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Liu S.,CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics | Li X.,CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics | Xin W.,CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics | Xie S.,CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics | And 3 more authors.
Journal of Natural Gas Chemistry | Year: 2010

Abstract A series of 3.0Mo/MCM-22-Al2O3 catalysts with γ-Al2O3 contents in the range of 0-100 wt were prepared and applied in the metathesis reaction of ethene and butene-2. Addition of γ-Al2O3 did not affect the structure of MCM-22 zeolite as evidenced by XRD and N2 adsorption measurements. It was deduced from TPR experiments that γ-Al2O3 phase favored the formation of polymolybdate or multilayered Mo oxide, while more Al2(MoO4)3 species were generated over MCM-22 zeolites. Alumina content in the support was directly related to the metathesis activity of ethene and butene-2 to propene. Mo species with higher valence (Mo6+ or Mo5+) contributed more to the excellent performance of catalyst than metallic Mo. The best catalyst activity and stability was obtained over 3.0Mo/(MCM-22-30Al2O3) under the reaction condition of 1.0 MPa and 125 γC using N 2 as the pretreatment gas. © 2010 CAS/DICP.

He D.,Sinopec | Xu J.,HQCEC Liaoning Company | Hao S.,HQCEC Liaoning Company
Petroleum Refinery Engineering | Year: 2015

Hydrogenation process for diesel blended with cotton seed oil was studied on a 200 mL small fixed-bed hydrogenation pilot plant with typical mixed diesel (mixed straight-run diesel, FCC diesel and coker diesel) blended with industrial cotton seed oil under the conditions of 6. 4 MPa reaction pressure, 1. 0 h-1 LHSV, 350 °C reaction temperature and 400:1 hydrogen to oil volumetric ratio. The impacts of blending dosage of cotton seed oil, reaction temperature and reaction pressure on the properties of hydrotreated oil were investigated with 3# oil as the feed oil. The results show that: (1) with increasing amount of cotton seed oil blended into the feed, the density of hydrotreated oil is lowered to 0. 827 1 g/cm3 from 0. 831 3 g/cm3, cetane number is raised to 55. 4 from 46. 6, which indicate that blending of proper amount of cotton seed oil can produce a motor diesel blending component which meets Guo V diesel specifications and improve the hydrotreated diesel quality; (2) when the reaction temperature is lowered to 345 °C from 350 °C, the mass percentage of C17 paraffin hydrocarbon is decreased to 6. 62% from 8. 75%; when the reaction pressure is lowered to 5. 0 MPa from 6. 4 MPa, the mass percentage of C17 paraffin hydrocarbon is reduced to 7. 78% from 8. 75%, which shows that increasing reaction temperature is good for decarbonylation of cotton seed oil and increasing reaction pressure is good for deoxygenation.

Xu D.,Sinopec | Sun H.,HQCEC Liaoning Company | Xu J.,HQCEC Liaoning Company | Niu S.,Sinopec
Petroleum Processing and Petrochemicals | Year: 2015

This paper briefly described the deposition regularity of silicon on catalyst during coker naphtha and/or diesel hydrofining. The silicon content at different positions of catalysts bed during hydrofining of coker naphtha, coker naphtha and diesel and liquid phase diesel were analyzed. The results show that the silicon deposition in catalyst bed of coker naphtha hydrofining reactor is evenly distributed, while the silicon deposition in catalyst bed of liquid phase diesel hydrofining reactor is decreased layer by layer sharply. Moreover the deposition situation in coker naphtha and diesel mixture hydrofining is between the two before.

Chen W.,HQCEC Liaoning Company | Liu T.,Liaoning University | Cai H.,Liaoning University | Quo Q.,Liaoning University | And 3 more authors.
Petroleum Refinery Engineering | Year: 2013

The application of MATLAB (Matrix Labratory) in material balance for chemical engineering calculations is introduced through 5 typical examples of benzene hydrogenation to cyclohexane, propane combustion, a water gas conversion process, a three stage cuntercurrent washing process and correction of material balance of butane dehydrogenation to butene. The chase method of tridiagonal equations, ill-conditioned equations, iterative method of Gauss-Siedel can be worked out by the command x =A\b of MATLAB. MATLAB software makes it accurate, stable, rapid and low running costs to conduct linear equations of chemical engineering calculation.

Gu H.,HQCEC Liaoning Company
Petrochemical Equipment | Year: 2015

In the chemical operation, the device withstand the pressure, weight, wind loads, seismic loads,the nozzle pipes produce many other additional load force, wherein the spout mechanical load strength of the equipment is very important. In particular, some large-diameter, high temperature, high pressure or with alternating load devices often require analysis and design,also require analysis and design The WRC107 and WRC297 are commonly used traditional design methods, but with modern numerical simulation and calculation standards, the use of large finite element software ANSYS to check equipment nozzle strength calculations, is an important means of analysis and design. Node force method, CERIG, RBE3, MPC184 and contact method in five different mechanical load loading spout are elaborated. Comparison of the method described above, the calculation way is obtained for the linear structure.

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