrochemical cell between or within its layer or layers. The present invention also relates to, for example, electrochemical cells within a layer stack of a printed circuit board.

Infinite Power Solutions | Date: 2013-09-30

An electrochemical device includes an environmentally sensitive layer and a thin encapsulation layer deposited over said sensitive layer in which the thin encapsulation is a ceramic-metal composite laminate.

Infinite Power Solutions | Date: 2013-07-29

An electrochemical device is claimed and disclosed, including a method of manufacturing the same, comprising an environmentally sensitive material, such as, for example, a lithium anode; and a plurality of alternating thin metallic and ceramic, blocking sub-layers. The multiple metallic and ceramic, blocking sub-layers encapsulate the environmentally sensitive material. The device may include a stress modulating layer, such as for example, a Lipon layer between the environmentally sensitive material and the encapsulation layer.

Infinite Power Solutions | Date: 2012-10-26

A method for making an electrochemical cell includes, for example, providing a cathode powder; and pressing the cathode powder at a pressure of more than 500 bar and less than 10000 bar, resulting in a pressed cathode body with a pressed porosity of more than 5 vol % and less than 60 vol %.

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