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News Article | August 10, 2017

HONG KONG, Aug. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Klook, Asia's largest attractions, tours, and activity booking platform jointly announced signing the memorandum of understanding (MOU) in partnership with Lotte World Adventure and Incheon Tourism Organization respectively to invite more free independent travelers across Asia to Korea. According to statistics from Korea Tourism Organization[1], the number of visitors from major Asian countries and regions continue to grow during the first half of 2017. The number of arrivals from Vietnam has grown 29% in the first half of 2017 compared to the same period of last year, while Taiwan has grown 14%, Singapore: 9%,  Malaysia: 7%,  Hong Kong: 5%, and Thailand: 4% respectively. In addition to that, Klook now has offices in 12 different countries and regions across Asia including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. In response to this growth, Lotte World and Incheon Tourism Board's partnerships with Klook will make use of Klook's creative content marketing strategies to introduce Korea's unique things-to-do in respective Asian markets. Lotte World is one of most popular theme parks in Korea frequently featured in famous Korean TV shows; its collaboration with Klook will introduce exclusive deals on Lotte World's daily pass, magic pass, and Aquarium ticket. Lotte World is also known for its proximity to Seoul and as the largest indoor theme park in the Asia where visitors can enjoy the thrills and fantasies it offers in any weather. With Klook's exclusive instant confirmation technology, visitors can book discounted Lotte World pass, receive their e-voucher on Klook's App instantly, and use it right away to enter the park. "We see a strong potential in terms of the growth of the number of visitors from other Asian cities to Lotte World," said Soon O Park, Executive Director of Lotte World Adventure, "Klook offers unique features that fit Asian FIT's travel behaviors including user-friendly App interface, instant confirmation, and e-voucher functions. We look forward to offering our foreign visitors a new and innovative way to book and enjoy their Lotte World experience." Bordering Korea's capital, Incheon is home to Korea's most important international airport. Besides being a major transportation hub, Incheon has gained popularity amongst music lovers due to the sheer number of  international music festivals held in Incheon Munhak Stadium. Klook partners with Incheon Tourism Organization to market the upcoming BigCityBeats World Club Dome - the first Asia show of world's biggest EDM concert event that will be held in Incheon on 22-24 September 2017. The partnership aims to attract electronic music lovers worldwide to visit Korea for the concert, and stay to experience the country's other tourist destinations. Incheon and Klook are working together to develop exciting travel products to make the city even more appealing. "Korea is an important destination for Klook because of its vibrant and uniquely attractive culture. We have seen a continuous growth of bookings for Korean activities from various Asian cities since 2016," said Eric Gnock Fah, Co-founder and COO of Klook Travel, "We are excited to team up with Lotte World Adventure and Incheon Tourism Organization to avail and introduce more of Korea's popular attractions and unique experiences to our users with competitive prices." Klook is Asia's leading platform to book the best experiences wherever you're traveling at exclusively discounted prices. We inspire travelers to discover everything from adventure thrills at famous theme parks, to one-of-a-kind experiences like shipwreck diving in Bali and gourmet dining aboard a cable car in Singapore. Get discounts of up to 60% off by booking with ease on or on the Klook mobile app. Lotte World opened on July 12, 1989, starting the era of full-scale theme parks in Korea. It was registered in the Guinness World Records as the largest indoor theme park in Asia on 1995. Lotte World is visited by over 8 million customers on the average in a year, and the number of total visitors since its opening in July 1989 passed the 90 million mark. Foreign visitors account for 10% of the total visitors, and this shows that Lotte World is now one of the world-renowned tourist attractions in Korea as well as a favorite theme park among Koreans. Incheon, officially known as the Incheon Metropolitan City, is one of the most populous and fast-developing cities in South Korea. With natural advantages as a coastal city and its proximity to Seoul, Incheon has been leading the economic growth and industrialization of South Korea since the opening of the Incheon Port. It is also home to the world-famous Incheon International Airport, welcoming millions of travelers annually from all over the world. To download photos for this release:

Won C.,Hanyang University | Lee S.,Incheon | Seo J.,Erae CS | Park S.H.,Kyungpook National University | Yoon J.,Hanyang University
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology | Year: 2017

GPa-grade steels which possess the ultimate tensile strength over 1000 MPa and higher elongation have been thoroughly researched to replace conventional high-strength steels in automobile industry to enhance fuel efficiency without sacrificing crashworthiness. However, high strength of GPa-grade steel does not only induce punching pin buckling due to high contact pressure, but also abrasive wear on the mold surface due to the unstable contact that results from the large amount of springback, which tend to impede widespread usage of GPa-grade steels. In this research, design criteria for an optimal aspect ratio of the punching pin preventing buckling failure has been proposed by linking with experimental and numerical analyses, which is validated with the analytic solutions. Furthermore, in order to prevent stripping failure, it is highly recommended that one of the main factors, a blank holder force (BHF), over 1.5 MPa has to be maintained during the withdrawal process to minimize the effect of springback in stamped panels applying GPa-grade steel, which is able to extend the tool life of the side punching pin about 100,000 cycles. © 2017 Springer-Verlag London Ltd.

Yoon S.-H.,Yonsei University | Kim T.-H.,Yonsei University | Yook J.-G.,Yonsei University | Yun G.-H.,Anyang University, China | Lee W.-Y.,Incheon
WPTC 2017 - Wireless Power Transfer Conference | Year: 2017

The high Q-factor coil with negative impedance converter (NIC) is investigated. The NIC leads to the enhanced transmission efficiency at a long distance for wireless power transfer (WPT) with magnetic resonance coupling method. The negative resistance generated by the NIC reduces the resistance of the coil. The coils were considered for the practical application such as effects of the ferrite and conductor. The transmitter (TX coil) is presented 250 mm by 250 mm with thickness of 0.9 mm, and has the impedance of 20+j1480 Ohm and the Q-factor of 76. The Q-factor of the TX coil was enhanced from 76 to 1640 due to the negative resistance of 15 Ohm, which was about 21 times higher than that of the conventional one. The power transmission efficiency (PTE) was measured with respect to the transmission distance between the TX and RX coils. The PTE of the system was 29% at a distance of 300 mm. This result shows that the PTE was greatly improved at a long distance when the NIC was applied. © 2017 IEEE.

Jeon I.,LG Corp | Sael L.,Incheon | Kang U.,Seoul National University
VLDB Journal | Year: 2016

How can we analyze large-scale real-world data with various attributes? Many real-world data (e.g., network traffic logs, web data, social networks, knowledge bases, and sensor streams) with multiple attributes are represented as multi-dimensional arrays, called tensors. For analyzing a tensor, tensor decompositions are widely used in many data mining applications: detecting malicious attackers in network traffic logs (with source IP, destination IP, port-number, timestamp), finding telemarketers in a phone call history (with sender, receiver, date), and identifying interesting concepts in a knowledge base (with subject, object, relation). However, current tensor decomposition methods do not scale to large and sparse real-world tensors with millions of rows and columns and ‘fibers.’ In this paper, we propose HaTen2, a distributed method for large-scale tensor decompositions that runs on the MapReduce framework. Our careful design and implementation of HaTen2 dramatically reduce the size of intermediate data and the number of jobs leading to achieve high scalability compared with the state-of-the-art method. Thanks to HaTen2, we analyze big real-world sparse tensors that cannot be handled by the current state of the art, and discover hidden concepts. © 2016 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg

Hyun I.Y.,Incheon | Yun M.-Y.,Inha University
Clinical Nuclear Medicine | Year: 2010

Cutaneous metastases from colorectal adenocarcinoma are rare, and it implies a poor prognosis. Early detection and recognition of the metastatic disease to the skin can dramatically alter the treatment and the prognosis of the disease. We described an unusual case of colorectal cancer with cutaneous metastases. In this case, FDG PET/CT revealed the abnormal focal uptake in a subcutaneous lump on the right abdominal wall 14 months after right hemicolectomy, and it was the sole site of abnormal FDG uptake. Wide excision of abdominal skin was performed. Histopathologic findings were metastatic adenocarcinoma from the colon. © 2010 by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Kahng S.,Incheon | Lee B.,Incheon | Park T.,Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology
Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology | Year: 2013

We propose a compact high-order(9th) UHF bandpass filter comprising the composite right-handed and left-handed(CRLH) zeroth-order resonators(ZORs) in the form of the three cascadedtriplets(CTs) newly applied to the ZOR filter which results in very steep skirt. The method is verified by circuit and EM simulations and measurement with metamaterial properties.

Kim K.-J.,HI STEN Co. | Ju H.,Gachon University | Moon Y.-D.,Kyungnam University | Hong J.H.,Incheon | Pak S.J.,HI STEN Co.
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science | Year: 2016

The effects of solution annealing and passivation of shell mold cast CF8 stainless steels on Elbow pipe fittings with 2-month room temperature aging have been studied using a corrosion technique. The resistance of corrosion increased with 2-month room temperature aging combined with solid solution annealing and chemical passivation. The mode of corrosion was deeply related to the δ-ferrite content, permeability, and passivation. The corrosion probability decreased as both the δ-ferrite content and the permeability decreased. Therefore, it is considered that δ-ferrite content and passive film of Cr2O3 play an important role in corrosion resistance of CF8 Elbow pipe fittings due to the long-term aging with solid solution annealing and chemical passivation. This result shows that the corrosion resistance of CF8 fittings can be enhanced by the solid solution annealing and chemical passivation. Decreased ferrite phases and permeability improve IGC resistance in CF8 steel. © 2016 The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society and ASM International

Irradiation can cause salivary gland hypofunction, with hyposalivation producing discomfort, health risks, and reducing function in daily life. Despite increasing translational research interest in radioprotection, there are no satisfactory treatments available. Keratinocyte growth factor-1 stimulates proliferation of salivary epithelial cells or salivary stem/progenitor cells. However, the exact mechanism of its radioprotection against radiation-induced salivary hypofunction is not fully elucidated. Our results reveal that the radioprotective effects of keratinocyte growth factor-1 involved alleviation of growth inhibition and anti-apoptotic cell death of human parotid epithelial cells. Furthermore, keratinocyte growth factor-1 protected human parotid epithelial cells through the phosphoinositide 3-kinase - protein kinase B (Akt) pathway and inhibition of p53-mediated apoptosis through activation of mouse double minute 2. Local delivery of keratinocyte growth factor-1 into the irradiated salivary glands could protect radiation-induced salivary cell damages, suppress p53-mediated apoptosis and prevent salivary hypofunction in vivo. This suggests that keratinocyte growth factor-1 is a promising candidate to prevent radiation-induced salivary hypofunction and raise rational development keratinocyte growth factor-1 local delivery system.

PubMed | Inje University, Inha University and Incheon
Type: Review | Journal: Journal of clinical neurology (Seoul, Korea) | Year: 2016

No disease-modifying therapies (DMT) for neurodegenerative diseases (NDs) have been established, particularly for Alzheimers disease (AD) and Parkinsons disease (PD). It is unclear why candidate drugs that successfully demonstrate therapeutic effects in animal models fail to show disease-modifying effects in clinical trials. To overcome this hurdle, patients with homogeneous pathologies should be detected as early as possible. The early detection of AD patients using sufficiently tested biomarkers could demonstrate the potential usefulness of combining biomarkers with clinical measures as a diagnostic tool. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) biomarkers for NDs are being incorporated in clinical trials designed with the aim of detecting patients earlier, evaluating target engagement, collecting homogeneous patients, facilitating prevention trials, and testing the potential of surrogate markers relative to clinical measures. In this review we summarize the latest information on CSF biomarkers in NDs, particularly AD and PD, and their use in clinical trials. The large number of issues related to CSF biomarker measurements and applications has resulted in relatively few clinical trials on CSF biomarkers being conducted. However, the available CSF biomarker data obtained in clinical trials support the advantages of incorporating CSF biomarkers in clinical trials, even though the data have mostly been obtained in AD trials. We describe the current issues with and ongoing efforts for the use of CSF biomarkers in clinical trials and the plans to harness CSF biomarkers for the development of DMT and clinical routines. This effort requires nationwide, global, and multidisciplinary efforts in academia, industry, and regulatory agencies to facilitate a new era.

PubMed | Korea University, Inha University and Incheon
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Malaria journal | Year: 2017

Although severe malaria by Plasmodium vivax has been increasingly reported, there are marked variations in the type and rate of the complications by geographic area. This is possibly because of the presence of concurrent falciparum malaria or bacteraemia, and of differences in underlying immune status among the infected subjects. Furthermore, published studies on P. vivax in temperate regions are limited. The present study investigated severe vivax malaria in Korea, where only vivax malaria occurs. Hence, other compounding factors are rare. Additionally, most of the patients are possibly non-immune to this malarial disease.Adults with vivax malaria observed in one 860-bed university hospital from January 2006 to December 2012 were retrospectively evaluated. Seventeen patients who had travelled overseas within 6months before the presentation of malaria were excluded. Severe vivax malaria was diagnosed according to World Health Organization criteria. Other complications were also investigated.Two-hundred and ten patients were enrolled, of which 88 (41.9%) were treated as inpatients and the remainder as outpatients. Eleven patients were treated in an intensive care unit; among them, five patients received mechanical ventilation, and one needed extracorporeal membrane oxygenation therapy (ECMO) additionally. Severe vivax malaria was identified in 44 patients (21.0%), and the most common severe complication was pulmonary manifestation (40/188, 21.9%), which was followed by cerebral malaria (5/210, 2.4%), shock (4/210, 1.9%), spontaneous bleeding (3/210, 1.4%), metabolic acidosis (3/210, 3.5%) and acute kidney injury (2/210, 1.0%). Unusual complications, such as splenic infarction (ten patients) and retinal haemorrhage (two patients) were sometimes observed. There were no deaths, but the case involving ECMO was potentially fatal.Plasmodium vivax infection can be severe to be fatal and is frequently associated with various complications in non-immune adults. The frequency of each complication seems to differ from other countries. Hence, further investigation is needed to elucidate the causes and mechanisms responsible for these differences.

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