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Guo X.,Wuhan University of Technology | Guo X.,Hubei Collaborative Innovation Center | Song Y.,Wuhan University of Technology | Song Y.,Hubei Collaborative Innovation Center | And 6 more authors.
Metallurgical and Mining Industry | Year: 2015

In order to prevent the gas disaster and clarify the gas distribution situation regularity of the coalmine. According to the gas data of production and geological exploration in coalmine, we used gas occurrence tectonic gradual control theory researched gas geological occurrence regularity. We comprehensive studied of some important factors' effects on gas occurrence including geological structure, magmatic rocks distribution and overlying bedrock thickness. As well as we also made a theoretical analysis on outburst dangerous of this coalmine and then distinguished the danger of gas outburst zone. Putting forward significantly guide for the after safety production of this coalmine.

Chen L.,Wuhan University of Technology | Chen L.,Hubei Collaborative Innovation Center | Song Y.-H.,Wuhan University of Technology | Song Y.-H.,Hubei Collaborative Innovation Center | And 4 more authors.
Metallurgical and Mining Industry | Year: 2015

Hydraulic fracturing technology, as one of the irrigation measures to increase the coal seam permeability artificially, has its remarkable advantages. This paper mainly uses the methods of theoretical analysis, RFPA2D numerical simulation and field validation to study multi-point fracturing. It proved the reliability and accuracy of multi-point fracturing numerical simulation by comparing multi-point fracturing simulation results with multi-point fracturing field test results. At the same time, it optimized the process parameters of multi-point fracturing site through simulation. Taking the fracturing borehole in a mine's multi-point fracturing field test as the background, a conclusion was drawn from the multi-point fracturing simulations with different water point spacing that when the water point spacing is 3 meters, the fracturing effect is the best. The numerical simulation of optimization results provided a reference for the application and parameter choice of the underground coal mine multi-point hydraulic fracturing technology and thereby succeeded in improving the fracturing effect and gas extraction rate to the greatest degree. This is of great practical significance to the coal mine safety production and the increase of economic benefits.

Jiang Y.,Hubei Collaborative Innovation Center | Jiang Y.,Hubei Engineering University | Jiang Y.,Huazhong University of Science and Technology | Yang Z.,Huazhong University of Science and Technology | And 7 more authors.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds | Year: 2016

Commercial cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries require both excellent electrochemical and processing performance. Nanoscaled cathode materials with high surface area usually have low compacted density and low loading of active materials on the electrode because of high-content usage of conductive agent and binder, which is expected to be solved by incorporating one-dimensional (1D) particles into dense three-dimensional (3D) structure. In this work, a topochemical method is used to synthesize high-capacity Li-rich cathode material Li1.13Ni0.30Mn0.57O2 with controllable 3D and 1D hybrid structure containing nanothorn spheres and nanorods by using γ-MnO2 and β-MnO2 as templates. Structural and electrochemical lithium insertion/desertion properties are investigated. Experimental results show that Li1.13Ni0.30Mn0.57O2 with well-designed 3D structure exhibits superior electrochemical performance especially higher volumetric capacity than 1D material. © 2015 Elsevier B.V.

Mo R.,Huazhong Agricultural University | Huang Y.,Huazhong Agricultural University | Yang S.,Huazhong Agricultural University | Zhang Q.,Huazhong Agricultural University | And 3 more authors.
Scientia Horticulturae | Year: 2015

The Agrobacterium-mediated transient gene expression is a powerful tool for the characterization of gene function in plants. Here, we have established in vivo transient transformation system with GFP as a reporter gene by Agrobacterium-mediated injection infiltration in persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thunb.) leaves. Transformation conditions (concentration of acetosyringone, bacterial density and days after agroinfiltration) were optimized to achieve higher transformation efficiency. This system is suitable for different types of persimmon cultivars such as 'Mopanshi' (PCA), 'Eshi 1' and 'Baogai-tianshi' (C-PCNA). Furthermore, the developed transient transformation system was successfully utilized for the overexpression of DkLAC1 gene. The results exhibited that the expression level of DkLAC1 increased obviously, which lead to remarkable accumulation of proanthocyanidin (PAs) in persimmon ('Mopanshi' and 'Eshi 1') leaves transformed with DkLAC1. In conclusion, based on the Agrobacterium-mediated injection infiltration, we have developed a simple and highly efficient transient transformation system that can quickly analyze the gene function in persimmon. © 2015 Elsevier B.V..

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