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Hue, Vietnam

Huế University is a university located in Huế, the former imperial capital of Vietnam; this university is one of the important regional universities of Vietnam. In Vietnam, universities are classified into three classes: national university , regional university and university. However, the classification is for administration only and does not reflect the quality of education. Wikipedia.

Phong T.C.,Hue University | Phuc H.V.,Dong - A University
Modern Physics Letters B | Year: 2011

Applying the theory of nonlinear optical conductivity for an electron-phonon system, we propose a new method to obtain the line-widths of nonlinear optical conductivity in rectangular quantum wires (RQW). General analytical expressions of the nonlinear absorption power (NLAP) are obtained in the presence of an intense external field. A two-photon absorption process is taken into the result. The dependence of NLAP on the photon energy and the wire's size are numerically calculated and graphically plotted for a specific RQW. From graphs of the NLAP, we obtain line-widths as profiles of curves. The dependence of the line-widths on the temperature and parameters of a RQW are reasonable in comparison with some available theoretical and experimental results. © 2011 World Scientific Publishing Company.

Boonstra W.J.,Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences | Bach Dang N.,Hue University
Marine Policy | Year: 2010

Whether or not fishers comply with regulation depends on the economic and social context in which they operate their vessels. This is how conventional theory explains the phenomenon of non-compliance. It treats state-community interaction processes not as direct causes for non-compliance but rather as background conditions shaping individual fishers' perception and decisions for action. This paper argues that conventional theory fails to include the dynamics of tempo-relational processes between state and communities, which explains collective patterns of non-compliance in fisheries. The paper addresses this hiatus in the literature, using a process-sociological approach to analyse non-compliance in Vietnamese marine fisheries. The analysis highlights that Vietnamese marine fisheries are mainly regulated through informal networks of trust and mistrust, which function through their interplay with the highly centralised and formalised Vietnamese state. Based on this assessment, the paper concludes that outcomes of processes of the dynamic social interplay between state and communities are semi-dependent on individual perception and action, and as such have a causal effect of their own on patterns of non-compliance in fisheries. © 2010.

Hoang V.,University of Virginia | Hung P.Q.,University of Virginia | Hung P.Q.,Hue University | Kamat A.S.,University of Virginia
Nuclear Physics B | Year: 2013

A model of electroweak-scale right-handed neutrino (EWνR) model was constructed five years ago in which the right-handed neutrinos are members of mirror fermion weak doublets and where the Majorana masses of the right-handed neutrinos are found to be naturally of the order of the electroweak scale. These features facilitate their searches at the LHC through signals such as like-sign dilepton events. This model contains, in addition to the mirror quarks and leptons, extra scalars transforming as weak triplets. In this paper, we study the constraints imposed on these additional particles by the electroweak precision parameters S, T, and U. These constraints are crucial in determining the viability of the electroweak νR model and the allowed parameter space needed for a detailed phenomenology of the model. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.

Four cattle calves (Boss indicus) of average weight 120. kg and four swamp buffaloes calves of average weight 220. kg were fed four rice straw diets in a Latin square design. The rice straw were sprayed with 0%, 0.5%, 1% and 2% of urea and given ad libitum. Each period was 15 days during the last 5 days of which urine and faeces were collected. Urine samples were analysed for excretion of purine derivatives (PD) to measure microbial protein production.There was no significant effect on intake of rice straw which was 3.1, 3.4, 3.1 and 3.1 kgDM/day for cattle and 4.5, 4.5, 4.5 and 4.6kgDM/day for buffalo. Rumen NH3 concentrations were 39, 60, 70 and 96mg/l for cattle and 51, 81, 102 and 132mg/l for buffalo with significant difference. However the PD excretion in the urine was not significantly changed being 0.28, 0.19, 0.18 and 0.23mmol/kgW0.75 for cattle and as expected lower for buffaloes being 0.13, 0.11, 0.12 and 0.11mmol/kgW0.75. The dry matter digestibilities for cattle were 57.1, 60.3, 58.3 and 60.7 while for buffalo the digestibilities were 60.7, 57.4, 59.6 and 60.2.The results suggest that the rice straw containing 6% protein and digestibility between 57% and 60% provided sufficient crude protein for microbial needs. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.

Quang D.T.,Hue University | Kim J.S.,Korea University
Chemical Reviews | Year: 2010

Several researchers conducted studies to demonstrate the use of fluoro- and chromogenic chemodosimeters for heavy metal ion detection in solution and biospecimens. They demonstrated that fluorescent chemodosimeters had emerged as as a research area of significant importance due to their potential in detecting heavy metal ions in solution and biospecimens. Chemodosimeters were used to detect an analyte through a highly selective and irreversible chemical reaction between the dosimeter molecule and the target analyte. This led to an observable signal that had an accumulative effect and was directly related to the concentration of the analyte. The chemodosimeter also provided signaling changes in absorption wavelength and color that were widely used as detection events, as they required only the use of cost-effective equipment or no equipment in some cases.

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