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ITRI, Taiwan

A monohydroxy cyclic phosphonate substantially free of polyhydroxy phosphonate is employed as a reactive flame retardant in flexible polyurethane.

ICL Inc | Date: 2012-01-05

There is provided, herein a wire and/or cable comprising (a) a conductor and (b) a covering comprising a brominated epoxy oligomer; and, a phosphate ester.

There is provided herein an epoxy laminate comprising (a) an epoxy resin composition further comprising (i) at least one curable epoxy resin, (ii) at least one curing agent, (iii) at least one curing catalyst; and, (iv) a flame retardant effective amount of at least one metal phosphonate represented by the general formula: where Me is a metal, n is equal to the valency of the metal which is in the range of from 1 to 4, R where R

A method of making hydroxymethylphosphonate comprising heating paraformaldehyde in a solvent to a desired reaction temperature, wherein the solvent is present in at least an amount necessary to solvate or suspend the paraformaldehyde; adding at least one alkyl phosphite to the heated paraformaldehyde, to provide hydroxymethylphosphonate, the alkyl phosphite being added to the heated paraformaldehyde at a rate which will avoid or inhibit the production of a significant exotherm and resulting high/significant level of acid by-product(s), there being present in the reaction medium at least one hindered amine catalyst in which the nitrogen in the amine is directly bound to a secondary and/or tertiary carbon of an organic group; and, optionally, following the completion of the addition, heating the reaction mixture to an elevated temperature.

There is provided herein an antimony trioxide-free flame-retarded styrenic thermoplastic polymer composition comprising: (a) at least one styrenic thermoplastic polymer; (b) at least one brominated flame retardant, (c) at least one metal phosphonate; and, (d) at least one antidripping agent. There is also provided a method of making said flame retarded styrenic thermoplastic polymer composition; and, an article comprising the styrenic thermoplastic polymer composition.

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