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Yonglan C.,China National Petroleum Corporation | Rukun K.,Huabei Oilfield Company | Dongsheng C.,China National Petroleum Corporation
Well Testing | Year: 2010

In China there are some oil/gas reservoirs with low even very low permeability. Well testing can hardly reach radial flow regime in these reservoirs, so that multi-solution appears and great error occurs. This paper proposes a method of using small-scale extraction technique and mathematical transform to obtain an analysis method and type curves for early time regime data and eventually solves the problem. The method shortens test duration and improves well test efficiency.

Hu D.,Jilin University | Han C.,China University of Mining and Technology | Han C.,Huabei Oilfield Company | Ma R.,Jilin University | And 3 more authors.
Acta Petrologica Sinica | Year: 2012

This paper deals with the genetical characteristics of illite in the Upper Paleozoic pelitic rocks in the Xilingol regions of Inner Mongolia using D/max-2500 X-ray diffraction and the relationship between organic matter vitrinite reflectance and metamorphic temperature. The typomorphic features of illite in the Upper Paleozoic pelitic rocks in the area under study are: crystallinity is 0. 28 ∼ > 0. 77, averaged at 0. 40: illite (muscovite) polymorphism is dominated by 2M1, and 2M1 + 1 M d and 1 Md polymorphisms are less developed: illite (muscovite) b dimension changes from 8. 983 to 9. 046, with an average of 9. 019. These characteristics reveal the illite was formed at diagenetic to very low-grade metamorphic conditions. Organic matter vitrinite reflectance in the area can be used to reveal the metamorphic temperature. Using the vitrinite reflectance thermometer proposed by Barker and Pawlewiez (1986, 1994), Barker and Goldsteinl (1990) and Mullis et al. (2001), the metamorphic temperature of the Upper Paleozoic pelitic rocks in the area has been estimated to be from 136 ∼ 321°C, averaged at 245°C and concentrated around 180 ∼ 260°C. This indicates that the study area has undergone very low-grade metamorphism and the metamorphic grade belongs to anchizone. The Ro value of the Upper Paleozoic pelitic rocks in the studied area is mainly concentrated in 1. 01% ∼3. 67%, showing that the organic matter is at its mature to over-mature evolution stage and the pelitic rocks in the area was able to produce hydrocarbons. Hence, some horizons in the studied area have the potential of generating oil and gas resources.

Hu S.,Tiancheng Industrial Group Company | Li J.,Tiancheng Industrial Group Company | Han J.,Huabei Oilfield Company | Zhang Y.,Huabei Oilfield Company | Duan H.,Tiancheng Industrial Group Company
Oilfield Chemistry | Year: 2016

In order to obtain a crosslinker with good resistance of high temperature and shearing, and good effect of retarding crosslinking, an organic boron-zirconium crosslinker with certain viscosity and color of reddish brown was synthesized at 80¡æ, with citric acid, glycerol, formaldehyde, triethanolamine as the ligands, zirconium oxychloride and borax as the main components. The preparation condition of the crosslinker was optimized, the effect of the dosage of crosslinker and regulator on crosslinking time was investigated, and the performance of gel breaking and shearing resistance at high temperature about the gel was evaluated. The results showed that, in preparation of the crosslinker, the optimum mass ratio between zirconium oxychloride and borax was 0.9- 1.5. The optimum volume ratio of regulator, crosslinker and fracturing base fluid was 0.4:0.5:100. On this condition, the crosslinking time with picking and hanging was 64 s. After adding 0.001%-0.003% ammonium persulfate in guar gum fracturing base fluid, the gel breaking time was 6-12 h, the viscosity after gel breaking and the surface tension conformed to the requirement of industry standard. The viscosity of gel remained 100 mPa's after continuous shearing for 90 minutes at 140°C and 170 s-1. The crosslinker had good performance on high temperature and shearing resistance and effect of retarding crosslinking, which could meet the need of the most oil and gas wells fracturing construction.

Du X.,Huabei Oilfield Company | Peng C.,Huabei Oilfield Company | Zang X.,Huabei Oilfield Company | Zhang T.,China National Petroleum Corporation | Du L.,China University of Geosciences
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2013

Due to geologic conditions and drilling and logging technology limitation, many wells, especially old exploration wells are often collapsed in the borehole, which influences the quality of the logging curves. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the effect of borehole collapse on logging curves and obtain the logging that could actually reflect the formation, when synthetic seismogram is established. The logging rebuilding technology based on multiple-element regression can improve synthetic seismogram apparently, and it has presented good application results. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Wu R.,Wuhan University | Mei Y.,Huabei Oilfield Company | Deng Q.,Wuhan University | Pang C.,Wuhan University | Fu M.,Wuhan University
ICPTT 2014 - Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Pipelines and Trenchless Technology | Year: 2014

The sliding impact on pipeline across landslide was analyzed by numerical simulation. Two cases of landslides along the Sichuan to East gas pipeline were simulated, with pipeline in the front or in the rear of landslide respectively. The mechanics numerical simulation model was established by ANSYS finite element analysis software and the pipeline stress and strain were simulated by using the FLAC3D software. Comparative analysis was carried out to the critical stress and displacement of pipeline under the loading of landslide in the two situations. Results show that, when the pipes across the landslide, the maximum deformation appears in the middle part of the pipe and the maximum stress appears at its two ends. The two ends of the pipeline are prone to be damage. Yield damage is easier to occur in the pipe crossing the front of a landslide; and the damage risk of pipe is relatively lower when pipeline is buried across the rear of a landslide. © 2014 American Society of Civil Engineers.

Liu S.-Q.,China University of Mining and Technology | Sang S.-X.,China University of Mining and Technology | Li M.-X.,Huabei Oilfield Company | Liu H.-H.,Anhui University of Science and Technology | And 3 more authors.
Meitan Xuebao/Journal of the China Coal Society | Year: 2013

Production characteristics of coal bed methane(CBM) wells in Fanzhuang block were studied. Geologic factors that affect divergences of water production and gas production between CBM wells were analyzed on the basis of geologic information and production data of 16 CBM wells. Geologic control mechanisms of the divergences were further studied. The results show that, in well dewatering stage, ground water fluid potential controls water production of CBM wells by affecting the flow directions of water and moisture content of coal bed reservoir. Permeability controls water production by affecting the flow capacity of water in coal bed. The negative correlation between ground water fluid potential and permeability accelerates the divergences of water production between CBM wells. In gas production stage, the decompression effect controls the divergences of water production and gas production by affecting the amount of desorption methane, saturation degree and effective permeability of water and gas in coal bed. If adjacent CBM wells are connected, gas/water separation in coal bed further accelerates the divergences of water production and gas production between CBM wells.

Hu S.-Q.,China University of Petroleum - East China | Ji X.-J.,China University of Petroleum - East China | Fan Z.-Y.,Huabei Oilfield Company | Zhang T.-T.,China University of Petroleum - East China | Sun S.-Q.,China University of Petroleum - East China
Wuli Huaxue Xuebao/ Acta Physico - Chimica Sinica | Year: 2015

Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations have been carried out to study the micro-interfaces between counterions (Li+, Na+, K+, Rb+, Cs+) and dodecyl sulfate surfactant at the air/liquid interface. The morphology of the monolayer was analyzed by the density profile of the surfactant components, and the interactions between the polar head groups of the surfactants and the counterions were analyzed using the radial distribution function (RDF). The results showed that the interfacial thickness and thicknesses of the Stern and diffusion layers increased as the radius of counterion increased, whereas the surface tension and the degree of counterion association at the adsorbed layer decreased as the radius increased. These results indicated that the different counterions had a significant effect on the adsorption behavior of the dodecyl sulfate surfactants at the interface. © Editorial office of Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica.

Xu R.-Y.,Hebei University of Science and Technology | Shi H.-F.,Huabei Oilfield Company | Sun Z.-L.,Hebei University of Science and Technology | Xie J.,Hebei University of Science and Technology
19th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management: Management System Innovation | Year: 2013

Along with the national energy structure adjustment, natural gas consumption has risen opportunities for policy,the market of national city gas, CNG and LNG has faced the rapid expansion of the development situation and domestic provinces and cities and developed counties and gas markets have been developed and underdeveloped counties competing development situation. The rapid expansion and development of compressed gas and cryogenic technology support has became an important measure of the current implementation of rapid market expansion and improving economic aggregate, while actively corresponding national energy called and producing huge social benefits. © 2013 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Wu Q.,Bohai Drilling & Exploration Engineering Co. | Gao S.,Bohai Drilling & Exploration Engineering Co. | Wang J.,Bohai Drilling & Exploration Engineering Co. | Wang D.,Huabei Oilfield Company
Well Testing | Year: 2015

According to the transmission medium, well test data transmission technology can be divided into four types that are underground storage technology, cable ground direct reading technology, wireless transmission whole well and surface direct reading technology and hybrid data transmission technology. From aspects of the principle, advantages and disadvantages, influenced factors on them, it is comprehensively compared and analyzed, which provides the basis for the future application and development of well test data transmission technology. ©, 2015, Well Testing. All right reserved.

Mou Z.,Offshore Oil production Factory | Wang Q.,Huabei Oilfield Company
Well Testing | Year: 2012

In the light of problem of causing testing failure due to wellbore scale or scaling during testing and deployment process for water well that affects water injection result, Electric anti-rotation wiper which uses blade with carbide, utilizes wire line to supply electricity for motor in device that makes wiper rotating, can wiper edge to edge forward that increase success rate of scraping dirt to improve the through well.

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