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Stockholm, Sweden

Husqvarna | Date: 2015-10-12

An interchangeable concrete cutting chainsaw cutting assembly adapted for installation upon a drive assembly in exchange for a removed, different type cutting head assembly. The chainsaw cutting assembly includes a housing that has fasteners that releasably attach the housing to a drive assembly in an installed configuration. A ration transmission has a plurality of interconnected rotation member, each rotatable member having a mounting shaft positioned at a fixed location on the housing by a bearing assembly. The driven member has a receiver that interconnects with a driveshaft of the driver assembly in the installed configuration whereby the driven member is rotated by the drive assembly. The cutting chain drive member operatively interconnected with a drive sprocket whereby rotation of the cutting chain drive member rotates the drive sprocket. The chainsaw cutting assembly is pivotable relative to the drive assembly.

A portable water tank assembly for a dust emitting construction machine, such as a machine for cutting concrete, stone, ceramic materials and the like, said assembly comprising a water container and an electric pump powered by a battery for pumping water from the container through an outlet to the construction machine. To provide a portable water tank assembly which provides a long service life without changing battery, is easy to handle and carry and that is robust and reliable, the pump is a low pressure pump, of 0,1-1,5 bar, preferably of 0,3-1,2 bar, that is preferably submersible and placed inside the water container; and said assembly has at least 5 liter capacity. Preferably the hood member has a first compartment for a battery for delivering power to the pump and a battery located in the compartment, and it may have a second compartment for a battery charger and a third compartment for a spare battery.

Husqvarna | Date: 2014-03-06

A lawn mower may include a blade housing configured to house at least one blade, an engine, a handle assembly, a door, and a bag lifting assembly. The blade housing may include an exit. The engine may be supported at least in part by the blade housing to selectively rotate the at least one blade. The handle assembly may guide operation of the lawn mower. The door may be rotatably disposed to have a first rest position in contact with a bagging attachment disposed to receive clippings from the blade housing and a second rest position proximate to the blade housing when the bagging attachment is removed. The bag lifting assembly may be configured to lift the door from the first rest position responsive to rotation of the handle assembly forward from an operating position.

Husqvarna | Date: 2015-01-30

A drive system includes a first transmission, a second transmission and at least one flexible driving member. The first transmission is operably coupled to a first set of wheels to provide drive power to the first set of wheels responsive to engagement of the first transmission. The second transmission is operably coupled to a second set of wheels to provide drive power to the second set of wheels responsive to engagement of the second transmission. The at least one flexible driving member is operably coupled to a remote actuator and a drive shaft of the walk-behind outdoor power equipment device. The at least one flexible member selectively engages one of the first transmission or the second transmission to switch a walk-behind outdoor power equipment device between all wheel drive operation and another drive mode via the remote actuator.

Husqvarna | Date: 2014-09-29

A saw blade for rotating about an axis to cut green concrete may include a main body and a cutting portion. The main body includes an inner section and an outer section. The inner section has a first thickness in an axial direction that is greater than a second thickness of the outer section. The cutting portion includes a diamond-metal matrix joined to the outer section to cut a material responsive to rotation of the blade. The inner section extends radially outwardly from a center of the blade to a non-contact shoulder at the first thickness to transition to the outer section at the second thickness. The outer section extending radially outwardly to an outer diameter of the main body.

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