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Ibb, Yemen

Ibb University, was established in Ibb as an official University in 1996. It was founded by Nasser al-Awlaki.The university consists of 8 colleges as follows. Education College in Ibb Education College in Al Nadira Faculty of Commerce and Administrative science Faculty of Arts Faculty of science Faculty of Dentists Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine↑ Wikipedia.

Al-Shamri M.Y.H.,Ibb University | Al-Shamri M.Y.H.,King Khalid University
Expert Systems with Applications | Year: 2014

E-commerce systems employ recommender systems to enhance the customer loyalty and hence increasing the cross-selling of products. However, choosing appropriate similarity measure is a key to the recommender system success. Based on this measure, a set of neighbors for the current active user is formed which in turn will be used later to recommend unseen items to this active user. Pearson correlation coefficient, the most popular similarity measure for memory-based collaborative recommender system (CRS), measures how much two users are correlated. However, statistic's literature introduced many other coefficients for matching two sets (vectors) that may perform better than Pearson correlation coefficient. This paper explores Jaccard and Dice coefficients for matching users of CRS. A more general coefficient called a Power coefficient is proposed in this paper which represents a family of coefficients. Specifically, Power coefficient gives many degrees for emphasizing on the positive matches between users. However, CRS users have positive and negative matches and therefore these coefficients have to be modified to take negative matches into consideration. Consequently, they become more suitable for CRS research. Many experiments are carried out for all the proposed variants and are compared with the traditional approaches. The experimental results show that the proposed variants outperform Pearson correlation coefficient and cosine similarity measure as they are the most common approaches for memory-based CRS. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Dosunmu R.,University of Rhode Island | Alashwal H.,University of Rhode Island | Alashwal H.,Ibb University | Zawia N.H.,University of Rhode Island
Mechanisms of Ageing and Development | Year: 2012

In this study, we assessed global gene expression patterns in adolescent mice exposed to lead (Pb) as infants and their aged siblings to identify reprogrammed genes. Global expression on postnatal day 20 and 700 was analyzed and genes that were down- and up-regulated (≥2 fold) were identified, clustered and analyzed for their relationship to DNA methylation. About 150 genes were differentially expressed in old age. In normal aging, we observed an up-regulation of genes related to the immune response, metal-binding, metabolism and transcription/transduction coupling. Prior exposure to Pb revealed a repression in these genes suggesting that disturbances in developmental stages of the brain compromise the ability to defend against age-related stressors, thus promoting the neurodegenerative process. Overexpression and repression of genes corresponded with their DNA methylation profile. © 2012.

Since the conventional zero-forcing receiver does not operate satisfactorily in interference-limited environments, because of its noise amplification; the statistics of the transmitted data and the additive noise are required for the minimummean-square error receiver; the potential of the regularised receiver is proposed and investigated in this study to cope with these problems. In this study, the authors introduce an efficient low-complexity joint regularised equalisation and carrier frequency offset compensation (LJREC) scheme for single-carrier frequency division multiple access system. The proposed LJREC scheme avoids the noise amplification problem and the estimation of the signal-to-noise ratio and the interference matrices of other users. From the obtained simulation results, the proposed scheme enhances the system performance with lower complexity and sufficient robustness to the estimation errors. © The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2014.

Alwany A.E.B.,Ibb University
Optics and Laser Technology | Year: 2012

Thin films of Zn 40Se 60 were prepared by the vacuum thermal evaporation technique. The influence of annealed temperature on the structural and optical properties was investigated using the X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and optical transmission. The XRD studies show that the as-deposited film is amorphous in nature, but the crystallinity improved with increasing the annealing temperature. Furthermore the particle size and crystallinity increased whereas the dislocation and strains decreased with increasing the annealing temperature. SEM studies showed that the annealing temperature induced changes in the morphology of the as-deposited sample. Various optical constant have been calculated for as-deposited and annealed films. The mechanism of the optical absorption follows the rule of direct transition. It was found that, the optical energy gap (E g) decreased with increasing the annealing temperature. These results can be interpreted by the Davis and Motte model. On the other hand the maximum value of the refractive index (n) is shifted toward the long wavelength by increasing the annealing temperature. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Soliman M.I.,Aswan University | Al-Junaid A.F.,Ibb University
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing | Year: 2013

This paper proposes extending a multi-core processor with a common matrix unit to maximize onchip resource utilization and to leverage the advantages of the current multi-core revolution to improve the performance of data-parallel applications. Each core fetches scalar/vector/matrix instructions from its instruction cache. Scalar instructions continue the execution on the scalar datapath; however, vector/matrix instructions are issued by the decode stage to the shared matrix unit through the corresponding FIFO queue. Moreover, scalar results from reduction vector/matrix instructions are sent back from the matrix unit to the scalar core that sent these instructions. Some dense linear algebra kernels (scalar-vector multiplication, scalar times vector plus another, apply Givens rotation, rank-1 update, vector-matrix multiplication, and matrix-matrix multiplication) as well as discrete cosine transform, sum of absolute differences, and affine transformation are used in the performance evaluation. Our results show that the improvement in the utilization of the shared matrix unit with a dual-core ranges from 9% to 26% compared to extending a matrix unit to a single-core. Moreover, the average speedup of the dualcore shared matrix unit over a single-core extended with a matrix unit ranges from 6% to 24% and the maximum speedup ranges from 13% to 46%. © 2013 Elsevier Inc.

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