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San Francisco, CA, United States

Index Inc | Date: 2014-06-13

Electronic Guide products give the user the ability to videotape selected programs. Once a program has successfully been taped a message is displayed, reminding the viewer that they have taped it. (E.g. You taped Xxxxx; have you watched it yet?) Information comprising information that shows are taped, the particular shows taped and viewer profiles allow advertisements targeted to the viewer who typically records a given type of programming to be presented. in an embodiment the display of the reminders is made conditional upon acceptance of advertising (for example, based on a piece of data transmitted along with other data related to that show), and can be sold. to the broadcasters who transmitted the show. This information is marketed as a peculiarly well-targeted ad for the show, causing it to continue to produce value for the broadcaster after the broadcast is complete. Broadcasters, in turn, may offer the reminders to major advertisers as they sell commercial air time during the show, as a premium feature of the air time. The advertisement may be sent over channels comprising the video blanking interval, the Internet or on another channel.

Index Inc | Date: 2014-01-22

A mobile software development kit (SDK) executes on a mobile device that interfaces with a commerce network. The mobile SDK includes an interface to a host application on the commerce network, and an interface to a merchant application executing on the mobile device. The mobile SDK receives from the host application a check-in of the mobile device to a merchant, and an availability of new user objects, and provides the check-in and new user objects to the merchant application.

Multiple channel maps are embedded in a television transmission and the appropriate channel corresponding to the particular television service used by the viewer is downloaded for use with the television receiver. Each channel map is accompanied by a channel map identifier which identifies the source of the television transmission and a geographic identifier. The source of a television transmission is automatically detected by monitoring the radio-frequency spectrum allocations of telecast stations. The geographic area identifier is determined by comparison with a user inputted geographic area identifier. The channel map having a channel map identifier corresponding to the detected television transmission source and the user inputted geographic area identifier is downloaded and stored for future use.

In one embodiment, the present invention is a t-commerce platform, which is linked to the content from a video signal that the user is currently watching. At some point during the broadcast of the content, a close-up of the product is shown. Simultaneous with this, a VBI-based trigger is added to the video signal of the broadcast. This trigger causes the television, a set-top box, or a similar device to capture in a memory, a freeze-frame of the image being shown. This action is transparent to the user while the video being displayed on the television is continuing normally. If the user chooses to perform an interactive buy transaction the saved image data is used as part of the interactive screen display.

Index Inc | Date: 2013-07-03

A system that processes transactions, in response to a transaction using a financial instrument, receives an identity of a financial instrument, such as a card hash. The system creates an anonymous account that corresponds to the financial instrument, and stores line level data associated with the transaction in the anonymous account. Future transactions that use the same financial instrument are also stored in the anonymous account. As a result, all transactions can be linked to the same user.

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