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San Jose, CA, United States

IDT Corporation is an American telecommunications company headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. Wikipedia.

There is provided an apparatus for preparing a graphene-structured material, the apparatus includes a supply hopper configured to supply graphite oxide; a supply line of which an end is connected to a lower end of the supply hopper; a reducing atmosphere gas supply unit connected to a side of the supply line; a vertical fluidized bed furnace of which a lower part is connected to another end of the supply line and configured to reduce the supplied graphite oxide with thermal-expansion; a discharge line of which an end is connected to an upper part of the vertical fluidized bed furnace; a vibrating type vertical micro filter connected to an opening portion on a side of the discharge line; a vacuum pump connected to the vertical micro filter; and, a collector positioned under the vertical micro filter and connected to another end of the discharge line.

Idt | Date: 2012-07-13

A wide area communication network includes at least two hub sites which are interconnected by a communication backbone. Each hub site provides wireless coverage in at least one sector. At least two remote sites reside in each sectors and are coupled to a corresponding hub site via a point to multi point broadband wireless system. The network preferably includes at least one service node which is accessible to the remote sites via the hub sites and backbone.

Idt | Date: 2012-11-07

The invention relates to a sealable, molded body and the production thereof, as well as a composite film for the formation of the molded body, and the use of the molded body for the packaging of oral biologics, in particular orally applicable vaccines. The composite film comprises two outer layers, one of the outer layers is formed as a sealing layer, or a barrier layer or a carrier layer, and the other outer layer has a rough or uneven or microstructured surface or comprises at least a nonwoven material, an adhesive material, a sticky material or a combination thereof. It is preferred that the composite film is biologically degradable. A molded body, which takes up the biologic or the vaccine, is formed from the composite film by thermoforming, and is then sealed.

Idt | Date: 2014-04-28

Disclosed is a tire production management system, and more particularly to, a tire production management system using a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, which may attach an RFID tag to a tire before producing a finished tire in tire manufacturing processes, recognize the tire tag attached to the tire in each of manufacturing processes, and thus manage information according to a manufacturing process on an individual tire. The tire production management system using an RFID tag comprises: an RFID tag attachment part; a plurality of RFID readers; a plurality of management terminals for respective processes; a lot management server; and a tire production management server.

Idt | Date: 2015-01-29

A system and method for homogeneously merging locations in a telecommunications network including: calculating a first characteristic of a carrier at a first location and a second location; determining a penalty for excluding the carrier based in part on the first characteristic; comparing the a penalty determined to a preselected value; and, if the penalty is less than the preselected value, merging the first location and the second location, thereby forming a merged location.

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