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Agency: Department of Defense | Branch: Defense Logistics Agency | Program: SBIR | Phase: Phase I | Award Amount: 98.99K | Year: 2009

HT Micro proposes to establish a metal MEMS manufacturing process as an effective high rate component manufacturing technology. This will bring miniaturization and cost savings comparable to that provided by conventional silicon MEMS manufacturing to a very large number of important new applications. Metal MEMS micro-fabrication is established at the research and prototype level, but has not been matured for deployment into high rate product manufacturing. The fabrication technology is currently TRL 5, being performed strictly in a research laboratory environment, and is now ready to begin the transition from the research fab into the factory. Once this transition is complete, there are numerous high-value military and commercial components that will benefit. For specificity, HT Micro will use an impact switch, developed under contract to the US Army, as the component vehicle to move metal MEMS processes from prototype fabrication to product manufacturing.

A micromechanical device and a method for forming the device is disclosed, wherein the micromechanical device has a laterally movable mechanically active element that has a quiescent position in which it is in physical contact with a second structural element. The device is fabricating by disposing the mechanically active element on a first substrate and disposing the second structural element on a second substrate. After the two substrates are aligned and joined such that both the mechanically active element and the second structural element are in contact and affixed to one of the substrates, the other substrate is removed leaving all structural elements disposed on a single substrate.

This disclosure describes a camera blocker for a device with an integrated camera that uses a thin film organic polymer. The disclosed invention comprises a microfiber top coupled to a polyurethane base. The microfiber top is adapted to be printed. The polyurethane base is adapted to adhesively stick to any surface without leaving a sticky residue and is reusable. And, the camera blocker is adaptable to be shaped.

HT Inc | Date: 2011-02-16

The present invention provides a switch suitable for efficient microfabrication. The switch elements are disposed in several layers. Various embodiments provide various switching capabilities and operational characteristics. The switches can be protected by suitable packaging, and can be efficiently fabricated in groups or arrays.

and Technology Inc. and HT Inc | Date: 2014-01-13

A micro-relay that overcomes some of the limitations and drawbacks of the prior art is disclosed. The micro-relay comprising: (1) a first substrate comprising one or more monolithically integrated planar coils for generating a magnetic field; and (2) a second substrate comprising a magnetically actuated switch having a moving contact that selectively moves in a plane parallel to its substrate. The first and second substrate are aligned and bonded to collectively provide a closed magnetic circuit that efficiently channels the generated magnetic field through the switch.

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