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Yansi, China

Yao X.-L.,Huizhou College
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2014

The article analyzed the special rules used for size setting on production list model of knitted sweater CAD, It puts forward the special ways from aspects including size change adjustable points, setting established point, size setting efficiency and deviation size. It points out that two size change adjustable points in the same direction must be assured when setting size. All points in either vertical or horizontal direction must be turn into established points. Several methods on how to transform the un-established points to established points by transmitting characteristic and non-repetitive characteristic of setting established points are illustrated. It presents that we can improve efficiency by using local left-right asymmetric production list method for local asymmetric styles products of knitted sweaters. The effects and control methods of deviation size in the curve parts of model are analyzed. Source

Chen W.-Y.,Huizhou College
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2014

Drape sided jacquard knit wool largely affect the appearance of the fabric, and determines its scope. In this paper, using the same machine No. computerized flat knitting machines, yarn knitting the same bar, sesame point, the air layer, Tianzhu, double jacquard cardigan five kinds of fabric swatches, comparison tests conducted drape and appearance, static drape coefficient test results: bar for 70. 37% ; sesame point 55.56% ; air layer is 51. 85% ; 1 × 1 Tianzhu 40. 74% ; cardigan for 48. 58% . Applicability and drape rating: Applicable front bar, drape poor; sesame point applies positive, drape; the air layer applied double-sided, drape in; 1 × 1 Tianzhu applicable front, drape excellent; cardigan applicable sided, good drape. Source

Yao X.-L.,Huizhou College
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2013

The article analyzed the special ways used for making the model production process list of asymmetrical sweater directed against the situation that points of models are bilateral symmetry and closely related in software. It takes several typical styles for example including buddhist monk robe, cutaway sweater, facing on one side shoulder etc. to explain the ways. Thought and main procedure are illustrated that are revising the neckline, canceling symmetry and using dimensions sign point, left and right sides knit technology independent, armhole and neck position interchange, double whole measurement in width etc. which can be used for reference to illustrate the principle on how to make the model production list of asymmetrical knitted sweaters by which various styles products of knitted sweaters with fresh and distinctive style model can be acquired in cad. Source

Liu D.,Huizhou College
Journal of Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology (Natural Science Edition) | Year: 2010

The size of sleeve seam shrinkage is relative to the style of clothing and fabric properties, and influences aesthetics directly. In this paper, the relationship between fabric properties and sleeve seam shrinkage was discussed in detail, and the relationship between the material thickness and the sleeve seam shrinkage was found by numerical method. At the same time, the distribution of the sleeve seam shrinkage, and the determination method of the sleeve and sleeve hole fitting position were discussed. The method can be applied to fabric properties research and the garment production , and also can be used as a theoretical basis of the detemination of sleeve seam shrinkage for sample designers. Source

Yao X.-L.,Huizhou College
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2012

The article takes the knitting technology of tuck sleeve lady's knitted sweater as an example to put forward the idea on how to make complex sweater production process list. Pattern is got by using garment pattern design theory and main place sizes are given by messuring key parts of the pattern, Production process list is lade down based on the sizes. Variation of the key part sizes including armhole height and sleeve width are analyzed and relation curves are made from which we got the size change rule that armhole height increases linearly, however sleeve width nonlinearly with the increase of stretch variables that can be taken as reference for this style sweater for determining key part sizes. By combining widely used theory of pattern design with the principle of knitting technology of knitted sweaters, various styles products of knitted sweaters with fresh and distinctive style can be acquired. Source

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