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Salvaterra R.,Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale e Fisica Cosmica | Haardt F.,University of Insubria | Haardt F.,National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Italy | Volonteri M.,IAP | Moretti A.,National institute for astrophysics
Astronomy and Astrophysics | Year: 2012

We place firm upper limits on the global accretion history of massive black holes at z > 5 from the recently measured unresolved fraction of the cosmic X-ray background. The maximum allowed unresolved intensity observed at 1.5 keV implies a maximum accreted-mass density onto massive black holes of ρ acc < 1.4 × 10 4 M Mpc -3 for z > 5. Considering the contribution of lower-z AGNs, the value reduces to ρ acc < 0.66 × 10 4 MMpc -3. The tension between the need for the efficient and rapid accretion required by the observation of massive black holes already in place at z > 7 and the strict upper limit on the accreted mass derived from the X-ray background may indicate that black holes are rare in high redshift galaxies or that accretion is only efficient for the black holes hosted by rare galaxies. © 2012 ESO.

Bouderbala R.,IAP | Bentarzi H.,University of Boumerdes | Ouadi A.,University of Boumerdes
International Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing | Year: 2011

In this paper, an improvement of digital differential relay reliability for protecting a large power transformer is discussed. First, the Fourier sine and cosine coefficients required for fundamental, second, third and fifth harmonics determination have been calculated using rectangular transfer technique. Then, these harmonics have been used in harmonics restrain and blocking techniques used in differential protection system. Simulation testes have been carried out on a variety of magnetizing conditions (normal aperiodic inrush and over excitation conditions) using Simulink/MATLAB. The obtained results shows that the developed approach provides good discrimination between the magnetizing current and the internal fault current.

Ghisellini G.,National institute for astrophysics | Haardt F.,University of Insubria | Haardt F.,National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Italy | Della Ceca R.,National institute for astrophysics | And 3 more authors.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Year: 2013

In powerful radio-quiet active galactic nuclei (AGN), the bulk of the population of black holes heavier than one billion solar masses form at a redshift ~ 1.5-2. Supermassive black holes in jetted radio-loud AGN seem to form earlier, at a redshift close to 4. The ratio of active radio-loud to radio-quiet AGN hosting heavy black holes is therefore a strong function of redshift. We report on some recent evidence supporting this conclusion, gathered from the Burst Alert Telescope (onboard Swift) and by the Large Area Telescope (onboard Fermi). We suggest that the more frequent occurrence of relativistic jets in the most massive black holes at high redshifts could be due to the average black hole spin being greater in the distant past, or else due to the jet helping a fast accretion rate (or some combination of the two scenarios). We emphasize that the large total accretion efficiency of rapidly spinning black holes inhibits a fast growth, unless a large fraction of the available gravitational energy of the accreted mass is not converted into radiation, but used to form and maintain a powerful jet. © 2013 The Authors Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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Internal documents just leaked every big change coming to the iPhone 7 The ultimate Pokemon Go hack that lets you walk anywhere just got even better See the original version of this article on BGR.com

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The trees of planet Earth – recently estimated to number three trillion in total – are both environmental and economic resources, and require careful stewardship. "We estimate 20% of global forest resources are currently going to waste as they are harvested," explains Enda Keane, CEO of Irish company Treemetrics. "What Treemetrics aims to deliver is more wood from fewer trees, through a complete end-to-end forest management system. It combines forest mapping, assessment and valuing with decision-making tools for harvest planning as well as real-time monitoring of the cutting and collecting process." Treemetrics developed a project in collaboration with ESA's Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) programme's Integrated Applications Promotion to integrate satellite communications into its system, enabling managers to monitor their equipment and track harvesting as it happens, even from remote forest locations. The company can perform forest mapping through aerial and drone photography and 'laser radar' lidar, as well as satellite Earth observation – using missions including ESA's Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2. These maps are given a third dimension through 'ground truthing'. Laser scanners perform a 360-degree survey at regular intervals to measure the straightness and health of trees – accurately estimating their quality as logs in advance of them being logged. Mr Keane adds: "We are very grateful for the great technical, financial and business planning support we received through ESA's IAP, which enabled the creation of a world class product for the global forest industry." The company's customers to date include state forest agencies in 26 countries, as well as private forest owners and government agencies. Explore further: Trees tell their own story to satellites

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