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Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Three new genera are described: Ephippiotragus with two new species, E. wappesi and E. thomasi; Amborotragus with A. vestigiepimeron sp. nov.; and Tomopterchasia with T. sullivanorum sp. nov. Additonally, five new species are described: Acyphoderes amboroensis, Isthmiade mariahelenae, Chrysaethe lazzoi, Ecliptoides pseudovicinus, and Stenopseustes lingafelteri. All the new species are illustrated, and host flower records provided. A striking example of structurally different genitalia in two very closely related species is illustrated and briefly discussed. Ischasia cuneiformis Fisher, 1952 is transferred to Tomopterchasia. The following new country records for Bolivia are registered: Odontocera hirundipennis Zajciw, 1962 and Odontocera ornaticollis Bates, 1870. Source

Clarke R.O.S.,Hotel Flora and Fauna
Papeis Avulsos de Zoologia | Year: 2011

Paraeclipta gen. nov. is described to allocate five new species, and ten transferred from Eclipta Bates, 1873: P. cabrujai sp. nov.; P. clementecruzi sp. nov.; P. melgarae sp. nov.; P. tomhack-etti sp. nov.; P. moscosoi sp. nov.; P. bicoloripes (Zajciw, 1965), comb. nov.; P. croceicornis (Gounelle, 1911), comb. nov.; P. flavipes (Melzer, 1922), comb. nov.; P. jejuna (Gounelle, 1911), comb. nov.; P. kawensis (Peñaherrera-Leiva & Tavakilian, 2004), comb. nov.; P. lon-gipennis (Fisher, 1947), comb. nov.; P. rectipennis (Zajciw, 1965), comb. nov.; P. soumour-ouensis (Tavakilian & Peñaherrera-Leiva, 2003), comb. nov.; P. tenuis (Burmeister, 1865), comb. nov.; and P. unicoloripes (Zajciw, 1965), comb. nov. The Bolivian species are illustrated. A key to their identification and host flower records are provided. Source

Oxyommata Zajciw, 1970 and O. collaris (Audinet-Serville, 1833) are redescribed and commented uppon. A new genus from the division of Xenocrasis Bates, 1873 is described, and three species are allocated in to it: X. fulvicollis (Lacordaire, 1868); X. pubipennis (Fisher, 1952); and X. vestitipennis Zajciw, 1963. A key to the species of the new genus is added. Source

Clarke R.O.S.,Hotel Flora and Fauna | Martins U.R.,University of Sao Paulo | Santos-Silva A.,University of Sao Paulo
Papeis Avulsos de Zoologia | Year: 2011

The genus Rhopalessa is revised and divided into two groups: the clavicornis-group with R. clavicornis (Bates, 1873), R. demissa (Melzer, 1934), R. hirticollis (Zajciw, 1958), R. moraguesi (Tavakilian & Peñaherrera-Leiva, 2003), R. pilosicollis (Zajciw, 1966) and R. subandina sp. nov.; and the rubroscutellaris-group with R. durantoni (Peñaherrera- Leiva & Tavakilian, 2004) and R. rubroscutellaris (Tippmann, 1960). Two species were synonymyzed with R. clavicornis: Ommata (Rhopalessa) nigrotarsis Fisher, 1937 and Ommata (Rhopalessa) nigricollis Zajciw, 1969. Source

A new genus, Caprichasia, is described with two species: Caprichasia serjaniaphila sp. nov. from Bolivia; and Caprichasia tommyi (Hovore, 1989) comb. nov. from central America, transferred from Ecliptophanes (Melzer 1935). The new species is illustrated, and host flower records are provided. Source

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