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Fremont, CA, United States

Ikanos Communications, Incorporated, is a provider of semiconductor and software products for use in homes. The company’s digital subscriber line, communications processors and other products are used in customer premises equipment from network equipment manufacturers and telecommunications service providers. Wikipedia.

Schelstraete S.,Ikanos
2010 IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Workshop, SAM 2010 | Year: 2010

ITU-T recently published recommendation G.993.5 for frequency-domain crosstalk cancellation, to be used in conjunction with VDSL2. This standard assumes identical symbol rates for all systems. After a brief review of G.993.5, we discuss an extension of frequency-domain crosstalk cancellation to cover the different symbol rates specified for VDSL2. © 2010 IEEE.

Unnikrishnan K.G.,Indian Institute of Science | Unnikrishnan K.G.,Ikanos | Rajan B.S.,Indian Institute of Science
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications | Year: 2015

Using the spatial modulation approach, where only one transmit antenna is active at a time, we propose two transmission schemes for two-way relay channel using physical layer network coding with space time coding using coordinate interleaved orthogonal designs (CIODs). It is shown that using two uncorrelated transmit antennas at the nodes, but using only one RF transmit chain and space-time coding across these antennas can give a better performance without using any extra resources and without increasing the hardware implementation cost and complexity. In the first transmission scheme, two antennas are used only at the relay, adaptive network coding (ANC) is employed at the relay and the relay transmits a CIOD space time block code (STBC). This gives a better performance compared to an existing ANC scheme for two-way relay channel which uses one antenna each at all the three nodes. It is shown that for this scheme at high SNR the average end-to-end symbol error probability (SEP) is upper bounded by twice the SEP of a point-to-point fading channel. In the second transmission scheme, two transmit antennas are used at all the three nodes, CIOD STBCs are transmitted in multiple access and broadcast phases. This scheme provides a diversity order of two for the average end-to-end SEP with an increased decoding complexity of {\cal O}(M^{3}) for an arbitrary signal set and {\cal O}(M^{2}\sqrt{M}) for square QAM signal set. Simulation results show that the proposed schemes performs better than the existing ANC schemes under perfect and imperfect channel state information. © 2002-2012 IEEE.

Ikanos | Date: 2013-01-07

Communications software for connecting computer network, Computer graphics software, Computer hardware and software used for the control of voice controlled information and communication devices, Computer hardware and software, for use with medical patient monitoring equipment, for receiving, processing, transmitting and displaying data, Computer operating software, Computer software and firmware for operating system programs, Computer software development tools, Computer software for application and database integration, Computer software for creating searchable databases of information and data, Computer software for communicating with users of hand-held computers, Computer software for wireless content delivery, Computer software for controlling and managing patient medical information, Computer software to enhance the audio-visual capabilities of multimedia applications, namely, for the integration of text, audio, graphics, still images and moving pictures, Computer software to maintain and operate computer system, Electronic communications systems comprised of computer hardware and software for the transmission of data between two points. Computer hardware and software design, Computer programming and software design, Computer services, namely, integration of computer software into multiple systems and networks, Computer software consultancy, Computer software design for others, Computer software development, Computer software design, Computer software development and computer programming development for others, Computer software design and updating, Computer software installation and maintenance, Consulting services in the field of hosting computer software applications, Copying of computer software, Creating, maintaining, and modernizing computer software, Customizing computer software, Design and development of on-line computer software systems, Design and development of computer software, Design and writing of computer software, Design, development, installation and maintenance of computer software, Design, maintenance, development and updating of computer software, Developing and updating computer software, Installation, maintenance and repair of computer software, Maintenance of computer software, Periodic upgrading of computer software for others, Programming of computer software for others, Research, development, design and upgrading of computer software, Services for updating computer software, Technical support services, namely, troubleshooting of computer software problems, Updating and maintenance of computer software, Updating of computer software for others, Writing and updating computer software.

Ikanos | Date: 2014-09-11

Computer hardware and software used for the control of voice controlled information and communication devices; Computer operating software; Computer software and firmware for operating system programs; Computer software development tools; Computer software for communicating with users of hand-held computers; Computer software for wireless content delivery; Computer software for enterprise communications for communicating with remote workers; Computer software platforms for managing business processes and workflows; Downloadable computer software for managing business processes and workflows; Speech recognition software. Value-added reseller services, namely, distributorship services featuring computer software. Computer programming and software design; Computer software consultancy; Computer software development; Design and development of computer software; Design, installation, updating and maintenance of computer software; Developing of driver and operating system software; Technical support services, namely, troubleshooting of computer software problems; Updating and maintenance of computer software.

News Article | August 6, 2015
Site: www.techworld.com.au

Qualcomm has entered into an agreement to acquire Ikanos Communications in order to speed up its efforts to build home gateways with integrated support for G.fast, which promises to offer hundreds of megabit per second over copper. If all goes according to plan, Ikanos will become part of the company's Qualcomm Atheros subsidiary. Qualcomm seems keen on getting Ikanos, because it's paying US$2.75 per share, compared to the $1.75 Ikanos' shares were worth at the close of the market on Wednesday. Qualcomm's plan is to combine its own Wi-Fi, powerline, small cell, and Ethernet chipsets with Ikanos wired modem technology to create a more complete offering for home gateway products, it said. Fiber to the home remains the long-term vision for most operators, but they also see G.fast and their existing copper as good interim alternatives that lets them offer competitive speeds. Ikanos earlier this year announced that it had successfully demonstrated G.fast data rates in excess of 1G bps at a distance of 100 meters over existing hybrid fiber-copper networks in Japan and Korea. G.fast only works over short distances, up to 250 meters, so it can only used to connect subscribers to the nearest distribution point; the rest of the network must be fiber. Fiber can be deployed all the way to the basement of a building, and existing copper lines are then used for the final connection to the apartments, for example. In Europe, British Telecom, Telekom Austria and Swisscom are also testing G.fast. Telekom Austria and Swisscom expect to launch commercial services next year. BT, on the other hand, is a bit more cautious and has stated its first services will come next year or in 2017. G.fast technology isn't the only thing Qualcomm will get its hands on with the Ikanos acquisition. Part of the company's portfolio is also ADSL and VDSL technology as well as multi-mode gateway processor and accelerator technology for LTE and Ethernet, according to Qualcomm.

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