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Hunan University of Science and Technology is an institution of higher learning in Xiangtan, Hunan Province of the People's Republic of China. It is under the jointly jurisdiction of central government and provincial government, and is mainly administered by Hunan Province. Hunan University of Science and Technology was formed by the merger of two earlier universities. Wikipedia.

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Liu Y.-H.,Hunan University of Science and Technology
IET Control Theory and Applications | Year: 2017

In this study, the authors consider the problem of adaptive tracking control for a class of non-linear uncertain systems in the presence of input saturation. To tackle the effects of the non-smooth saturation non-linearity, a novel approximate saturation model is constructed, which can smoothly approximate the real saturation with arbitrarily prescribed precision. By utilising dynamic surface control approach with the modified linear filters, a robust adaptive control scheme is explicitly designed via the adding an integrator technique. The proposed controller can eliminate not only the 'explosion of complexity' issue inherent in the backstepping design but also the coupling terms with respect to the surface errors and the boundary layer errors. In addition, the stability analysis shows that all the resulting closed-loop signals are semi-global uniformly ultimately bounded. Finally, simulation results are presented to demonstrate the performance of the developed method. © The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2017.

Tang G.,Hunan University of Science and Technology
Computers and Mathematics with Applications | Year: 2017

In this paper, we consider the following reaction diffusion systems with gradient nonlinearity under nonlinear boundary condition (ut=▵u+upvq-(divides)∇u(divides)α,(x,t)∈Ω×(0,t*);vt=▵v+vrus-(divides)∇v(divides)α,(x,t)∈Ω×(0,t*);∂u∂ν=g(u),∂v∂ν=h(v),(x,t)∈∂Ω×(0,t*);u(x,0)=u0(x),v(x,0)=v0(x),x∈Ω where Ω⊂RN(N≥1) is a bounded region with smooth boundary ∂Ω, p,q,r,s≥0, α>1, t* is a possible blow-up time when blow-up occurs. By constructing an appropriate auxiliary functions, and by means of Payne-Weinberger or Scott's method, a lower bound on blow-up time when blow-up occurs is derived. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd.

The spontaneous combustion of coal stockpiles is one of the major hazards during coal mining, storage, and transportation. To overcome the shortcomings of large-scale experiments and CFD modeling techniques, a mathematical model of rising temperature in a hemispherical coal stockpile with a constant heat source in the center was derived and simplified based on a previous study on the spatiotemporal temperature and heat transfer in simple bodies. From the rising temperature experiments in a coal stockpile, the actual temperature rise was greater than the predicted value from the theoretical mathematical model, and the difference in these values increased with an increase in test time. The distribution of the temperature field caused by the spontaneous combustion of coal was fit to revise the mathematical model for the temperature rise in a coal stockpile. In addition, a novel material, called paste foam, was prepared to prevent the spontaneous combustion of a coal stockpile, and the working principle of the device with a hollow spiral tube was studied. The prepared paste foam was uniform with an average pore size of 100 μm. The TG and DSC curves showed that the critical weight loss temperature was 250 °C, with a mass of 82.23%, while, at 400 °C, there was still a mass of approximately 54.67%. The fire extinguishing and cooling experiments indicated that the paste foam accumulated upward to block the fracture network along the radial direction. The temperature at different radial distances showed that the same law of variation can be divided into three stages, including an initial slowdown, followed by a rapid decrease, and a final slow and gentle reduction of the temperature. It maintained a better bubble shape with the temperature of the coal particles at approximately 670 K, and the paste foam had a favorable effect on the surface cooling of the coal stockpile because of oxygen isolation based on the infrared thermal imager analysis. © 2017 American Chemical Society.

News Article | December 9, 2015

A new report revealed that glaciers on Mount Everest have dropped by 28 percent over the last 40 years. The report was made by researchers from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mount Qomolangma Snow Leopard Conservation Center and Hunan University of Science and Technology. Researcher Kang Shichang from CAS's State Key Laboratory of Cryospheric Sciences said the report findings involve information collated on longitudinal investigations. The said analyses were performed both via remote sensing and actual on-site evaluation. Aside from the shrinking glaciers, the report also said that Mount Everest or Mount Qomolangma in Tibet has been exuding warmer temperatures in the last 50 years. Then and Now "The glacial shrinkage area is compared to the measurements taken in the 1970s," the press release read. For the rate of glacial shrinkage in the south slope of the mountain, the researchers found a 26 percent decrease. Now, the nature reserve of the mountain has about 1,476 glaciers, which covers 2,030 square kilometers. Kang, who has led multiple glacier investigation groups, said the consequences of shrinking glaciers are the development of wide glacial lakes and higher levels of rivers. As per remote sensing, the size of the glacial lake in the mountain's nature reserve increased from 100 square kilometers in 1990 to 114 square kilometers in 2013. Located between Nepal and China, Mount Everest is the world's largest mountain, standing 8,844 meters high. Large Asian rivers such as those in Ganges and Brahmaputra have the mountain as its source. In May 2015, international experts warned that the 5,500 glaciers in the Hindu Kush- Himalayan (HKH) area may plummet by 70 to 99 percent come the year 2100. HKH is the home of tallest peaks in the world. If the predicted glacial drop persists, farming and hydropower supply may also be affected.

Huang B.,Nanjing Audit University | Li H.-X.,Nanjing University | Wei D.-K.,Hunan University of Science and Technology
Knowledge-Based Systems | Year: 2012

Intuitionistic fuzzy information systems are generalized types of conventional fuzzy-valued information systems. By introducing a dominance relation to intuitionistic fuzzy information systems, we propose a notion of dominance intuitionistic fuzzy information systems (DIFIS) and establish a dominance-based rough set model, which is mainly based on the substitution of the indiscernibility relation in classic rough set theory by a dominance relation that is defined on the score and accuracy function of intuitionistic fuzzy value in DIFIS. Furthermore, to simplify the knowledge representation and extract useful and simpler dominance intuitionistic fuzzy rules, we provide two attribute reduction approaches to eliminate the redundant information. Finally, we apply these approaches to computer auditing risk assessment, and by using an application as a case study we acquire some valuable assessment rules. These resulting rules can provide an available method to acquire knowledge from DIFISs. © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Liu Q.,Hunan University of Science and Technology
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics | Year: 2010

Monodisperse hyper-crosslinked polystyrene nanospheres with ultrahigh specific surface area were successfully prepared by emulsifier-free miniemulsion polymerization and post-cross- linking. The specific surface area and the total pore volume of hyper-crosslinked nanospheres were increased with increasing the concentration of vinybenzyl chloride in monomer mixture. The hyper-crosslinked nanospheres exhibited excellent swelling capacity in thermodynami- cally good and poor solvent. Furthermore, the nanospheres with specific surface area of 1223 m2 g-1 adsorbed 2.13wt.-% hydrogen at 163K/1.5MPa. Overall, the present study provided a simple method to prepare mono- disperse microporous hyper-crosslinked polymer nanospheres. © 2010 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

Zong-Chang Y.,Hunan University of Science and Technology
International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems | Year: 2012

Electric load forecast analysis has become increasingly important for the industry. Climate factors are the ones of key factors influencing the load demand. The sun is vital for attributing climate change as the earth is moving (revolution, rotation) in its elliptical orbit around the sun. The paper introduces an elliptic orbit algorithmic model for yearly and daily electric load movement analysis. In the proposed model, electric load movement as a time series is mapped to the polar coordinates to build the algorithmic model that the angular coordinate represents time, and the radial coordinate donates its corresponding electric load. The built model with its elliptical orbit is used for load movement analysis. The proposed approach is applied to yearly load movement evaluation and forecast for State Gird Corporation of China (SG) and its five branches in 2006, and daily load movement evaluation and forecast for one daily load of Shanghai Grid. The experiments yield results agreeing well with their actual loads. The results indicate workability of the proposed. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Liu W.,Hunan University of Science and Technology
Polymer Engineering and Science | Year: 2010

Aromatic heterocyclic polyimides are used extensively in industries for their excellent mechanical properties, high glass transition temperatures (Tg), and so on. A quantitative structure-property relationship (QSPR) model was developed to predict the Tg values with 54 aromatic heterocyclic polyimides by using an artificial neural network (ANN) back-propagation algorithm. Fifty-four aromatic heterocyclic polyimides were randomly divided into a training set (36) and a test set (18). Three molecular descriptors (the connectivity index X1A, the topological descriptor PW3, and the 3DMoRSE descriptor Mor09e) were selected to produce the mode. Simulated with the final optimum ANN model with 3-3-1 structure, the results show that the predicted Tg values are in good agreement with the experimental ones, with the root mean square errors (RMSEs) of 12.4 K (R = 0.935) and 16.4 K (R = 0.937) for the training set and the test set, respectively. © 2010 Society of Plastics Engineers.

Xin L.,Hunan University of Science and Technology
International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications | Year: 2012

The financial ecology is a new subject in our county which is gaining more and more attention from the experts and scholars. This article Studies the finance ecological environment using the unascertained measure and AHP, and this method not only could evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the financial environment, but also has an important sense by giving a certain reference to improve financial environment.

Liu X.,Hunan University of Science and Technology
Computers and Mathematics with Applications | Year: 2015

To better eliminate the staircase effect and simultaneously preserve edge details, this paper investigates a hybrid regularizers model for image denoising and deblurring. This technique closely incorporates the advantages of the classical total variation (TV) filter and the fourth-order filter. Computationally, we develop an extremely efficient relaxation scheme and alternating minimization algorithm, and give the rigorous convergence analyses there in detail. Provided experimental results distinctly illustrate the high efficiency of the addressed numerical algorithms. Also, in comparison with the recovered results by the state-of-the-art models, simulations manifestly demonstrate the competitive performance of our proposed scheme in reducing the blocky images and sharply maintaining the edge features. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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