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Changwon, South Korea

Disclosed is a disconnector-type clutch for a rear wheel-driving device in a 4-wheel driving electric vehicle, which can eliminate a loss in the driving force due to a slip of friction plates disposed in a multiple disc clutch by transmitting power to rear wheels using the disconnector-type clutch, instead of the multiple disc clutch in 4-wheel driving, and can prevent a loss in the energy by preventing a differential from unnecessarily rotating when rear wheels are drawn by a driving force of front wheels in 2-wheel driving in which a rear-wheel driving motor is not driven by installing the disconnector-type clutch at a rear end of the differential. The disconnector-type clutch includes an actuator motor generating rotation power, a worm gear connected to the actuator motor, a screw rotating in engagement with the worm gear, a first push case converting a rotary motion of the screw into a linear reciprocating motion, a second push case assembled with the first push case, a first spring installed between the first push case and the second push case, a second spring installed at an exterior side of the second push case to provide a restoration force, a shifting fork connected to the second push case and moving forward and backward, and a sleeve connected to the shifting fork and connecting or disconnecting the first rear-wheel driving shaft and the second rear-wheel driving shaft.

Hyundai Wia Corporation | Date: 2013-05-06

A gear shifting device for shifting gears of a transmission includes: at least one guide rail each extending in a longitudinal axis; a plurality of shift effecting members configured to move a plurality of corresponding sliding sleeves coupled to the guide rail for shifting gears, the shift effecting members each having a terminal end portion with a finger receiving opening formed therein, the finger receiving opening extending in a direction generally parallel to the longitudinal axis of the guide rail; and a shift shaft extending in a direction generally parallel to the longitudinal axis of the guide rail, the shift shaft having a shift finger coupled thereto. The shift shaft is rotatable to pivotally position the shift finger at locations aligned with the finger receiving openings of the shift effecting members, and is also displaceable in the longitudinal direction in the finger receiving openings to move the shift effecting members to effect a gear shifting operation.

Hyundai Wia Corporation | Date: 2014-07-30

A transmission system for a transfer case can change a high range mode to a low range mode without a shifting shock even while a vehicle is traveling at a constant speed. The transmission system includes a hydraulic system including a hydraulic circuit and a hydraulic cylinder connected to the hydraulic circuit and receiving a hydraulic pressure from a hydraulic pressure source. The transmission system further includes a clutch piston apparatus mounted on a housing of the transfer case and including a clutch piston receiving a hydraulic pressure from the hydraulic pressure source. An operating rod of the hydraulic cylinder is connected to a shift sleeve, and the clutch piston of the clutch piston apparatus is connected to the ring gear of the planetary gear assembly to make the ring gear not rotate according to the operation of the clutch piston supplied with the hydraulic pressure.

Hyundai Wia Corporation | Date: 2013-03-13

A dual clutch apparatus for a dual clutch transmission having a first input shaft and a second input shaft includes: a first clutch of generally annular shape; a second clutch of generally annular shape disposed coaxially with the first clutch; and, a plurality of first and second clutch levers received in a clutch retaining housing in a circularly arranged pattern with the first clutch levers alternately interleaved with the second clutch levers; in which the first clutch includes a clutch finger plate of generally annular shape, the clutch finger plate having a plurality of fingers extending in the axial direction of the first clutch and through an outer circumference of the second clutch and configured to push a first clutch application plate of generally annular shape which is coupled with the first clutch levers for clutch application of the first clutch, and a friction plate arranged next to the first clutch application plate and coupled with a hub of the first clutch, the hub of the first clutch coupled with the first input shaft.

Hyundai Motor Company and Hyundai Wia Corporation | Date: 2014-06-20

Disclosed is a waste gate assembly for a turbocharger that is provided at a side of a turbine into which an exhaust gas is introduced, and bypasses some of the exhaust gas introduced into the turbine to an outside. The waste gate assembly may include a boss that has a hole for discharging the exhaust gas and is provided at a waste gate main body, a valve that is provided to spherically come in contact with a valve mounting surface of the boss and selectively opens or closes the hole of the boss, and an actuator that is connected to the valve, and provides a rotational force to the valve.

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