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Taoyuan, Taiwan

A communication device includes a communication interfacing unit and a processor. The processor operable to perform operations includes controlling the communication interfacing unit to transmit a first signal to a network controller according to a user-inputted command; logging first MBSFN measurement results in a first period; and controlling the communication interfacing unit to transmit the logged first MBSFN measurement results to the network controller, so that the network controller adjusts at least one parameter of a network corresponding to a MBSFN transmission of a MBMS signal according to the logged first MBSFN measurement results.

A mobile communication device and a method for managing images, associated geographic location data, and associated supplemental information, in which geographic location data is generated based on a current location of the mobile communication device; a map corresponding to the generated geographic location data is displayed; a plurality of images and associated supplemental information corresponding to each image in a list mode are displayed in a first user interface, wherein the displayed associated supplemental information comprises description information and a street address; a selection of the plurality images, the associated description information, and the associated street address is received; the selected associated location information is displayed in a second user interface, wherein the second user interface comprises an editing mode; and the supplemental information is edited in the edit mode by receiving note information and the note information is associated with the selected associated description information.

HTC Corp | Date: 2015-06-26

Electronic apparatuses and adjustment methods thereof are provided. The electronic apparatus includes a camera module and a processor. The camera module is enabled into an HDR mode and captures a reference frame according to a first exposure setting, wherein the reference frame corresponds to a plurality of luminance values. The processor calculates a weighted luminance value of the reference frame according to the luminance values, generates a comparison result by comparing the weighted luminance value and a luminance target of the HDR mode, and decides a second exposure setting according to the comparison result.

A communication device for handling communication operations in a licensed frequency band and an unlicensed frequency band comprises a storage unit for storing instructions and a processing means coupled to the storage unit. The instructions comprise performing a first communication operation on a first carrier in a first unlicensed frequency band; receiving a message from a network for indicating the communication device to perform a second communication operation with the network on a second carrier in the first unlicensed frequency band; and switching the first communication operation from the first carrier in the first unlicensed frequency band to a third carrier in a second unlicensed frequency band. The processing means is configured to execute the instructions stored in the storage unit.

HTC Corp | Date: 2016-01-08

A casing of an electronic device including a metallic housing and a first non-conductive spacer is provided. The metallic housing has an inner surface and an outer surface opposite to the inner surface, the outer surface of the metallic housing is dyed, the inner surface is substantially a recessed structure, and the metallic housing has a first gap communicating the inner surface and the outer surface, wherein the metallic housing further comprises at least one connecting terminal. The first non-conductive spacer, disposed in the first gap of the metallic housing.

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