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Qiaqia Food Co. and Hefei Huatai Group Co. | Date: 2009-06-02

Live Christmas trees; unprocessed grains; unprocessed cereals; live spiny lobsters; fresh nuts; fresh fruits; fresh, raw and unprocessed peanuts; and animal litter.

Hefei Huatai Group Co. and Hefei Huatai Food Co. | Date: 2009-05-19

Nursing appliances, namely, nursing bottles; hot air therapeutic apparatus, namely, thermotherapy apparatus for medical purposes; esthetic massage apparatus; vaporizers for medical purposes, namely, electric vaporizer for upper respiratory conditions; massage apparatus; medical apparatus and instruments for use in general surgery; vibromassage apparatus, namely, vibrating massage apparatus; apparatus for use in medical analysis, namely, medical diagnostic apparatus, analytical apparatus for medical purposes and blood pressure measuring apparatus; galvanic therapeutic appliances, namely, low frequency electric therapy apparatus; physiotherapy apparatus, namely, physiotherapy massage apparatus.

Qiaqia Food Co., Hefei Huatai Group Co. and Hefei Huatai Food Co. | Date: 2008-03-11

Tea substitutes; fruit jellies; biscuits; corn flakes; sherbets; sorbets; cereal based snack foods, namely, chips with shrimp flavors; rice crackers. Unprocessed grains; unprocessed and raw beans; seedlings; spiny lobsters; fresh nuts; fresh peanuts; fresh mushroom spawn; plant seeds; pet food; malt for brewing and distilling. Peppermint liqueurs; aperitifs; arrack; prepared alcoholic cocktails; wine; brandy; sake; alcoholic extracts; alcoholic beverage containing fruit; distilled spirits.

Qiaqia Food Co., Hefei Huatai Group Co. and Hefei Huatai Food Co. | Date: 2006-02-07

Ham; sausage; dried salt duck; dried meat floss; fish fillets; shrimp paste; tinned fruits; tinned seafood; crystallized fruits; potato chips; jam; Chinese hawthorn chips; pickled vegetables; pickled Chinese cabbage; fermented bean curd; preserved eggs; milk beverages; lactic acid beverages; edible oils; sunflower oil for foods; fruit salads; jellies for food; processed prepared nuts; processed peanuts; processed sunflower seeds; processed watermelon seeds; processed seeds; processed pine nuts; processed Chinese torreya nuts; processed hazelnuts; processed pistachios; sugar-roasted chestnuts; processed broad beans; spiced beans; cooked beans; cooked sesame; processed Chinese caterpillar fungus not for medical purposes; chips with shrimp flavors; dilated potato chips; soya-bean milk; chicken extract; flavor-coated processed beans not coffee beans; flavor-coated peanuts; sugarcoated pine nuts; sugarcoated walnuts. Coffee beverages; coffee; tea; tea beverages; chocolate; candy for food; crunchy candy; honey; bee glue for human consumption; royal jelly for human consumption, not for medical purposes; biscuits; bread; cakes; pastries; muesli; puddings; oat flakes; Chinese pie; fried dough twist; dumplings with meat and vegetable stuffing; sweet dumplings made of glutinous rice flour; pyramid-shaped dumplings made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves; rice cakes; processed cereal reparations; instant noodles; rice crust for use in pies; ice cream; vinegar; sauces; condiments, namely pickled ginger and pimiento; soy sauce; seasonings; ketchup; flavoring sauce; monosodium glutamate; sherbets; tea containing milk. Beer; malt beer; fruit juices; vegetable juices; aerated water; fruit nectars; non-alcoholic cider; non-alcoholic beverages, namely flavored water, fruit punch, non-alcoholic wine; non-alcoholic fruit beverages; soft drinks, namely, peanut milk; sweet-sour plum juice; ginger beverages; carbonated beverages; unfermented grape must; purified drinking water; colas. Rice alcohol; pure mellow wine; sake; wine made of qingke barley; yellow rice wine; wine; grape wine; arak; alcoholic fruit extracts; distilled spirits made of rice; distilled spirits made of corn; distilled spirits made of barely; prepared alcoholic cocktails; vodka; prepared alcoholic cocktails containing fruit; liqueurs; brandy; cooking wine; perry; gin; rum; light sparkling wine; kirsch.

Qiaqia Food Co., Hefei Huatai Group Co. and Hefei Huatai Food Co. | Date: 2005-06-14

Processed sunflower seeds; processed watermelon seeds; potato crisps; processed peanuts; processed shelled peanuts; process beans; processed walnuts; walnut meat; processed pine nuts; processed pistachio; chestnuts roasted with brown sugar; spiced beans; peanut butter; jam; bean curd products; dried bean curd; fermented bean curd; pickled vegetables; prepared nuts; eggs.

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