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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Insurance Marketing & Communications Association (IMCA) presented its 2017 Innovation Torchbearer Award today to the Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority (IFPA) at IMCA’s 2017 Annual Conference in Scottsdale. IMCA’s Innovation Torchbearer Award, one of the most prestigious honors presented within the insurance industry, annually recognizes individuals or organizations that have demonstrated innovative ideas or initiatives impacting the industry. “IMCA selected the Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority for this prestigious honor as a result of its impactful public awareness campaign, which has become a national model for helping to educate the public on insurance fraud,” said Anna Hargis, chair of the IMCA board of directors and director of advertising at Shelter Insurance. Hargis added, “By studying the knowledge base and attitudes of the public multiple times throughout their media campaign, IFPA was able to see a quantifiable difference in the awareness and beliefs about insurance fraud.” In addition to IFPA, finalists for the 2017 IMCA Innovation Torchbearer Award included Allstate Business Insurance, Jornaya and The Doctors Company. “Our finalists for the 2017 IMCA Innovation Torchbearer Award provided excellent examples of innovation in insurance industry marketing and communications and all four organizations should be commended for their efforts,” said IMCA immediate past board chair Mark Friedlander, who is chair of the Innovation Torchbearer Award committee and head of corporate communications at The Main Street America Group. Friedlander added the nominees were judged by a panel of IMCA board members and scored within three key areas: Past winners of the IMCA Innovation Torchbearer Award, initiated in 2012, include: The IFPA was created in 1994 by the Pennsylvania General Assembly through Act 166, Pennsylvania’s Insurance Fraud Prevention Act, to arm law enforcement with the resources necessary to fight insurance fraud in the Commonwealth. For more information about the IFPA and the See How They Lie campaign, visit www.helpstopfraud.org, and www.seehowtheylie.com. IMCA (www.imcanet.com) is the oldest insurance marketing association in North America with roots tracing back to 1921. Membership includes leading international and domestic multi-line insurance companies and brokerage firms, regional and specialty companies, general agencies, and prominent industry suppliers. The organization represents over 120 companies, including the top five North American property/casualty writers. Members include senior level management and professional staff working in the areas of corporate communications, advertising, public relations, marketing communications, marketing and sales promotion, marketing research and technology.

News Article | October 29, 2016
Site: www.marketwired.com

OTTAWA, ON--(Marketwired - October 29, 2016) - Today, the Canadian Association of Psoriasis Patients (CAPP) is announcing the winners of an art contest launched to help raise awareness of the burden of living with psoriasis. Congratulations to Viraji R, in Grade 11, winner in the Senior Category, SheeAhn H, in Grade 7, winner in the Intermediate Category, and Cobequid Educational Centre was the winner of the School Entry Category. CAPP is excited to be announcing the winners on World Psoriasis Day, a day dedicated to give an international voice to the 125 million people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Approximately one million Canadians live with this highly visible condition every day resulting in sometimes insurmountable burdens being placed on patients and their families. For more information, visit http://www.worldpsoriasisday.com. "This was an excellent opportunity to raise awareness among youth in Canada about the disease. We sent out a video for them to view (www.canadianpsoriasis.ca/kids) and to inspire the art. We were thrilled to receive so many entries from across Canada." stated Kathryn Andrews-Clay, Executive Director of CAPP. Psoriasis (pronounced so-RYE-a-sis) is a chronic inflammatory condition in which the immune system causes skin cells to grow at up to 10 times the normal rate causing them to pile up on the skin's surface, creating sores or lesions -- often called plaques. Thick, silvery scales form atop these itchy and sometimes painful red patches. Beyond the visible skin lesions, patients have higher rates of arthritis, heart disease, depression and a host of other related conditions. World Psoriasis Day is presented by IFPA, the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations. On October 29 each year, IFPA, its member associations and support groups perform activities all over the world to raise awareness about psoriasis and give people with psoriasis the attention and consideration they deserve. The theme for 2016 is "Breaking Barriers for People with Psoriasis." Who We Are: The Canadian Association of Psoriasis Patents (CAPP) is a national patient organization dedicated to helping psoriasis patients and their families. We provide one-on-one support; bring together the best of emerging psoriasis news, research results and key information that can truly make a difference in the lives of patients. More is available at www.canadianpsoriasis.ca

Klautau A.G.C.M.,CEPNOR ICMBio | Cordeiro A.P.B.,Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development | Cintra I.H.A.,UFRA | da Silva L.E.O.,IFPA | And 2 more authors.
Boletim do Instituto de Pesca | Year: 2016

In Brazil, industrial fishing of the piramutaba catfish is performed at the estuary of the Amazon River, utilizing bottom-trawl nets as equipment. This fishing technique is considered potentially the most harmful to the environment and to biodiversity, due to the destruction of biomes and incidental capture of several species, called “bycatch.” In order to characterize the species which compose the ichthyofauna bycatch of the piramutaba catfish, we analyzed 459 fishing trawlers between the years of 2002 and 2008, in the allowed and forbidden areas. The results revealed that the ichthyofauna bycatch of the piramutaba consists of 38 species, divided in 33 genera and 17 families. The piramutaba was confirmed as the main species, consisting of 76% of the overall product, and the gilded catfish as the main bycatch species, consisting of 7.05% of the product. We have recorded the incidence of jewfish (Epinephelus itajara), which can be found in the International Union for Conservation of Nature list of critically endangered species. In despite the production was higher in the rain season than in the dry season, there was no statistical difference in the rate of biodiversity in different areas or periods. © 2016, Instytut Technologii Drewna. All Rights Reserved.

Fujiyama B.S.,UFRA | De Moraes Tavares M.,IFPA
65th ABM International Congress, 18th IFHTSE Congress and 1st TMS/ABM International Materials Congress 2010 | Year: 2010

Four samples were collected from four soil profiles located in the Rural Federal University of Amazonia. These, were analyzed parameters such as color, texture, consistency, granulometry, porosity and water absorption. We identified the following soil types: Distrofic Yellow Latosoil; Lateritic Concretionary; distrofic Low Humic Gley. The work was to continue the qualitative analysis by X-rays diffraction, identifying the mineralogical composition of each sample. Explaining the mineralogical conditions that affect or benefit the environment.

The aim of this study was to investigate the bauxite scrubbing process on samples from Miltonia 3, a Vale operation in the State of Pará, Brazil. The experimental program included the design of a standard laboratory test, from which parameters were derived for predicting the operation of a scrubber in steady state conditions. Three main variables were selected for the laboratory experimental program using the factorial design technique. These were load fraction, residence time and rotation speed. The amount of fines was determined through screening both the feed and the product of the scrubbing test. The former was considered to be a characteristic material, while the second was the dependent variable, i.e. the result of the scrubbing process. According to experiments, the load fraction was the most important variable for the scrubbing process.

da Costa J.H.B.,IFPA | Delboni Junior H.,University of Sao Paulo
Revista Escola de Minas | Year: 2012

The aim of this study was to model the bauxite scrubbing of bauxite samples from Miltonia 3, a Vale operation at Pará state, Brazil. The experimental program included the design of a standard laboratory test, from which parameters were derived for predicting the operation of a scrubber in steady state conditions. The amount of fines was determined through screening both feed and product of the scrubbing test. The former was considered as a material characteristic, while the second was the dependent variable, i.e. the result of the scrubbing process. An empirical model was developed according to which the load fraction was found to be the most important variable for the scrubbing process. Residence time was also included in the model due to its importance in designing scrubbers for industrial plants. To validate the model, a comprehensive pilot plant program was carried out with the same bauxite sample from Miltonia 3 deposit used in the laboratory investigations. The comparison between experimental data and model's calculated values indicated a good agreement, as most values were within a ±10% deviation range.

Lopes A.C.,Federal University of Pará | Nascimento A.C.,IFPA | Vieira J.P.A.,Federal University of Pará | Nunes M.V.A.,Federal University of Pará | Bezerra U.H.,Federal University of Pará
2010 IREP Symposium - Bulk Power System Dynamics and Control - VIII, IREP2010 | Year: 2010

This paper explores the performance of alternative voltage control strategy applied to direct drive synchronous wind generators, more specifically with permanent magnetic (PMSG). The reactive power control of the grid-side converter is investigated for voltage control purposes. In Brazil, the Grid National Operator (ONS) requires that wind turbines stay connected to the grid during voltage dips, but does not stipulate yet the need of reactive power injection during faults in the electric grid. It just specifies the Low Voltage Ride-Through (LVRT) capability curve for voltage dips that the wind generators should follow to avoid the trip of the under-voltage relay. Criteria of the synchronous wind generators protection are evaluated starting from short-circuit simulations in a test grid with adoption of the Brazilian grid code, without reactive power injection, being compared with those of other countries that adopt reactive power injection curves. ©2010 IEEE.

De Moraes Tavares M.,IFPA | Fernandez O.J.C.,IFPA | Da Costa M.L.,Federal University of Pará | Scheller T.,Federal University of Pará
65th ABM International Congress, 18th IFHTSE Congress and 1st TMS/ABM International Materials Congress 2010 | Year: 2010

In Sossego mine, chalcopyrite is the main ore mineral of copper and magnetite, albite, quartz, pyrite, Mg-hornblende, microcline, are the gangue minerals. The concentrates is constituted by chalcopyrite and pyrite, as main phases, and the grain sizes smaller than 50 microns. The images were obtained for Scanning Electronic Microscopy and processed to obtain binary images and mineralogical features. The results are presented as tables and graphs. Brightness with different gray-level was discriminated, the same correspond to one of chalcopyrite, pyrite and the other to the remaining gangue, the later mistake with organic resin. Image areas with 315x235 microns were analyzed and counted more than 5000 particles. The results were compared with quantitative analysis obtained by Rietveld method and chemical analysis (VALE) the same are approximate.

Sierra D.A.,IFPA | Tortola M.,Institute Of Fisica Corpuscular | Valle J.W.F.,Institute Of Fisica Corpuscular | Vicente A.,IFPA
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics | Year: 2014

In the simplest type-I seesaw leptogenesis scenario right-handed neutrino annihilation processes are absent. However, in the presence of new interactions these processes are possible and can affect the resulting B-L asymmetry in an important way. A prominent example is provided by models with spontaneous lepton number violation, where the existence of new dynamical degrees of freedom can play a crucial role. In this context, we provide a model-independent discussion of the effects of right-handed neutrino annihilations. We show that in the weak washout regime, as long as the scattering processes remain slow compared with the Hubble expansion rate throughout the relevant temperature range, the efficiency can be largely enhanced, reaching in some cases maximal values. Moreover, the B-L asymmetry yield turns out to be independent upon initial conditions, in contrast to the ''standard'' case. On the other hand, when the annihilation processes are fast, the right-handed neutrino distribution tends to a thermal one down to low temperatures, implying a drastic suppression of the efficiency which in some cases can render the B-L generation mechanism inoperative.

Pedoux S.,IFPA | Boudard A.,CEA Saclay Nuclear Research Center | Cugnon J.,IFPA | David J.-C.,CEA Saclay Nuclear Research Center | And 2 more authors.
Advances in Space Research | Year: 2011

Radiation hazard for space missions is mainly due to cosmic ray protons, helium nuclei and light ions, whose energy spectrum is maximum around 1 GeV per nucleon but remains non-negligible for energies up to 15 GeV per nucleon. Nuclear reactions induced by high energy protons are often described by intranuclear cascade plus evaporation models. The attention is focused here on the Lige Intranuclear Cascade model (INCL), which has been shown to reproduce fairly well a great deal of experimental data for nucleon-induced reactions in the 200 MeV to 2 GeV range, when coupled with the ABLA evaporation-fission code. In order to extend the model to other conditions relevant for space radiation, three improvements of INCL are under development. They are reported on here. First, the reaction model has been extended to nucleon-nucleus reactions at incident energies up to 15 GeV, mainly by the inclusion of additional pion production channels in nucleon-nucleon collisions during the cascade. Second, a coalescence mechanism for the emission of light charged particles has been implemented recently. Finally, the model has been modified in order to accommodate light ions as projectiles. First results are shown and compared with illustrative experimental data. Implications for issues concerning radiation protection in space are discussed. © 2011 COSPAR. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. 21.

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