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In a device for determining absolute position of a mobile element in reference to two magneto-sensitive sensors, having a source of a magnetic field fastened to the element, a first sensor signal and a second sensor signal are measured with one magneto-sensitive sensor each. An amplitude ratio of the respective sensor signals and the off-set values about the respective zero point of the sensor signals are determined from the minimum and maximum values of the sensor signals, and from these values, scaled sensor signals are calculated that form a sum signal and a difference signal, which are scaled, with the determination of the minimum and the maximum values occurring by a relative movement of the element over a full range of motion, and an absolute position is calculated via the scaled sum signal and the scaled difference signal.

A multichat messaging feature enables a user of the device to keep track of and manage multiple chats at once. A quickswitch area includes empty slots that can be filled by the user with avatars corresponding to one to one or group chats. Each avatar is displayed with an indicator showing whether there are new messages within the corresponding chat. The avatars in the quickswitch area may be ordered according to the recency of the messages in the associated conversations. The user has the ability to open a conversation that corresponds to an avatar in the quickswitch area by dragging that avatar from the quickswitch area to either an active conversation area or inactive conversation area. The active conversation area corresponds to a conversation in which the user is actively engaged and has a different visual appearance than the inactive conversation area. The active conversation area, in addition to the text of the active conversation, may include a contact name and avatar for the individual or group participating in the conversation with the user of the device. The inactive conversation area, in addition to selected text of the inactive, but open, conversation, includes an avatar and/or a contact name for the individual or group involved in the inactive conversation.

The invention relates to a current share system (1) comprising parallel DC-DC power converters (2), said power converters each comprising a controller (3) and a power stage (4), connected together such that their V_(out) connections are coupled via interconnect resistances (5) and said controllers are connected via a current share bus (51) as well as to a method for current share bus encoding in the above mentioned current share system. The objective is to provide a current share system allowing parallel power converters to share current on a common output voltage utilizing such a bus, such that it will be possible to communicate additional information between the controllers without reducing the transfer rate of data. This problem is solved by a current share bus which is a digital bus transmitting digital signals, whereas said digital bus employs a data reduction means to transmit current share information at reduced bus clock frequencies and to be capable of communicating additional information between the controllers for the purpose of a fault management and reconfiguration and the like.

The invention discloses a 360-degree magnetic rotary position sensor system whereas the object of the invention to offer an apparatus and method that allow a much wider mechanical tolerance range in the placement of the Hall sensors relative to the AMR sensor and an improved or simplified signal processing will be solved by a combination of an AMR sensor and a first and a second lateral Hall sensor and a signal processing circuit; the AMR sensor and the Hall sensors lay in one plane, whereas the AMR sensor has a zero angle measurement position and the first Hall sensor is placed relative to the zero angle measurement position in a range from 0 < phase shift < 90 counterclockwise and the second Hall sensor is placed relative to the zero angle measurement position in a range from 0 < phase shift < 90 clockwise, whereas the signal processing is designed performable in analog and/or digital. The digital signal processing unit calculates a first absolute angle with a period of 180 mechanical degrees provided by the AMR sensor signal and a second absolute angle with a period of 360 mechanical degrees by the Hall sensor signals, whereas intermediate digital signals are generated by the digital processing unit according to the calculated first and second absolute angle signals. (Fig.9)

The invention relates to an optoelectronic device (1) comprising a semiconductor element (2) which has an optically active surface (3) and a cover which surrounds the semiconductor element at least on its optically active surface whereas the cover comprises a cover material (10) which is transparent for a determined wavelength as well as a method for producing the device. The invention has the object to reduce the signs of aging of optoelectronic devices. This is achieved by said optoelectronic device (1) with a top surface of the cover laying opposite to the optically active surface of the semiconductor element and which is covered by a blocker layer (15), whereas said blocker layer is transparent for the determined wavelength and comprises a gas- and/or moisture-impermeable material.

The invention relates to a to a current share system for predicting fault current events comprising parallel DC-DC converters, said converters each comprise a controller and a power stage, connected together for driving a common output voltage, said controllers are connected via a current share bus and also to a method for predicting fault current events in a power stage using the above mentioned system. The objective to provide a system that should be anticipated high current events and take steps to limit them before they occur will be solved thereby that a current share bus is a digital bus for conveying information between the controllers or any low bandwidth loop and the system also comprises a loop utilizing an analogue bus and means for predicting a current in the power stage on a cyclic by cyclic basis. The objective is also solved by a control method for predicting a current in a power stage using the above mentioned system. The method comprising the following steps: predicting a future inductor current i based upon a present duty cycle d and a measured inductor current i; comparing the predicted inductor current i with a current limit i if the predicted current i exceeds the current limit i the duty cycle d is replaced by a duty cycle value that is required to achieve the current limit i

The invention relates to a single gas sensor for sensing different gases and to a method for sensing different gases using the single gas sensor. The object of the inventions to find a sense element configuration that reduces the thermal budget and decreases response time will be solved by a single gas sensor for sensing different gases comprising a MOX resistor as sensing element, a heater, and a signal conditioning circuitry, whereas said signal conditioning circuitry comprises a heater control unit connected to the heater, a first measurement unit for measuring the heater resistance, a second measurement unit for measuring the MOX-resistor resistance and a state machine as a system controller. The object will also be solved by setting the heater and the MOX resistor to a second temperature, then measuring the MOX resistance at time intervals predetermined via the state machine for the second temperature, then processing measured data and identifying a gas composition and calculating a concentration of different gases according to a determined temperature-resistance profile.

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The present invention relates to a power converter generating an adjusted supply voltage according to the performance required by a supplied device. The supplied device communicates its required supply voltage, i.e. the reference supply voltage, to the power converter. With the required supply voltage communicated to and an adjusted supply voltage generated by the power converter, the energy consumption of the device is optimized.

Described is a vaccine composition comprising an effective amount of at least one polypeptide selected from the group of IdeSsuis, rIdeSsuis, an analogue or a fragment thereof, or a polynucleotide encoding the same. This vaccine composition is used in the prophylactic, metaphylactic or therapeutic treatment of a Streptococcus suis infections in pigs or humans.

The invention relates to a UV light sensor produced in a CMOS method, comprising a substrate that has a surface, one or more sensor elements that detect radiation and are designed in said substrate, at least one passivation layer arranged over said substrate surface, and a functional layer that is arranged over said passivation layer and designed in the form of at least one filter. The problem addressed by the invention of providing a UV light sensor which is sensitive exclusively within the UV wavelength range is solved, in terms of the arrangement, by means of filters designed directly on a planar passivation layer, and stray light suppressing means around said at least one sensor element and/or around the UV light sensor. In terms of the method, the problem is solved by measuring two output signals from at least two photo diodes fitted with different filters, and by determining a mathematical relationship between the two output signals.

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