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Wang H.,Hualu Engineering & Technology Co. | Lei N.,Xian International University | Deng Y.,Southwest University of Science and Technology | Wang R.,Southwest University of Science and Technology
World Information on Earthquake Engineering | Year: 2015

Based on the good mechanical properties of H section steel, a kind of multilayer cold-formed thin-walled steel structure with H-type layout was designed. Elastoplastic seismic response time history calculation of the structure under different working conditions was carried out, and the displacement response, drift of story and the acceleration of top floor of the structure were analyzed. The results show that: (1)the drift angle of the structure meet the code requirements under six seismic intensities, the maximum displacement of the top floor in X-direction is 9.213mm, that in Y-direction is 5.432mm, i. e. smaller. (2) the acceleration response of the top floor is bigger than 10000mm/s2 under high intensity earthquake, and the structure shakes badly, but it is still in a safe state without the plastic deformation; comprehensive analysis results persent that, the multilayer cold-formed thin-walled steel structure with H layout has good seismic resistance capasity, and it is suggested to consider the use of this kind of plane layout for engineering. ©, 2015, Science and Technology Periodical Press. All right reserved. Source

Xin Y.-P.,Tianjin University | Zhao M.,Hualu Engineering & Technology Co. | Xia M.,Tianjin University | Meng J.-H.,Tianjin University | And 2 more authors.
Huaxue Gongcheng/Chemical Engineering (China) | Year: 2014

The heat-integrated pressure swing distillation scheme is more energy-saving and economical compared with the corresponding traditional pressure swing distillation scheme for pyridine-water separation, with 43.52% saving in energy consumption and 40.70% reduction in total annual cost for the feed flow rate of 3 000 kg/h. Whether this more economical design can be applied in practice strongly depends on whether it can be effectively controlled. On the basis of the previous proposed optimal design, two control schemes using PI controllers were explored. Dynamic simulations were realized using commercial software Aspen Dynamics. To test the effectiveness of the two control schemes, step changes in feed flow rate and feed composition disturbances were made. The dynamic simulation results reveal that the proposed basic control scheme CS1 with fixed controlled plate temperatures cannot maintain the quality specifications for disturbances as a result of pressure fluctuation. Then, differential temperature control was introduced in the low-pressure column, and pressure-compensated temperature control was introduced in the high-pressure column on the basis of CS1. An improved control scheme CS2 was proposed. The corresponding dynamic responses show that control scheme CS2 works pretty effectively for the same feed flow rate and feed composition disturbances. The dynamic control performances are evidently improved. It does a good job in maintaining the quality of the two products. ©, 2014, Editorial Office of Chemical Engineering (China). All right reserved. Source

Liu B.-C.,Petrochina | Liu W.,Petrochina | Wu H.-X.,Hualu Engineering & Technology Co. | Zou Y.-Y.,Petrochina | And 5 more authors.
Huaxue Gongcheng/Chemical Engineering (China) | Year: 2014

In the petroleum natural gas exploitation process, light hydrocarbon separation process is a very important part in the oil and gas treatment system, and its effect is to separate component C3 and above. Usually, the quality and quantity of products are influenced greatly because of the quite great fluctuation of the feed and its composition to the light hydrocarbon separation process, if the operating conditions keep unchanged. Hysys was used to establish the simulation system of the light hydrocarbon separation process. The reliability of the model was validated by the comparison of the simulation result and the plant data, and then the dynamic characters of the separation process were also investigated. It shows that the research can be used not only as the off-line guidance in the practical production to meet the quality control of the process, but also as the basis for safety analysis and on-line optimization, etc. ©, 2014, Editorial Office of Chemical Engineering (China). All right reserved. Source

Li W.,Beijing University of Chemical Technology | Gao J.,Hualu Engineering & Technology Co. | Zhang J.-J.,Beijing University of Chemical Technology | Cai Z.-Q.,Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Huaxue Gongcheng/Chemical Engineering (China) | Year: 2015

The power and mixing efficiency of four types of impeller combination, including double helix and Paravisc as the main impeller, and anchor and variable-diameter double helix as the bottom impeller, were studied by CFD. And the scale-up of the optimal combined impeller was explored. The correlations of power number of the mentioned impellers were obtained and the power reaction relationship between two impellers was also proposed. Among the tested ten combinations, the Paravisc-anchor requires the least rotations to reach a full mixing, and has the larger dimensionless shear strain at the same rotational speed, showing the best mixing performance. In the scale-up of the tank with Paravisc-anchor from 100 L to 200 L and 500 L, it is found that the scale-up follows the tip linear velocity principle. The study provides important reference for the industrial design and optimization of combined impeller parameters of high viscosity fluid. © 2015, Editorial Office of Chemical Engineering (China). All right reserved. Source

Huang L.,Hualu Engineering & Technology Co. | Zhang X.,Hualu Engineering & Technology Co. | Jiang K.,Hualu Engineering & Technology Co. | Liu D.,Henan Junhua Development Co.
Huaxue Gongcheng/Chemical Engineering (China) | Year: 2014

Coal gasification process produces NH3 and CO2, which forms NH3-CO2-H2O ternary system with water in the gas washing, gray water treatment, shift and heat recovery section. An accurate ternary system phase equilibrium model can predict NH3 distribution in gasification and solve the problem of crystallization of ammonium salt and excessive ammonia in waste water. It is proposed that the ionization and acid-based reactions between NH3 and CO2 in aqueous solution cause the bias of experimental data and Aspen electrolyte NRTL model predicted value. The binary interaction parameters of electrolyte NRTL model and Henry's coefficient were regressed by using vapor-liquid equilibrium experimental data of NH3-CO2-H2O ternary system. The modified electrolyte NRTL model was established. The average relative error between modified model calculated result and experimental data is less than 2.9%. The modified model can accurately predict NH3-CO2-H2O ternary system vapor-liquid equilibrium of coal gasification equipment operated in low pressure, which has great importance in engineering design and plant operation. ©, 2014, Editorial Office of Chemical Engineering (China). All right reserved. Source

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