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Indiana University Kokomo is a regional campus in the Indiana University system in Kokomo, Indiana, United States. Commonly known as IUK or IU Kokomo, the school serves north central Indiana and is the home of the Cougars. Wikipedia.

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Yan G.,Indiana University Kokomo | Wen D.,National University of Defense Technology | Olariu S.,Old Dominion University | Weigle M.C.,Old Dominion University
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems | Year: 2013

In a series of recent papers, Prof. Olariu and his co-workers have promoted the vision of vehicular clouds (VCs), a nontrivial extension, along several dimensions, of conventional cloud computing. In a VC, underutilized vehicular resources including computing power, storage, and Internet connectivity can be shared between drivers or rented out over the Internet to various customers. Clearly, if the VC concept is to see a wide adoption and to have significant societal impact, security and privacy issues need to be addressed. The main contribution of this work is to identify and analyze a number of security challenges and potential privacy threats in VCs. Although security issues have received attention in cloud computing and vehicular networks, we identify security challenges that are specific to VCs, e.g., challenges of authentication of high-mobility vehicles, scalability and single interface, tangled identities and locations, and the complexity of establishing trust relationships among multiple players caused by intermittent short-range communications. Additionally, we provide a security scheme that addresses several of the challenges discussed. © 2000-2011 IEEE.

Yan G.,Indiana University Kokomo | Olariu S.,Old Dominion University
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems | Year: 2011

The past decade has witnessed a phenomenal market penetration of wireless communications and a steady increase in the number of mobile users. Unlike wired networks, where communication links are inherently stable, in wireless networks, the lifetime of a link is a random variable whose probability distribution depends on mobility, transmission range, and various impairments of radio communications. Because of the very dynamic nature of Vehicular Ad hoc NETworks (VANETs) and the short transmission range mandated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), individual communication links come into existence and vanish unpredictably, making the task of establishing and maintaining routing paths between fast-moving vehicles very challenging. The main contribution of this work is to investigate the probability distribution of the lifetime of individual links in a VANET under the combined assumptions of a realistic radio transmission model and a realistic probability distribution model of intervehicle headway distance. Our analytical results were validated and confirmed by extensive simulation. © 2011 IEEE.

Batis J.C.,Indiana University Kokomo
Substance Use and Misuse | Year: 2016

Background: Since peaking in the 1990s, inhalant abuse has steadily decreased over the past two decades. Concurrently, nearly every state has passed legislation aimed at minimizing inhalant abuse. While males have historically been more likely to abuse inhalants than females, there is no longer a sex effect in self-reported rates of inhalant abuse. Objectives: The objective of the present study is to evaluate the effect of anti-inhalant abuse legislation on self-reported rates of inhalant abuse, in high school age males and females. Methods: Beginning in 1993, the CDC's biannual Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey asked respondents if they have ever used inhalants to get high. Data from these surveys were collected, along with the date of passage of anti-inhalant abuse legislation in 46 of 50 states. ANOVAs were conducted to assess the effect of legislation on self-reported inhalant abuse rates. Results: There were no significant main effects or interactions that demonstrated that inhalant abuse rates decreased in males or females following passage of legislation aimed at decreasing inhalant abuse. Conclusion/Importance: To date, 46 of 50 states have passed laws aimed at minimizing inhalant abuse, and while inhalant abuse rates have been decreasing for the past two decades, there is no evidence that this decline is related to enactment of these laws. Further research is needed to determine the cause of the decrease in inhalant abuse. The laws may benefit from amendments to include options for treatment. © 2016 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC

Kingsley T.,Indiana University Kokomo | Tancock S.,Ball State University
Reading Teacher | Year: 2014

This article showcases the online research and comprehension competencies students will need to successfully engage with Internet Inquiry. The Common Core State Standards, the research on new literacies skills, and the future of technology-based assessments require educators to fully take on the challenges of meaningfully embedding and supporting innovations in authentic, inquiry-based learning with digital texts. This manuscript focuses on four fundamental competencies that are important for Internet inquiry tasks: 1) generate high-quality inquiry topics, 2) effectively and efficiently search for information, 3) critically evaluate Internet resources, and 4) connect ideas across Internet texts. A rationale, what it looks like in the classroom, what scaffolds are needed to support and guide students to independence are provided for each competency. © 2013 International Reading Association.

Chauret C.,Indiana University Kokomo
Virulence | Year: 2011

Escherichia coli O157:H7 is a significant human pathogen that has mostly foodborne and waterborne modes of transmission. Although capable of infecting several hosts, the main source of this bacterium is cattle. In humans, it mainly causes hemorrhagic colitis, bloody diarrhea and hemolytic uremic syndrome. This bacterial pathogen is fairly resistant to various stresses and can survive for significant periods of time in the environment outside of a host. Some of the factors impacting its survival include the indigenous microbial communities, its ability to attach to food contact surfaces and form biofilms, temperature and dehydration. To address the public health concerns associated with this pathogen, several disinfection and sanitization procedures and technologies have been developed in recent years. Synergies between different procedures have been evaluated as well. This review addresses recent developments regarding the survival and disinfection of E. coli O157:H7. © 2011 Landes Bioscience.

Mouser A.L.,Indiana University Kokomo
International Journal of Nursing Knowledge | Year: 2014

Aim: The purpose of this concept analysis is to examine the health-related quality of life in patients with moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Background: COPD is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in patients with moderate to severe COPD has not been clearly defined. Design: Walker and Avant's concept analysis methodology was employed. Review Methods: The author examined articles focusing on QoL, HRQoL, and HRQoL in COPD. Results: The concept analysis explores the negative consequences related to COPD while defining HRQoL and the characteristics of positive HRQoL. Conclusion: Patients living with COPD should be assessed for HRQoL status. International Journal of Nursing Knowledge © 2014 NANDA International, Inc. 25 2 June 2014 10.1111/2047-3095.12014 Original Articles Original Article © 2013 NANDA International.

Jones S.L.,Indiana University Kokomo
International Journal of Electronic Government Research | Year: 2012

This study reports on the results of a census of design trends of 300 state government portal and agency homepages within the United States. The results can be used by government web designers to aid web design decisions and improve usability, researchers wishing to compare the findings with other populations, and future researchers who wish to study changes in homepage design over time. The study has found a limited number of design elements were common in state portal and state agency homepages. In addition, it found that state portal and agency homepage design is lacking in terms of design principles (such as screen length), navigation principles (such as in use of search boxes, site indexes, and site maps), providing of communication options, and inclusion of multimedia and Web 2.0 technologies. Copyright © 2012, IGI Global.

Kasem K.K.,Indiana University Kokomo
Platinum Metals Review | Year: 2012

The electrochemical behaviour of platinum as a regenerator electrode during the photolysis of buffered aqueous solutions of ferrocyanide ([Fe(CN) 6] 4-) as a source of hydrated electrons for hydrogen production was investigated. Optimum conditions for the heterogeneous reduction of ferricyanide ([Fe(CN) 6] 3-) in aqueous suspensions of semiconductor nanoparticles were determined, and hydrogen generation was explored in both homogeneous and heterogeneous aqueous systems. Experiments took place in a three-electrode cell. The results indicated that the Pt gauze electrode gave adequate and reproducible photoelectrochemical performance during the photolysis of aqueous solutions of [Fe(CN) 6] 4- in 0.2 M pH 6 phosphate buffer. The results provide evidence for the important role of Pt in photolysis studies that aim towards harvesting solar energy. © 2012 Johnson Matthey.

Kasem K.K.,Indiana University Kokomo
Surface and Interface Analysis | Year: 2011

Colloidal ZnO, Fe 2O 3 and Cu 2O solutions were used to explore photonic activities at metal oxides/organic semiconductors interfaces. Fluorescence spectroscopic and dynamic electrochemical techniques were performed on colloidal metal oxides articles modified with 3-dodecyl 2-5 di-thionyl pyrrole (3-DODTh-Py) to investigate the quantum absorbance efficiency at this inorganic/organic interface (IOI). The IOI assemblies were p-n junction-type interfaces, where 3-DODTh-Py) functions as electron donor. Results were interpreted using the optical and electrochemical parameters of the organic monomer such as IP (ionization potential), EA (electron affinity), and E g (Energy band gap), and the barrier height at the IOI interface. One of the driving forces for great absorption at IOI was the great difference in electronegativity between inorganic and organic interface. © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Ross J.M.,Indiana University Kokomo
Communications of the ACM | Year: 2010

Despite the fact that creative problem solving is desirable at all levels, it is constantly in short supply. Technology developers always wish they, and their peers, could devise novel solutions to the problems at hand. Yet too often, common brainstorming efforts generate only fog or drizzle. Part of the problem may be that while some technology trainers advocate the search for creative solutions, the learning side of the equation is little changed by a "be creative" lecture component. This inquiry attempts to equip computer educators, and practitioners, with a broadened approach to fostering creativity, targeted at expanding discovery within Informatics areas. Particularly, it is suggested that promoting abductive reasoning might help computer professionals understand the benefits of wider investigations within an expanded range of topics. Although discussed additionally later, a short overview of the abductive reasoning approach is that "abduction, or inference to the best explanation, is a form of inference that goes from data describing something to a hypothesis that best explains or accounts for the data. © 2010 ACM.

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