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Richmond, IN, United States

Indiana University East is a regional campus in the Indiana University system located in Richmond, Indiana. It is colloquially known as IU East. The local campus is four buildings on 174 acres and has an enrollment of 4573 students . It was established in 1971 as an extension of Earlham College. IU East offers four-year degree programs in areas of Business & Economics, Education, Humanities & Social science, Natural Science & Mathematics, Informatics, General Studies, Nursing, and Social Work. There are also off-campus degree programs in Newcastle, Lawrenceburg, and Connersville, as well as online degree completion programs. The University also offers master's degrees in several areas. The University hosts men's and wonen's sports teams known as the Red Wolves. Wikipedia.

Greer K.A.,Indiana University East | Hughes L.M.,University of Illinois at Springfield | Masternak M.M.,University of Illinois at Springfield

Many investigations in recent years have targeted understanding the genetic and biochemical basis of aging. Collectively, genetic factors and biological mechanisms appear to influence longevity in general and specifically; reduction of the insulin/IGF-1 signaling cascade has extended life span in diverse species. Genetic alteration of mammals for life extension indicates correlation to serum IGF-1 levels in mice, and IGF-1 levels have been demonstrated as a physiological predictor of frailty with aging in man. Longevity and aging data in the dog offer a close measure of the natural multifactorial longevity interactions of genetic influence, IGF-1 signaling, and environmental factors such as exposure, exercise, and lifestyle. The absence of genetic alteration more closely represents the human longevity status, and the unique species structure of the canine facilitates analyses not possible in other species. These investigations aimed to measure serum IGF-1 in numerous purebred and mixed-breed dogs of variable size and longevity in comparison to age, gender, and spay/neuter differences. The primary objective of this investigation was to determine plasma IGF-1 levels in the adult dog, including a wide range of breeds and adult body weight. The sample set includes animals ranging from just a few months of age through 204 months and ranging in size from 5 to 160 lb. Four groups were evaluated for serum IGF-1 levels, including intact and neutered males, and intact and spayed females. IGF-1 loss over time, as a function of age, decreases in all groups with significant differences between males and females. The relationship between IGF-1 and weight differs depending upon spay/neuter status, but there is an overall increase in IGF-1 levels with increasing weight. The data, currently being interrogated further for delineation of IGF-1 receptor variants and sex differences, are being collected longitudinally and explored for longevity associations previously unavailable in non-genetically modified mammals. © 2010 American Aging Association. Source

Clemons R.,Indiana University East | Slotnick S.A.,Cleveland State University
International Journal of Production Economics

We investigate the effect of supply-chain disruption on a firm's decisions to invest in quality, and on ordering decisions, when there is a variable rate of knowledge transfer and a choice between two suppliers. The current supplier produces components with acceptable quality, but deliveries are subject to random disruptions. The new supplier is not subject to disruption, but has a lower initial level of quality. Our analysis shows that supply chain disruption can be costly, but its effect can be mitigated by policies that sensibly allocate demand between two suppliers. When an alternative source of supply is desirable, a firm must consider the quality level of the supplier when choosing supplier development policies. We also find that the effectiveness of knowledge transfer between a firm and a supplier has a significant impact on profit and should be considered before implementing supplier development activities. This is the first paper to consider joint decision-making about order allocation and quality improvement investments, in the face of supply-chain disruption, when the effectiveness of investment is influenced by a variable rate of knowledge transfer. © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Source

Richards L.,Indiana University East

Purpose: This paper aims to offer a personal reflection on the 2012 joint conference of the American Society for Cybernetics and the Bateson Idea Group, "An Ecology of Ideas". The intent is to raise awareness, through examples, of ideas - and their associated ways of thinking - that the author tends to take for granted in the work as systems theorists as well as in everyday life, yet ideas that confound the very social issues the conferees were trying to address. Design/methodology/approach: The thoughts expressed arose after five days of listening to presentations and discussions, both formal and informal. The approach is conversational, with a desire to stimulate further conversation. Findings: Certain versions of systems theory - whole systems, purposeful systems, systems theory as ideology - rely on ideas that although written about extensively in philosophical and socio-political works go unchallenged in everyday life. Three of these ideas - hierarchy, purpose, belief - are embedded in the way of talking about, and the language used to formulate, solutions to social problems. The suggestion is to avoid or suspend these ideas so that alternatives can be considered. Originality/value: Idea avoidance offers those who study social change and/or those who participate in making it happen a way to escape the stuckness of ideas so ingrained in the everyday ways of thinking that they go unnoticed. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Source

Background: Suicide among college students is an issue of serious concern. College peers may effectively intervene with at-risk persons due to their regular contact and close personal relationships with others in this population of significantly enhanced risk. Aims: The current study was designed to investigate whether the theory of planned behavior constructs predicted intention to intervene when a college peer is suicidal. Method: Undergraduate students (n = 367) completed an on-line questionnaire; they answered questions about their attitudes, subjective norms, perceived behavioral control regarding suicide and suicide intervention, as well as their intention to intervene when someone is suicidal. The data were analyzed using multiple regression. Results: The statistical significance of this cross-sectional study indicates that the theory of planned behavior constructs predicts self-reported intention to intervene with a suicidal individual. Conclusion: Theory of planned behavior is an effective framework for understanding peers' intention to intervene with a suicidal individual. © 2015 Hogrefe Publishing. Source

Passet J.E.,Indiana University East
Journal of Lesbian Studies

Mentored in the art of lesbian literary detection by Jeannette Howard Foster, Barbara Grier became part of a vibrant print-based network of lesbians through her involvement with The Ladder. Building on that foundation, she developed Naiad Press into a successful lesbian business, one that opened doors for lesbian writers and preserved lesbian classics for new generations of readers. Shaped by her class and the times in which she came of age, Grier understood the power of print to change women's lives. Some challenged her commitment to lesbian feminism, but few questioned her dedication to building Naiad into a press that heightened lesbian visibility, fostered self-understanding, and contributed to the creation of community. © 2014, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. Source

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