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Calgary, Canada

Husky Energy Inc. is one of Canada’s largest integrated energy companies, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. It is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbols HSE and HSE.PR.A. The Company operates in Western and Atlantic Canada, the United States and the Asia Pacific Region, with Upstream and Downstream business segments. Husky Energy is controlled by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing who owns a majority share of approximately 70% according to Bloomberg and Financial Post data.Husky's foundation is in Heavy Oil and Western Canada, where it has extensive conventional oil and natural gas assets, significant heavy oil production and downstream operations, including refineries, upgrading facilities and pipelines. The Company is pursuing three growth pillars in the Asia Pacific Region, the Oil Sands and the Atlantic Region.In the Asia Pacific Region, Husky’s Liwan Gas Project in the South China Sea is progressing towards first gas. The company also holds exploration rights offshore Indonesia.Husky also has a portfolio of oil sands leases, encompassing some 2,500 square kilometres in the Fort McMurray region of northern Alberta. Its Sunrise Energy Project is on track for first oil in late 2014.In the Atlantic Region, off Canada's East Coast, the company holds interests in 20 exploration licenses and producing properties at Terra Nova and White Rose. In the United States, the company owns a refinery in Lima, Ohio and holds a 50 percent ownership interest with BP in a refinery at Toledo, Ohio. The company employs approximately 5,200 people , has approximately $36.9 billion in assets and produced an average of 312,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day in 2013, making it one of Canada's largest energy companies. Wikipedia.

Improved SAGD methods for recovering heavy oil from underground formations. In a first aspect a method is provided for drilling, using multi-lateral drilling techniques, a series of horizontal collector wells from a vertical shaft of a production well, below and parallel to an injection well. In a further alternative to the typical SAGD configuration having injector and producer well drilled from the same end of a region under development, the production well is instead drilled at an end of a region of development opposite to an end of such region at which an injector well is drilled. Lastly, in yet another aspect, the invention comprises a method for rejuvenating an existing SAGD well pair, comprising drilling a further production well or wells at an opposite end of said formation at which an existing injector well was drilled, preferably using multi-lateral drilling techniques.

Husky Energy and Statoil | Date: 2014-12-23

A SAGD operation is provided, comprising: drilling a SAGD well pair in a bitumen bearing formation, the well pair comprising an injector well and a producer well; introducing an electro-thermal heating element comprising at least one individually controllable heating section in or near either the injector well, the producer well, or both; positioning the at least one individually controllable heating section at or near a sector of either the injector well, the producer well, or both, which sector may require greater thermal heat to establish thermal communication between the injector well and the producer well; and operating the at least one individually controllable heating section at a desired temperature for a period of time sufficient to establish thermal communication between the injector well and the producer well. The electro-thermal heating element having the at least one electrical heating section may remain in the injection well beyond start-up to assist in effectively recovering the hydrocarbons.

Husky Energy | Date: 2014-01-14

A process of preparing a polymer modified asphalt (PMA) comprising mixing a predetermined amount of a polymer-asphalt master batch with a predetermined amount of an asphalt-cross linking agent blend. The polymer-asphalt master batch comprises at least one polymer and a first asphalt. The asphalt-cross linking agent blend comprises a second asphalt and at least one cross linking agent. A predetermined amount of the polymer-asphalt master batch is blended with a predetermined amount of the asphalt-cross linking agent blend to form a PMA blend. Mixing of the PMA blend is performed without substantial delay following blending of the polymer-asphalt master batch with the asphalt-cross linking agent blend.

Husky Energy | Date: 2014-04-02

A method for recovering subsurface hydrocarbons, including heavy oil or bitumen, wherein a downhole steam injection phase is followed by application of heat to the near-wellbore region of the reservoir, heat being applied only during periods without steam injection. The heat application can be achieved by any number of techniques including electrical heaters, radio frequency waves, electromagnetic waves and microwaves. Numerous advantages are possible by withholding heat application during the steam injection phase. While preferred for use with cyclic steam stimulation recovery techniques, the method can be applied with other steam-based recovery techniques.

Husky Energy | Date: 2015-03-27

The instant disclosure relates to steam generation systems. The disclosed steam generation systems, in some aspects, may relate to a forced circulation boiler that may be used in association with low energy water treatment systems. In certain aspects, the disclosed steam generation systems may allow for more environmentally-responsible steam generation.

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