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Hanover, NH, United States

Hypertherm is a American corporation which designs and manufactures advanced cutting systems such as plasma cutting machinery and related high-technology industrial applications for specific use in a wide variety of industries such as shipbuilding, manufacturing, and automotive repair. It also develops and produces man-portable handheld and mechanized plasma cutters, fiber lasers, and waterjet cutting systems, along with consumables, CNC motion and height controls, and nesting and process optimization software. The company employs around 1,400 people: approximately 1,100 people at its main headquarters in New Hampshire, and another 300 throughout its international offices in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Wikipedia.

Hypertherm | Date: 2015-03-09

The invention features methods and apparatuses for determining replacement of components in liquid pressurization systems. A replaceable component for use in a pump of a liquid pressurization system includes a body portion and a data storage mechanism. The data storage mechanism is in physical contact with the body portion. The data storage mechanism is configured to communicate information to a reader of the liquid pressurization system. The information is usable to determine a condition of replacement (e.g., a remaining usable life) of the replaceable component.

In some aspects, electrodes can include a front portion shaped to matingly engage a nozzle of the plasma cutting system, the front portion having a first end comprising a plasma arc emitter disposed therein; and a rear portion thermally connected to a second end of the front portion, the rear portion shaped to slidingly engage with a complementary swirl ring of the plasma cutting system and including: an annular mating feature extending radially from a proximal end of the rear portion of the electrode to define a first annular width to interface with the swirl ring, the annular mating feature comprising a sealing member configured to form a dynamic seal with the swirl ring to inhibit a flow of a gas from a forward side of the annular mating feature to a rearward side of the annular mating feature.

A power contact for a liquid-cooled plasma arc cutting system is provided. The cutting system includes a torch body and a lower torch assembly. The power contact comprises a substantially hollow body including an upper portion and a lower portion, and an external surface of the upper portion of the hollow body configured to matingly engage the torch body. The power contact further includes a thread region disposed on an internal surface of the hollow body. The thread region is configured to retain an electrode holder of the lower torch assembly of the plasma arc cutting system to matingly engage the lower torch assembly and secure the lower torch assembly to the torch body.

Hypertherm | Date: 2015-07-23

In some aspects, consumables for a material processing head can include a body that is substantially axially symmetric about a central longitudinal axis; and a ring-shaped data tag attached to the body, the data tag having a central axis that is substantially coaxial to the central longitudinal axis of the body, the data tag having a conductive coil formed around the central axis of the data tag.

Hypertherm | Date: 2015-08-12

A cartridge for an air-cooled plasma arc torch is provided. The cartridge includes a swirl ring having a molded thermoplastic elongated body with a distal end, a proximal end, and a hollow portion configured to receive an electrode. The swirl ring also has a plurality of gas flow openings defined by the distal end of the elongated body and configured to impart a swirling motion to a plasma gas flow for the plasma arc torch. The swirl ring further includes a nozzle retention feature on a surface of the elongated body at the distal end for retaining a nozzle to the elongated body. The cartridge further includes a cap affixed to the proximal end of the elongated body of the swirl ring for substantially closing the proximal end of the elongated body.

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