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Oslo, Norway

Hydro Aluminium | Date: 2015-12-21

The invention relates to a brazable three-layered aluminium composite material having at least three layers with at least two different aluminium alloys, whereby an inner layer of the at least three layers is an aluminium brazing layer made from an aluminium brazing alloy, the other layers are configured as covering layers and include at least one further aluminium alloy, wherein the at least one further aluminium alloy has a higher solidus temperature than the liquidus temperature of the aluminium brazing alloy. The individual covering layers have a thickness which exceeds the thickness of the aluminium brazing layer by at least a factor of 1.5, preferably by a factor of 5. The brazable aluminium composite material is simply structured, has good brazing properties for the production of butt-joint brazing connections, significantly reduces the risk of a burning through of brazed-on components and provides sufficient mechanical properties.

Hydro Aluminium | Date: 2015-04-01

The invention relates to a method for producing a coated aluminium strip, in which the aluminium strip is unwound from a coil and fed into a unilateral or bilateral extrusion coating arrangement, the aluminium strip is extrusion coated with a thermoplastic polymer and after being extrusion coated, the aluminium strip is reheated to a metal temperature above the melting point of the thermoplastic polymer. The object of providing a method for producing an aluminium strip by which an extrusion-coated aluminium strip can be produced which can be processed at high processing speeds in follow-on composite tools is achieved in that the unilateral or bilateral plastics material coating of the aluminium strip is textured, after being reheated, using rolls which have a superficial structure.

Hydro Aluminium | Date: 2015-10-30

The invention relates to a method for producing a strip made of an AlMgSi alloy in which a rolling ingot is cast of an AlMgSi alloy, the rolling ingot is subjected to homogenization, the rolling ingot which has been brought to rolling temperature is hot-rolled, and then is optionally cold-rolled to the final thickness thereof. The problem of providing a method for producing an aluminum strip made of an AlMgSi alloy and an aluminum strip, which has a higher breaking elongation with constant strength and therefore enables higher degrees of deformation in producing structured metal sheets, is solved in that the hot strip has a temperature of no more than 130 C. directly at the exit of the last rolling pass, preferably a temperature of no more than 100 C., and the hot strip is coiled at that or a lower temperature.

The invention relates to a method for thermally treating an aluminium workpiece, comprising the steps of providing an aluminium workpiece, which is essentially in the T

Hydro Aluminium | Date: 2015-02-09

The invention relates to an aluminium alloy, the use of an aluminium alloy strip or sheet and a method for producing an aluminium alloy strip or sheet. An aluminium alloy which has only a slight tendency towards intercrystalline corrosion and which at the same time provides high levels of strength and good deformability and which contains standard alloy components so that the recycling of the aluminium alloy is simplified is provided herein.

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