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Chela-Flores J.,Abdus Salam International Center For Theoretical Physics | Chela-Flores J.,Idea Inc
International Journal of Astrobiology | Year: 2013

Although astrobiology is a science midway between the life and physical sciences, it has surprisingly remained largely disconnected from recent trends in certain branches of both life and physical sciences. We discuss potential applications to astrobiology of approaches that aim at integrating rather than reducing. Aiming at discovering how systems properties emerge has proved valuable in chemistry and in biology. The systems approach should also yield insights into astrobiology, especially concerning the ongoing search for alternative abodes for life. This is feasible since new data banks in the case of astrobiology-considered as a branch of biology-are of a geophysical/ astronomical kind, rather than the molecular biology data that are used for questions related firstly, to genetics in a systems context and secondly, to biochemistry for solving fundamental problems, such as protein or proteome folding. By focusing on how systems properties emerge in astrobiology we consider the question: can life in the universe be interpreted as an emergent phenomenon? In the search for potential habitable worlds in our galactic sector with current space missions, extensive data banks of geophysical parameters of exoplanets are rapidly emerging. We suggest that it is timely to consider life in the universe as an emergent phenomenon that can be approached with methods beyond the science of chemical evolution-the backbone of previous research in questions related to the origin of life. The application of systems biology to incorporate the emergence of life in the universe is illustrated with a diagram for the familiar case of our own planetary system, where three Earth-like planets are within the habitable zone (HZ) of a G2 V (the complete terminology for the Sun in the Morgan-Keenan system) star. We underline the advantage of plotting the age of Earth-like planets against large atmospheric fraction of a biogenic gas, whenever such anomalous atmospheres are discovered in these worlds. A prediction is made as to the nature of the atmospheres of the planets that lie in the stellar HZs. © 2012 Cambridge University Press. Source

Idea Inc | Date: 2010-11-05

A filled blanket includes a shell having a first fabric layer, a second fabric layer, and an outer periphery. The first and second fabric layers are coupled together proximate the outer periphery. Fill material is disposed between the first and second fabric layers. A plurality of stitch members are disposed at predetermined positions on the shell. Each stitch member is formed of at least one thread alternately woven between the first and second fabric layers to couple the first and second fabric layers. A periphery of each stitch member forms a generally oval shape on the first and second fabric layers. A portion of the fill material is disposed within the periphery of each stitch member.

A device for manipulating colloidal particles in a bistable medium, the device includes a microcontroller, which stores a color and/or design scheme for a bistable medium, and a mechanism for changing the bistable medium from a first state to a second state.

Idea Inc | Date: 2012-08-09

A chair that is reconfigurable between a folded and an unfolded configuration includes a first leg having an intermediate portion located between a first end and an opposite second end of the first leg and a second leg having an intermediate portion located between a first end and an opposite second end of the second leg. The intermediate portion of the second leg is pivotally connected to the intermediate portion of the first leg. A support member has a first end pivotally connected to the first leg and an opposite second end. A seat frame has a first portion pivotally connected to the second end of the support member and a second portion pivotally connected to the second end of the second leg. The second end of the support member is adjacent the first end of both the first and second legs in the folded configuration.

Idea Inc | Date: 2015-09-25

The present invention is an improved system and method for analyzing multiple real estate properties. The system includes a pool of properties that are searched based on user-defined search criteria. The system identifies comparison properties from the search pool. The comparison properties include attributes that match or are a near match to the search criteria. The system compares each of the comparison properties to at least one average value and demonstrably depicts the comparison to the user.

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