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A method for treating depression using a biomarker includes measuring a level of phosphoethanolamine in a blood sample collected from a subject, comparing the level of phosphoethanolamine in the blood sample with a predetermined threshold, in response to the level of phosphoethanolamine in the blood sample being below the predetermined threshold, determining that the subject requires a treatment for depression, and treating the subject determined to suffer from depression.

University of Maine, France and HUMAN Inc | Date: 2014-06-23

A combinatorial microenvironment generator is configured for the generation of arbitrary, user-defined, steady-state, concentration gradients with negligible to no flow through the growth medium to perturb diffusion gradients or cellular growth. More importantly, the absolute concentrations and/or gradients can be dynamically altered upon request both spatially and temporally to impose tailored concentration fields for in-situ stimulus studies. Here, diffusion occurs via an array of ports, each of which can be an independently controlled source/sink. Together, the array of ports establishes a user-defined, 3D concentration profile. Useful methods related to this device are also provided.

HUMAN Inc and Sysmex Corporation | Date: 2012-10-25

The present invention relates to novel diagnostic markers for kidney disease and the use thereof.

A high torque active mechanism for an orthotic and/or prosthetic joint using a primary brake which can be provide by magnetorheological (MR) rotational damper incorporating and an additional friction brake mechanism driven by the braking force generated by the MR damper. This combination of MR damper and friction brake mechanism allows an increase in torque density while keeping the same level of motion control offered by the MR damper alone. The increased torque density achieved by this high torque active mechanism allows to minimize the size of the actuating system, i.e. its diameter and/or breath, while maximizing its braking torque capability. In this regard, the friction brake mechanism is advantageously positioned around the MR damper, such that the dimension of the package is minimized.

HUMAN Inc | Date: 2013-05-02

A prosthetic or orthotic device can include at least one device portion and a joint portion for providing for the at least one device portion to pivot between flexion and extension movements relative to another adjacent device portion or an adjacent limb segment of a user. In some embodiments, a prosthetic or orthotic device can include a compliant transmission assembly in operational communication with the joint portion. The compliant transmission assembly can include a compliant member and a pivot. The pivot can be interposed between the compliant member and the joint portion. In some embodiments, the compliant member absorbs energy when a torque is applied.

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