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Stuttgart, Germany

A micromachined or microelectromechanical system (MEMS) based push-to-pull mechanical transformer for tensile testing of micro-to-nanometer scale material samples including a first structure and a second structure. The second structure is coupled to the first structure by at least one flexible element that enables the second structure to be moveable relative to the first structure, wherein the second structure is disposed relative to the first structure so as to form a pulling gap between the first and second structures such that when an external pushing force is applied to and pushes the second structure in a tensile extension direction a width of the pulling gap increases so as to apply a tensile force to a test sample mounted across the pulling gap between a first sample mounting area on the first structure and a second sample mounting area on the second structure.

Hysitron Inc. | Date: 2013-03-13

An objective testing module includes a module base configured for coupling with an objective turret of a microscope. The objective testing module includes a mechanical testing assembly. The mechanical testing assembly is configured to mechanically test a sample at macro scale or less, and quantitatively determine one or more properties of the sample based on the mechanical testing. The mechanical testing assembly optionally includes a probe and one or more transducers coupled with the probe. The transducer measures one or more of force applied to a sample by the probe or displacement of the probe within the sample. In operation, an optical instrument locates a test location on a sample and the objective testing module mechanically tests at the test location with the mechanical testing assembly at a macro scale or less. The mechanical testing assembly further determines one or more properties of the sample according to the mechanical test.

Hysitron Inc. | Date: 2012-03-09

A testing instrument for mechanical testing at nano or micron scale includes a transducer body, and a coupling shaft coupled with a probe tip. A transducer body houses a capacitor. The capacitor includes first and second counter electrodes and a center electrode assembly interposed therebetween. The center electrode assembly is movable with the coupling shaft relative to the first and second counter electrodes, for instance in one or more of dimensions including laterally and normally. The center electrode assembly includes a center plate coupled with the coupling shaft and one or more springs extending from the center plate. Upper and lower plates are coupled with the center plate and cover the center plate and the one or more springs. A shaft support assembly includes one or more support elements coupled along the coupling shaft. The shaft support assembly provides lateral support to the coupling shaft.

Hysitron Inc. | Date: 2013-08-08

An automated testing system includes systems and methods to facilitate inline production testing of samples at a micro (multiple microns) or less scale with a mechanical testing instrument. In an example, the system includes a probe changing assembly for coupling and decoupling a probe of the instrument. The probe changing assembly includes a probe change unit configured to grasp one of a plurality of probes in a probe magazine and couple one of the probes with an instrument probe receptacle. An actuator is coupled with the probe change unit, and the actuator is configured to move and align the probe change unit with the probe magazine and the instrument probe receptacle. In another example, the automated testing system includes a multiple degree of freedom stage for aligning a sample testing location with the instrument. The stage includes a sample stage and a stage actuator assembly including translational and rotational actuators.

Hysitron Inc. | Date: 2012-11-28

A heating system for use in mechanical testing at scales of microns or less includes a stage heater. The stage heater having a stage plane, and a stage heating element distributed across the stage plane. Two or more support mounts are on opposed sides of the stage plane. A first bridge extends from the stage plane to a first mount of the two or more support mounts, and a second bridge extends from the stage plane to a second mount of the two or more support mounts. The first and second bridges provide a plurality of supports between the stage plane and two or more support mounts to accordingly support the stage plane. In another example, the heating system includes a probe heater configured to heat a probe as part of mechanical testing.

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