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Huafan University is an institute of higher education founded by members of the Buddhist community in Shiding District, New Taipei, Taiwan. The university consists of 4 colleges, 12 departments, 12 graduate institutes, and 5 research centers. Wikipedia.

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Huang S.-Y.,Huafan University
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Advanced Materials for Science and Engineering: Innovation, Science and Engineering, IEEE-ICAMSE 2016 | Year: 2016

In product development and planning, enterprises often adopt matrix chart for strategic study. For example, QFD for the quality control of product parts and their best combination of quality control analysis or image words for two-dimension image scale for product appearance analysis or product appealing, purchase intention for consumer's preference study. Furthermore, value evaluation by the weights of product form, operation, quality, safety, and purchase intention and product prices for strategy matrix analysis are often used in new product development. The Pricing and Marketing Analysis chart (PMA) collects the functional items and sales of data of enterprise products and competing brands to establish product database. With product prices and sales of the enterprise and competing brands as the analytic variables, market share, major enterprise products, and major competition products in the same setting price range will be analyzed through related data. The product marketing strategy squares can help make decisions for new product price, functions and marketing strategies. Through PMA, YAMAHA 125°c motorcycle is used as an example to illustrate how to conduct marketing strategy analysis to enhance competitiveness of new products. © 2016 IEEE.

Lin P.-H.,Huafan University
Ergonomics | Year: 2015

This study examined the effects of panel type, frequency of use and arrangement of phonetic symbols on operation time, usability, visual fatigue and workload in text entry performance. Three types of panel (solid, touch and mixed), three types of frequency of use (low, medium and high) and two types of the arrangement of phonetic symbols (vertical and horizontal) were investigated through 30 college students in the experiment. The results indicated that panel type, frequency of use, arrangement of phonetic symbols and the interaction between panel type and frequency of use were significant factors on operation time. Panel type was also a significant factor on usability, and a touch panel and a solid panel showed better usability than a mixed panel. Furthermore, a touch panel showed good usability and the lowest workload and therefore it is recommended to use a touch panel with vertical phonetic arrangement in sending Chinese text messages.Practitioner Summary: This study found, from ergonomics considerations, that a touch panel showed good usability and it is recommended to use a touch panel with vertical phonetic arrangement in sending Chinese text messages. Mobile display manufacturers can use the results of this study as a reference for future keyboard design. © 2014 Taylor & Francis.

Hsu C.-F.,Huafan University
International Journal of Developmental Disabilities | Year: 2017

Objective: Individuals with Down syndrome have impaired linguistic ability but relatively good visuospatial cognition. A verbal-with-visual presentation enhanced the semantic grouping in individuals with Down syndrome, whereas a verbal presentation did not have this effect. This study aims to examine the influence of visual presentation on semantic grouping in individuals with Down syndrome. Method: Pictures that depict backgrounds and targets as pairs were shown to participants who were asked to make judgments according to semantic appropriateness. Targets in the same category were matched to the background in congruent and incongruent conditions. Results: Unlike two groups of typical developers, the studied group failed to display the congruency effect. They responded slowest to congruent conditions and had the lowest accuracy rates. Error patterns revealed that they exhibited coarse semantic classification. Conclusions: Through a visual presentation that provided contexts, an atypical contextual effect on semantic grouping was revealed in individuals with Down syndrome. ©The British Society of Developmental Disabilities 2017

Yan M.-T.,Huafan University | Lin S.-S.,Huafan University
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology | Year: 2011

This paper presents a novel multi-cut process planning method and a new electrode wear compensation method based on a machine vision system for threedimensional (3D) micro-electrical discharge machining (micro-EDM). Front wear and corner wear of tool electrode can be measured and compensated in a direct manner by the vision system's image processing software capabilities. Experiments have shown that corner wear ratio (defined as a ratio between the length of corner wear and electrode diameter) is linearly proportional to machining length under a fixed machining depth condition. Track overlapping between the two adjoining paths is designed appropriately according to the corner wear ratio. Experimental results not only indicate that the proposed multi-cut process planning and electrode wear compensation methods can significantly improve machining accuracy and reduce machining time for the micro-EDM process, they also demonstrate that the X-Y dimensional errors of micro-structures can be controlled within 10 μm.

Wang Y.-C.,Huafan University | Chien C.-J.,Huafan University
International Journal of Fuzzy Systems | Year: 2013

In this paper, a fuzzy neural network (FNN) based discrete adaptive iterative learning controller (AILC) is proposed for a class of discrete-time uncertain nonlinear plants which can repeat a given task over a finite time sequence. Compared with the existing discrete AILC schemes, the proposed strategy can be applied to the discrete-time uncertain nonlinear plants with not only initial resetting errors and iteration-varying desired trajectory, but also random bounded disturbances and unknown non-Lipschitz plant nonlinearities. Two FNNs are used as approximators to compensate for the unknown plant nonlinearities. To overcome the function approximation error and possibly large random bounded disturbance, a time-varying boundary layer is introduced to design an auxiliary error function. The auxiliary error function is then utilized to derive the adaptive laws since the optimal FNN parameters for a good function approximation and the optimal width of time-varying boundary layer are unavailable. By using a Lyapunov like analysis, we show that the closed-loop is stable in the sense that the adjustable parameters and internal signals are bounded for all the iterations. Furthermore, learning performance is guaranteed in the sense that the norm of output tracking error vector will asymptotically converge to a residual set which is bounded by the width of boundary layer. © 2013 TFSA.

Lee C.-Y.,National Ilan University | Lee Z.-J.,Huafan University
Applied Soft Computing Journal | Year: 2012

Unbalanced data that are minority classes with few samples presented in many fields. The mean of unbalanced data is difficult to formalize so that traditional algorithms are limited in solving unbalanced data. In this paper, a novel algorithm based on analysis of variance (ANOVA), fuzzy C-means (FCM) and bacterial foraging optimization (BFO) is proposed to classify unbalanced data. ANOVA can measure the difference between the means of two or more groups in which the observed variance is partitioned into components due to various explanatory variables. FCM is a method of fuzzy clustering algorithm that allows one piece of data to belong to two or more clusters. Natural selection tends to eliminate animals with poor foraging strategies and favors the propagation of genes of those animals that have successful foraging strategies. BFO can model the mechanism of natural selection and solve many application problems. The proposed algorithm combines the advantages of ANOVA, FCM and BFO. ANOVA has the ability to select beneficial feature subsets. FCM has the ability to identify data into clusters with certain membership degrees, and BFO has the fast ability to converge to global optima. In this paper, microarray data of ovarian cancer and zoo dataset are used to test the performance for the proposed algorithm. The performance of the proposed algorithm is supported by simulation results. From simulation results, the classification accuracy of the proposed algorithm outperforms other existing approaches. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.

Chuang C.-C.,National Ilan University | Lee Z.-J.,Huafan University
Applied Soft Computing Journal | Year: 2011

In this study, a hybrid robust support vector machine for regression is proposed to deal with training data sets with outliers. The proposed approach consists of two stages of strategies. The first stage is for data preprocessing and a support vector machine for regression is used to filter out outliers in the training data set. Since the outliers in the training data set are removed, the concept of robust statistic is not needed for reducing the outliers' effects in the later stage. Then, the training data set except for outliers, called as the reduced training data set, is directly used in training the non-robust least squares support vector machines for regression (LS-SVMR) or the non-robust support vector regression networks (SVRNs) in the second stage. Consequently, the learning mechanism of the proposed approach is much easier than that of the robust support vector regression networks (RSVRNs) approach and of the weighted LS-SVMR approach. Based on the simulation results, the performance of the proposed approach with non-robust LS-SVMR is superior to the weighted LS-SVMR approach when the outliers exist. Moreover, the performance of the proposed approach with non-robust SVRNs is also superior to the RSVRNs approach. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Li H.-Y.,Huafan University | Chiang M.-H.,Huafan University
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer | Year: 2011

This work investigates the effects of a shield on the thermal and hydraulic characteristics of plate-fin vapor chamber heat sinks under cross flow cooling. The surface temperature distributions of the vapor chamber heat sinks are measured using infrared thermography. The thermal-fluid performance of vapor chamber heat sinks with a shield is determined by varying the fin width, the fin height, the fin number and the Reynolds number. The experimental data thus obtained are compared with those without a shield. Experimental results indicate that the maximum surface temperature of the vapor chamber heat sink is effectively reduced by adding the shield, which forces more cooling fluid into the inter-fin channel to exchange heat with the heat sink. However, using the shield increases the pressure drop across the heat sink. The experimental data also show that the enhancement of the heat transfer increases with the Reynolds number, but the improvement declines as the Reynolds number increases. When the pumping power and heat transfer are simultaneously considered, vapor chamber heat sinks with thinner, higher or more fins exhibit better thermal-hydraulic performance. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Huafan University | Date: 2011-10-20

An operation circuit and an operation method thereof are revealed. The operation circuit includes an extreme value processing unit, a curve processing module, and a component unit. The extreme value processing unit receives and processes a plurality of input data to get maximum values and minimum values. The curve processing module constructs a first matrix and a second matrix according to the maximum and minimum values and then decomposes the first matrix and the second matrix into first submatrices and second submatrices respectively. According to these submatrices, the curve processing module gets at least one mean value function corresponding to the maximum and the minimum values. The computation of a single matrix is reduced by matrix decomposition and operations of the operation circuit. Compared with conventional Gauss matrix manipulations that run by computer systems, the present invention can be applied to simpler circuits by simplifying matrix operation processes.

Huafan University | Date: 2015-05-11

The present invention provides a portable sensing and operational device, which uses a sensing module to receive the sensing signal transmitted by the sensor and produce a sensing datum correspondingly. Then an operational circuit operates a first matrix and a second matrix according to the sensing datum. The first matrix corresponds to a plurality of maximum values; the second matrix corresponds to a plurality of minimum values. The operational circuit operates to generate at least a component by decomposing the first matrix and the second matrix. The component is provided to an output circuit for outputting the component to an electronic device.

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