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Glenview Nas, IL, United States

Illinois Tool Works Inc. or ITW is an American Fortune 200 company that produces engineered fasteners and components, equipment and consumable systems, and specialty products. It was founded in 1912 by Byron L. Smith.Today, it employs nearly 65,000 people in hundreds of businesses across 58 countries, and is based in Glenview, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.In 2011, ITW had more than 20,000 unexpired patents and pending patent applications worldwide, including 2,900 U.S. patents and 1,116 pending U.S. applications. The company typically ranks in the top 100 of patent issuers in the U.S. It is ranked 414 on the Forbes Global 2,000. Wikipedia.

Illinois Tool Works | Date: 2015-04-07

A filter assembly is configured to prevent water from infiltrating a fuel tank and/or engine. The filter assembly may include a housing having a fuel inlet line and a fuel outlet line. The housing defines an internal chamber in fluid communication with the fuel inlet line and the fuel outlet line. Fuel passes into the internal chamber through the fuel inlet, and filtered fuel passes out of the internal chamber to the fuel tank and/or the engine through the fuel outlet line. A filtering frame may be secured within the internal chamber, and may include a coalescing frame portion that is configured to allow water to coalesce thereon and sink toward a bottom of the internal chamber, and a hydrophobic frame portion that is configured to repel the water from a valve coupled to the fuel outlet line. A flow restrictor is configured to float on the water toward the valve. The flow restrictor sealingly engages the valve to prevent fluid from flowing through the valve when a surface level of the water is proximate to the valve.

Portable, wearable or integrate-able devices may be used in detecting gestures or motions by operators of welding systems, and performing actions based thereon. The detection may be performed using sensors (e.g., MEMS or muscle sensors), which generate sensory data. The detected gestures or motions may be processed and translated into corresponding actions or commands, which may be handled directly or communicated to other devices in the welding systems. The actions or commands may comprise welding actions/commands, which are configured for controlling a particular component used during welding operations, and/or gesture-related actions/commands, which are configured for controlling gesture-related components and/or operations. Feedback is provided to the operator, such as to acknowledge or validate detection of the gestures, to identify the corresponding action or command, and to complete the identified action or command. The feedback may be non-visual feedback, such as haptic or audio feedback.

Illinois Tool Works | Date: 2015-09-14

A laminate assembly and method for manufacturing a laminate assembly for a card assembly is provided. The assembly includes a top coat layer, a carrier layer connected with the top coat layer, and a colored core coupled by an adhesive layer. One or more of the adhesive layer or the top coat layer includes a colorant of a second color that is different from the first color of the colored core such that the first color of the colored core less not visible through the printed surface of the top coat layer.

Illinois Tool Works | Date: 2015-12-10

The present disclosure relates to a leak-resistant slider zipper. The zipper typically includes end seals at the opening and closing ends of the zipper, an upper and a lower set of interlocking elements, first and second upper flanges above the upper interlocking elements having no gaps or cut-outs therein, and first and second lower flanges below the lower interlocking elements, one of the lower flanges being folded back on itself, and a slider.

Illinois Tool Works | Date: 2015-10-19

A welding system includes an engine-driven welder generator that produces welding power. A welding torch receives the welding power and applies it to a stick electrode to initiate and maintain a welding arc. A parameter of the welding power, such as voltage, is monitored, such as to determine whether spikes occur during a short time after arc initiation. Based upon the monitored parameter, the engine speed is controlled. The engine speed may be increased or maintained at an elevated level if the monitored parameter indicates that particular types of electrode are being used, such as XX10 or cellulose electrodes.

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