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Northbrook, IL, United States

IDEX Corporation, based in Lake Forest, Illinois, is a publicly traded company engaged in the development, design, and manufacture of fluidics systems and specialty engineered products. IDEX Corporation's products, which include pumps, clamping systems, flow meters, optical filters, powder processing equipment, hydraulic rescue tools, and fire suppression equipment, are used in a variety of industries ranging from agriculture to semiconductor manufacturing. The company's name is an acronym of "Innovation, Diversity, and Excellence." Business units include: Fluid & Metering Technologies Health & Science Technologies Dispensing Equipment Fire & Safety / Diversified Products Wikipedia.

Durfee D.,IDEX Corp
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering | Year: 2012

With an emphasis on highest reliability, infrared (IR) imagers have traditionally used simplest-possible shutters and field-proven technology. Most commonly, single-step rotary or linear magnetic actuators have been used with good success. However, several newer shutter drive technologies offer benefits in size and power reduction, enabling man-portable imagers that are more compact, lighter, and more durable. This paper will discuss improvements in shutter and shutter drive technology, which enable smaller and more power-efficient imagers. Topics will transition from single-step magnetic actuators to multi-stepping magnetic drives, latching vs. balanced systems for blade position shock-resistance, motor and geared motor drives, and associated stepper driver electronics. It will highlight performance tradeoffs pertinent to man-portable military systems. © 2012 SPIE. Source

Hall J.H.,IDEX Corp
Chemical Engineering | Year: 2010

The two major classes of process pumps such as centrifugal and rotary positive displacement require completely different control techniques. In centrifugal pumps, the control valve response is not directly proportional to the control signal. An increasingly popular control option is to use variable speed drive (VSD) systems with centrifugal pumps. Increasing or decreasing speed allows a broader range of control by shifting the performance curve and best efficiency points (BEP). The rotary pumps cannot be controlled by changing system head because they can develop infinite pressure until something in the system releases it, normally a pressure relief valve that is integral to the pump. Controllability suggests that centrifugal pumps are suited to simple batch processes and tank transfer applications with limited variability than to continuous processes, where two liquid streams must be blended in constant proportions within restrictive control limits. Source

IDEX Corp | Date: 2013-03-15

Pump assemblies are disclosed that have a magnetically driven pump-head subassembly and a pump-driver subassembly coupled thereto, wherein the pump-driver subassembly includes a pump-driver enclosure. The pump-head subassembly comprises a rotatable magnet contained in a magnet cup extending into the pump-driver enclosure. The pump-driver subassembly has a printed circuit board (PCB) in the pump-driver enclosure and a stator mounted to the PCB. The stator coaxially surrounds the magnet cup. The magnet cup has a distal-end wall. The printed circuit board includes a stator-driving circuit and at least one signal-processing circuit. The PCB defines a void relative to the distal-end wall that exposes at least half the distal-end wall. The pump-driver enclosure has an aspect ratio of no greater than one (unity).

IDEX Corp | Date: 2014-05-13

Circulators in the nature of water heaters; Cleansing/sanitizing system comprising a containment enclosure specially adapted for containing an atomized cleansing/sanitizing spray mechanism for use in the cleansing/sanitizing of objects including articles of manufacture, natural products, foods and pharmaceuticals; Environmental control apparatus, namely, particle activators for use in soil remediation, drinking water treatment, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment; Heaters and warmers for medical and surgical solutions; Immersion heaters; Industrial-water purifying apparatus; Slurry treatment units for stabilizing and sanitizing slurry; Thickening and dewatering machines for use in treatment of liquids including water, industrial effluent and sewage; Water heaters for deionized and purified water and chemicals and acids for industrial use; Water purification, sedimentation and filtration apparatus for clarification, thickening and filtration of water, waste water and industrial water; Water purifiers.

IDEX Corp | Date: 2014-05-14

Metal fittings and fasteners for pipes, hoses, metal connectors and parts of and accessories therefore, namely metal bands, strips, strapping, clips, clamps, buckles, hose fittings, menders, couplings, adapter unions, nipples, yokes, brackets, nipple pushers, adapters, cutters, bench mounts, nuts, bolts, screws, rivets, ball bearings, levers, handles, signal mounts, brackets, seals, racks, metal-backed patches; hand tools for applying and removing same; kits comprising various assortments of the above and containers; metal pipes for pumps and metal pipes for liquid and gas transfer; fluid storage, fluid dispensing, fluid mixing and fluid blending devices; liquid chromatography instruments; metal connectors for use with chromatography instruments; metal containers for storage of liquids; metal containers for compressed gas or liquid air; metal couplings for fire hoses; metal water pipe valves; industrial tapping and linestopping equipment, namely metal manually-operated valves and parts thereof for fluid-conveying lines.

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