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Imanet was a software company based in Windsor Ontario, servicing the international trade community.Imanet's core products are in the areas of customs brokerage and freight forwarding. Founded in 1989 by Cedomir Bekic, Imanet focuses on developing a highly automated and unified platform tying together customs brokerage, freight forwarding and accounting into one efficient database. They also have developed their own document management system which use linux based servers at client sites to provide FAX-to-SCP on the back end with a .NET based web gui on the front end for customs filing, entry automation and text manipulation.In 2005 Imanet software was used to process well over 25% of all shipments coming into Canada.In 2010 Imanet was purchased by Descartes Systems Group, a software as a service provider based in Waterloo, Ontario. Wikipedia.

Imanet | Date: 2012-11-08

The invention relates to methods and apparatus for purifying a radiolabelled compound. The method comprises (i) passing a crude reaction mixture comprising the desired radiolabelled compound and one or more contaminants in a solvent through a narrow bore vessel at elevated temperature such that the organic solvent and either the radiolabelled compound or one or more contaminants is vaporised forming a vaporised component, and (ii) collecting the resulting vaporised component by condensing into a collection vessel.

Imanet | Date: 2013-05-20

The present invention provides a process for [

Imanet | Date: 2012-01-27

The invention relates to novel

Imanet | Date: 2013-04-02

The invention relates to radiodiagnostic and radiotherapeutic agents, including biologically active vectors labelled with radionuclides. It further relates to methods and reagents labelling a vector such as a peptide comprising reaction of a compound of formula (I) with a compound of formula (II): or, in the presence of a Cu (I) catalyst. The resultant labelled conjugates are useful as diagnostic agents, for example, as radiopharmaceuticals more specifically for use in Positron Emission Tomography (PET) or Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) or for radiotherapy.

Imanet | Date: 2012-05-14

A process for the preparation of

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