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Huaibei, China

Huaibei Normal University , formerly Huaibei Coal Industry Teachers College is an institution of higher learning, located in Huaibei, Anhui Province, an energy base of the People's Republic of China.The college was founded in 1974, then as Anhui Normal University, Huaibei Campus. Upon approval of the State Council in December 1978, it was renamed Huaibei Coal Industry Teachers College, affiliated to then Ministry of Coal Industry. In 1981, it was approved to award bachelor's degrees. Since September 1998, the college has been under the jurisdiction of both central and local governments, and mainly administered by Anhui Province. In 2003, it was approved to award master's degrees. Wikipedia.

Li Q.,Huaibei Coal Industry Teachers College
International Journal of Theoretical Physics | Year: 2010

A new exactly solvable multiphoton generalized Jaynes-Cummings model is presented, whose Hamiltonian is related to the inverse of field mode creation and annihilation operators. Then we use supersymmetric unitary operators to diagonalize the Hamiltonian above and obtain their energy spectra and eigenstates. In addition, its pseudo-invariant eigen-operator is found as well, directly leading to the corresponding energy-level gap. © Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2010.

Yang Y.-G.,Huaibei Coal Industry Teachers College
Astrophysics and Space Science | Year: 2010

First CCD photometry is presented for the eclipsing binary VZ Trianguli, observed at the Sheshan Station of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory in 2008. Using the Wilson-Devinney Code, the photometric solution of VZ Tri was first deduced from the R-band observations. The results show that VZ Tri is an A-subtype late-type contact binary, with a mass ratio of q=0. 350(±0.004) and a low contact degree of f=27. 9%(±1.0%). Based on all available light minimum times covering over 40 years, it is found that the orbital period shows a long-term decrease at a rate of dP/dt=-1. 52(±0.03)×10-7 d yr-1, suggesting that VZ Tri is undergoing mass transfer from the more massive component to the less massive component, accompanied with angular momentum loss. With period decreasing, the inner and outer critical Roche lobes will shrink, and then cause the contact degree to increase. Therefore, the weak-contact binary VZ Tri with decreasing period may evolve into a deep-contact configuration. © Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2009.

Shi G.,Nanjing Agricultural University | Shi G.,Huaibei Coal Industry Teachers College | Cai Q.,Nanjing Agricultural University
Journal of Plant Nutrition | Year: 2010

Although zinc (Zn) is an essential element for normal plant growth, it is phytotoxic at high concentrations. To identify oil crops that can be cultivated in Zn-contaminated soil for biodiesel production, the ability of Zn tolerance and accumulation of eight oil crops were evaluated under 200-800 mg Zn kg-1 sand substrates (DW) conditions. Results showed that all crops, except sunflower, could grow quite well under 400-800 mg kg-1 Zn stress. Among them, hemp, flax, and rapeseed showed small inhibitions in plant growth and photosynthetic activities, indicating these crops had a strong tolerance to high Zn concentrations and could be cultivated in Zn-contaminate soils. Peanut and soybean exhibited higher Zn concentrations in shoots, higher bio-concentration factor, and higher total Zn uptake, as well as higher biomass. These crops, therefore, are good candidates for the implementation of the new strategy of cultivating biodiesel crops for phytoremediation of Zn-contaminated soils. © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Yang Y.-G.,Huaibei Coal Industry Teachers College | Yang Y.-G.,CAS National Astronomical Observatories | Wei J.-Y.,CAS National Astronomical Observatories | Kreiner J.M.,Pedagogical University of Cracow | Li H.-L.,CAS National Astronomical Observatories
Astronomical Journal | Year: 2010

In this paper, we presented multicolor photometric observations for two eclipsing binaries, AO Camelopardalis and AH Tauri, obtained on 2008 December 16 and 17. Using the Wilson-Devinney Code, the photometric solution of AH Tau was determined from our new CCD data. The mass ratio and the fill-out factor are q = 0.503(±0.003) and f = 10.8%(±0.1%), respectively. This indicates that AH Tau is in weak contact. For the weak-contact binary AO Cam, BVI light curves clearly show a difference in the heights of the maxima (i.e., the O'Connell effect), which may be explained by spot activity. By analyzing the O - C curves for AO Cam and AH Tau, it is found that the orbital periods appear to show a secular period decrease with a cyclic variation. The observed period modulation is ΔP/P ∼ 10-6. For AO Cam, the cyclic oscillation with a short period of 7.63(0.07) yr and a low amplitude of 00019(00003) may be preferably attributed to the cyclic magnetic activity. The period and amplitude of the cyclic variation for AH Tau are 45.8(±1.1) yr and 00171(±00005), which may more likely result from the light-time effect via a third body. The secular period decrease rates are dP/dt = -1.26(±0.04) × 10-7 days yr -1 for AO Cam and dP/dt = -6.98(±0.07) × 10-8 days yr -1 for AH Tau. This kind of period decrease can be plausibly explained by the mass transfer from the primary to the secondary, and may result in the system evolving into a deep contact configuration. © 2010. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved.

Zhang H.,Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute | Zhang H.,Huaibei Coal Industry Teachers College | Chen D.,Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute | Ringler J.,Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute | And 5 more authors.
Cancer Research | Year: 2010

Frequent genetic alterations of the components in the phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K)/PTEN/AKT signaling pathway contribute greatly to breast cancer initiation and progression, which makes targeting this signaling pathway a promising therapeutic strategy for breast cancer treatment. In this study, we showed that in the presence of copper (Cu), disulfiram (DSF), a clinically used antialcoholism drug, could potently inhibit breast cancer cell growth regardless of the PIK3CA status. Surprisingly, the treatment with a mixture of DSF and copper (DSF-Cu) led to the decreased expression of PTEN protein and the activation of AKT in a doseand time-dependent manner in different cell lines with or without PIK3CA mutations. Treatment of breast cancer cell lines with a combination of DSF-Cu and LY294002, a pan-PI3K inhibitor, resulted in the significant inhibition of cell growth when compared with either drug alone. In addition, the combined treatment of DSF and LY294002 significantly inhibited the growth of the breast tumor xenograft in nude mice induced by MDA-MB-231 cells expressing mutant PIK3CA-H1047R and PIK3CA-E545K, whereas neither DSF nor LY294002 alone could significantly retard tumor growth. Finally, the observed in vivo inhibitory effects are found associated with aberrant signaling alterations and apoptosis-inducing activities in tumor samples. Thus, our finding shows for the first time that treatment of breast cancer with DSF results in a novel feedback mechanism that activates AKT signaling. Our study also suggests that the combination of DSF and a PI3K inhibitor may offer a new combinational treatment model for breast cancer, particularly for those with PIK3CA mutations. ©2010 AACR.

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